Styles Of Thinking, Your Purpose And Philosophical Debate

Mercury and Mars are conjunct and part of the large stellium in Aries opposing my natal Mercury Mars conjunction in Libra. Jupiter is involved on both sides so there has been a lot of philosophical debate between my husband and I over these last days. We’re not been fighting which is sort of miraculous given the conditions. Instead it’s been mind-expanding in both directions.  One thing that is becoming very defined is how differently we think. In the past this has been irritating at times but we seem to be grasping at least some of what this means now.

I have also been talking to, Annalisa who thinks more like my husband than I do. I’m not talking about their opinions which do differ. I am talking about the way they draw conclusions. They’re fast with this where I am not. Things are rarely definitive to me even when they are definitive. For me, life is like a window that is always open.

I think both styles of thinking are important and valid. I appreciate my husband’s immovable lines of what is right and what is wrong. I like this stuff defined but I no longer think my thinking is flawed because I don’t go straight to a conclusion and I see now, that is I did I would have a very hard time to doing this job.

As an example, say someone did something horrible. My husband would register the horrible thing as horrible. It’s done, you did it, there will be repercussions and he is not going to feel at all sorry for you because this is how people learn. If you did the horrible thing, then obviously you have things to learn so now you learn them and that’s it for him. Case closed.

It impossible to argue his logic there. I do agree with him but I will get right in the problem with the person, right into the place in the story where they find themselves and do everything in my power to help them from their hole.

I see now that this requires a different perspective and I am strung the way I am for a reason and neither set up is better than the other.

You can come to my husband and get a “boot up you ass” as he likes to say. You can get your ass kicked which is effective and appreciated by many. This is evidenced by the soldiers he trained who continue to call him decades after the fact.

On the other hand if you find yourself in a hole, you can also come to me and I am not going to care one whit how you got there. My entire concern will be around helping you out and helping you recover.

Matter of fact I will get on my hands and knees so that you may climb on my back and get out of the hole and not only that, I will do it without hesitation or consideration of any kind as I know I was born to do this.

Years ago I claimed to have “mapped hell”. I’ve been in there so long, I know where there are doors and windows and where there are steps leading out and places where one can fall.

I do think this is a calling and I don’t mind it. I am pretty sure I’ll be down here for the rest of my life but it’s okay because I know where the cracks are as well. I know the places where the sun gets in and I can stand in that light when the opportunity presents and be renewed beyond your wildest imagination, and mine.

How do you see things?

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Styles Of Thinking, Your Purpose And Philosophical Debate — 12 Comments

  1. “How do you see things?”

    This whole post really resonated for me and how my husband and I think. I feel like I respond just as you described for yourself, while my husband would respond as your husband does.

  2. I understand what you are saying..but I’m unsure of my stance. Great post 🙂 I’m renovating my assistance I may be right in the middle.

  3. I’m not a home in deep, dark holes at all! My mind is quick set to find the light as fast as possible and to stay out of holes if at all possible. I don’t think this causes me to judge but if it does I would never say that I’m judging because who am I to say what’s right? I just know I’m not going into the dark if I can help it! I touch it and then it’s gone.

  4. Man oh man oh man did this post make me CRY this morning!!!! Not in a bad way but it’s like I think we all need an Elsa. I mean, what you do here and for people is… irreplaceable. Thank you for keeping the light on.

  5. way more flexibly than my SO. or maybe it just feels that way because his saturn’s on my gemini jupiter. and i have saturn on his mercury. so i should take that with a grain of salt.

    there are very few things that, to me, are certain, but when i do settle on something, it’s pretty resolute. and extremely abstract. real life things are always so complicated. and i have a great deal of faith in the human capacity for transformation, if the choice is made and the effort applied, and i try to remember… no one can really know another’s motivations or what story brought them to where they are. the best we can get is approximations. that’s the kind of abstraction that i stick to 😉

  6. Thanks for sharing the personal story, it reminds me a bit of my relationship with my husband Tony. He’s Cancerian with an Aries rising and a Virgo Moon. He can be grumbly and judgmental wherin I AM always trying to see the good in ALL. We have gotten to the same place in our lives, realizing that we may approach life differently, we feel if we can get through the debate which follows, we are stronger for having gone through it. Thanks for sharing and for ALL you do, Your sister in the stars, JoJo

  7. Awesome post Elsa!! The gift you have and the fact that you’re not afraid to go where it’s needed most is such a benefit to so many people!

    My Mars/Mercury conjunction is in Pisces, so conclusions are not at all cut and dry (pun intended) for me. They are trine my Scorpio, so I’m very aware that there’s usually much deeper issues going on than a simple ‘right/wrong’ distinction, which for me makes making definite conclusions even murkier. Sure would love to borrow your ‘map of hell’ though!

  8. I remember, Annalisa’s child-life as opposed to mine. Though she suffered greatly – PROFOUNDLY and inhumanely, she did have that fairy quality and I never did. I was cooking dinner and watchin’ the clock, yanno? Son of a bitch, there was a lot to do.

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