Stephen King’s Quote On Illiteracy And The Army vs (The Saturn) Reality

sawhorse.jpgMany of you know that my grandfather and double Capricorn, Henry built houses. He built adobe houses specifically and I built them with him.

Consequently I have never picked a man who cannot build things and the soldier is no exception.

He landed here and started drawing plans on day two.  He is now building.  That’s the beginning of a sawhorse which will be heavy-duty, multi-purpose and necessary so he can build his next ideas.

“You do perfect work don’t you?” I asked.

“Well, yeah,” he said.  “Sorry, P but I just don’t like to do things shoddy.”

“Yeah, me neither. But how did you learn to build like that anyway? Who taught you? It wasn’t your father… was it? I don’t remember you mentioning doing things like this with him.”

“Oh, I just learned my whole life. Learned a little here, some there. Learned in Special Forces.”

“Really?” I was surprised. “I didn’t know Special Forces taught you to build things.”

bed level.jpg“Hell yes they teach you to build. Who do you think goes in and builds the schools?  We do.  SF does that. It is Special Forces who goes in and builds the schools and bridges. We inoculate the children. We give people their lives back, P.  Building and stuff is what we do the most.”

“I see. You build in a war zone?”

“Yeah, I don’t know why people think we’re just killing motherfuckers.  Yeah, we’ll kill you if you need to be killed but building communities and fixing things to people can live their lives is 95-98% of what we do.” He grinned. “But I guess Stephen King is just the smartest man on the planet.”

As for the astrology, soldier has Mars square Saturn (a much maligned aspect) and this is one way it manifests. On my end, there is the 8th house legacy to consider.  The second picture is of Henry’s sawhorses. He is building his (outdoor) bed there.

Can you build things? Where is Saturn in your chart?

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Stephen King’s Quote On Illiteracy And The Army vs (The Saturn) Reality — 12 Comments

  1. So I’ve been doing some research on this Mars square Saturn thing that I have in my chart, along with my Moon square Saturn…and I have to tell ya, just sheding some light on it all has helped me to understand a lot about myself. And I just REFUSE to be a victim of these aspects. Just knowing about it helps me re-direct my thoughts so that I can think positively and get out of those mental “ruts” that I get into.

    So anyhow, it is funny that you mention the soldier’s Mars square Saturn and building things, because when my husband and I have disagreements I immediately do one of two things 1) Clean the entire house, or 2) find something to fix or build. It’s something I’ve noticed over time. It’s like subconscious or something. I don’t even think about what I’m about to start doing, I just start doing it.
    And I do love to build things and put things together. For example, when we buy something that needs to be assembled, I practically have to beg my husband to let me do it, because of course he’s a man and HE wants to do it. Maybe thats why when we argue I immediately start building or assembling, or fixing something. It’s my “Ha ha, I can do it myself..SEE!” defense mechanism I think.

  2. Hey shell: I’m a Cappy moon square Saturn and I do the same thing. When I’m upset working on my house just makes me feel sooo much better. I love building furniture!

  3. Saturn in Leo… I can assemble things, but I wouldn’t call that ‘building’. Whether items have instructions with them or not, I seem to be able to figure out which pieces go where. *shrug*

  4. It’s not really about the skill level involved; it’s about being “constructive,” literally. Working with your hands making you feel better emotionally. I’m an earth grand trine so I think I’m particularly susceptible to this.

  5. Amethyst – Further, he keeps speaking about it but can’t manage to apologize! Saturn in Virgo (his sun sign) ain’t happy – Watch your mouth!

  6. no. sadly. not much, anyway. i enjoyed it in tech class in high school but i would have been horrifically harassed if i’d tried to take shop class afterwards and my dad was too busy to do that sort of stuff.

    but i’ve been picking up a little here and there. i keep thinking about taking a class but i’d rather learn it directly from one person. so i take advantage of what opportunities i can.

    to me, at least, a man who can make and fix his own stuff is darn sexy. double points if he can teach me too without being patronizing.

    my (11th house/leo) saturn’s the focus of a t square with mercury and uranus. also in easy aspect with pluto, venus, and pallas.

  7. Oh yeah…i liked woodshop too@ i made a mean truck and a bowl too. I like making things out of wood. IT is a real grounding experience…. Saturn is in my first house,in scorpio.

  8. Saturn conj Mars in Gemini…I love making things, if that counts. Wood shop in school was one of my favourite places to be…made all sorts of stuff there. Saturn is also in my 4th house, and I’m a great baker, so maybe that’s where it manifests? 🙂

  9. I spent so many years jumping in a pick up truck first thing in the morning and going out and building things all day long and supervising crews that built things that I got burnt out with building things. Yes I can build things but I do not pick up my tools very often anymore. There are to many other things that I would rather be doing with my spare time.

    I still work a lot [Saturn in Capricorn] but it is building relationships, building teams, building financial plans. This seems natural and enjoyable to me with inner planets in houses of relationships. Also, The Jupiter in Sagittarius is always inspiring me to dream and imagine and to look at the big picture.

    I do admire people that can build and fix things or figure out how to do things that need to be done and just do it. We need them!

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