Stellium In Virgo: October – November 2015 – Good Fortune!

Chart of stellium in Virgo 2015Looking ahead, Venus, Mars and Jupiter will be in the sign between October 8th and November 8th.  This looks quite fortunate to me.

The Moon will join the stellium October 9th and 10th and again on between November 5th and 7th.   The November stellium is the one picture.

As for how it will affect you, you’ll want to check the house in your chart where the planets will fall.  That’s where the action will be.

Also, if your birthday falls in this period, check out your Solar Return report for insight.

If your Moon is in Virgo, you might want to check your Lunar returns as these two months will be quite active. I sell these reports at a discounts if you buy more than one month – Lunar Return report.

Basically, you can expect aggressive (Mars) expansion (Jupiter) of good things in life (Venus). Opportunities (Jupiter) to be paid in love of money (Venus) for your effort (Mars).

Where will the Virgo stellium fall in your chart?


Stellium In Virgo: October – November 2015 – Good Fortune! — 46 Comments

  1. Interesting. This will fall in my 3rd House. I am tempted to hope that it might bring opportunities to be rewarded (Venus/Jupiter) for one’s own service (Virgo). In my case communicating/connecting (3rd House) with people will probably be instrumental to access this expansion. Weird!

  2. I am sooooo looking forward to this! I have 8 planets in a row starting at 12 degrees Virgo through 16 degrees Libra 9th and 10th house. My birthday is Oct 8, I’m feeling really good about this!

  3. The stellium will be in my 9th House; my birthday is mid-November, too. Perhaps this will be a time/a solar return which rewards slow and steady building toward my North Node’s destiny of being at peace within myself. After a lifetime of power struggle (Scorpio South Node). Something to focus on!

  4. Wooowee, interesting. My birthday is right in the middle of it. Thank you for the heads up Elsa. I’ll be snagging a solar return for sure. That’s in my 8th house… wonder what that could mean?

  5. It’s going to be in my 9th house for the most part. I’ve got my Moon and my South Node both in Virgo. Just ordered the Lunar Returns! I hope it’s a good thing.

  6. I am hoping to rekindle my career. I have natal Pluto at 18, natal Uranus at 20 conjunct the MC at 22 in Virgo. The Solar eclipse at 20 degrees on September 13 kicks starts this action. should be a wild ride

    • Me too almost exact same placements…and early next year progressed Uranus exact on MC with transit Jupiter conjunct…sounds good 🙂

  7. Mostly 1st house. Hoping this doesn’t mean I gain loads of weight, although, I must say, it seldom is the case with Jupiter in Virgo. 😉

    • Born with jupiter virgo, skinny kid. Picky eater then. Not so much anymore though. I am really enjoying the culinary delights now. Oh what I was missing. Yum! (Laughing at my two virgo friends. You know go out to lunch and they order but make all the changes to the dish to the waiter or get the dish and pick out a bunch of the ingredients and set them in a do-not-eat pile on the plate.)

  8. In November, the Venus Mars conjunction will be conjunct my North Node. The action will be mostly in the second house. I’ve been looking at these aspects, and have marked the Ephemeris.

  9. Scheduled c-section on October 16th! Wishing and hoping for the best. I love Virgo.. Glad baby girl will have some along with her libra sun

  10. All this will be edging into my 1st House. I have a natal stellium in Virgo including my Sun and Mars, Pluto and Mercury. This Mars will land on my 1st house Virgo Mercury precisely, and be two degrees from my Mars. And it all lands right on my AC!!!!!

    I wonder if this will affect new job and affect a career movement I’m making.. There is a chance of being called to travel with my friends/coworkers on projects related to an idea we have, which is related also to a total change-up, upgrade to our business image and approach….Would love that! We’ve been working insanely hard for four years. Meanwhile, my natal Jupiter and Venus are a blink away in Libra, watching this interesting show.

  11. woo hoo, I have five planets between 14 Virgo and 16 Libra, 5th house. The November moon packs a wallop indeed.

  12. I’ve been using my solar house chart. Not sure that’s what it’s called. But that puts my natal sun sign in the first house. I sure don’t want to be read as more than I am. It can get me into trouble. And I really don’t want to have to dig myself out of another jupiter return. Maybe it’s the jupiter conjunct natal pluto that proceeds it that gets me buried. There’s a so called opportunity in the making, it’s really just a stabilization. And then there I’ll be, entrapped in that opportunity. I have to change my thinking on that. It’s just a thing. And things change. It’s why I hate most long term commitments. Perhaps I need to re-prioritize so the thing doesn’t get in the way.

    • Backtracking. I may be projecting change on the ‘thing’ but it is most likely me that is continually changing, Such is my fate.

  13. My solar return is 11/8/15. I see a yod, too; Jupiter in Virgo sextiles the Sun in Scorpio and both are inconjunct Uranus in Aries…

  14. notch said, “there I’ll be, entrapped in that opportunity” — that’s so often how I feel!
    Jupiter is about to hit my Pluto/Vertex in 7th (or 8th if equal houses). Consistently in past this transit has indicated a fated meeting with someone who changes my life.

    • Thanks for giving me pause. I am thinking it’s the sag factor. Diversity. Gotta have it. With monoculture I get stagnation. Am facing the fact that I am a tourist on the planet. For so long I looked for the one thing. You know so I could answer that niggling question, what do you do? When the answer is really, all kinds of things, in all kinds of places, with all kinds of people. I still don’t know what to say when I am asked that question. Like I don’t know what to say when someone pigeon holes me. So I am most prone to say I don’t know, hitch a ride, and decide for yourself.

  15. First time posting! 🙂 October 10th I’m getting married and during Halloween traveling to New Orleans for a week. A week later I’m helping to host an art opening with some of my art in the show! It’s going to be a crazy autumn for me. I have my moon in Virgo and this stellium will fall in my 11H. *crosses fingers for reliable friends!* 😀

  16. I am liking considering this energy. It has a wide open feel to it. I do believe this last go around with jupiter, actually the last two have been about fulfilling social contracts. I seem to be in the clear now. It may have to do with the space and time between the first saturn return and the second, though. There were just certain responsibilities I had to carry through with. And the muck that went along with that. Will definitely be looking before I leap. Had to chuckle when the over extended one said, the volunteer clipboard was going around and when it reached my lap, I had to tell my hand, do not sign, do not sign. And her hand did not sign. It was a major turning point for her.

  17. It will be in my solar return, I”m early Scorpio, but it will also conjunct my natal Venus at 18 Virgo in the 8th house. I hope for no more endings. 🙁 Jupiter has two sides, as everything else, so I don’t necessarily take him good fortune. Hope for the better is alive though.

    • Hi Mary Alice

      My early Scorpio love has the same placements (although not in 8th) so the eclipse right in your/his Venus. There has been a difficult Venus retrograde and argument/separation just before Virgo eclipse, it feels more final that any other time we’ve argued/distanced. I’m devastated but I have to leave him be …to see how he processes things.
      Hope it works for you xx

  18. I’ll be getting my second paycheck from my new job. It’s going to be a big one, too. It’s a commissioned job. It falls in my 2nd.

  19. Hi, which eclipse? I had last solar return or was it the one before the solar eclipse on my Sun and it was a glorious year. 🙂 It was the late October solar eclipse. This conjunction is most probably about family as the whole solar return revolves around the 4th house… oh well, we’ll see I guess.

    • There was a solar eclipse on Sept 12/13 at 20 Virgo, it also opposed Chiron, elsa will have a post about it around that date I’m sure. It will have been close to your natal Virgo

  20. Tight natal Virgo stellium of (5th) Mars, and (6th) Uranus, Pluto, Moon.
    Saturn is fast on the approach to my Sun.
    Natal Vertex at 13 Libra. POF 19 Aq.
    It’s been sooo lean for sooo long…yet I am very willing to do the hard work…have been home raising the children.
    ***Opportunity, please knock. I’ll answer politely and oh so gratefully, not to mention beautifully dressed!***

  21. I have 5 planets in Virgo plus my ascendant. I have a Nasty head cold and nothing else going on. I’ve been doing a lot of chart reading for months, and my chart has been making very auspices aspects since July, but nothing has happened. I’m hoping the North node move into Virgo will cause the universe to notice me

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