Stellium in Taurus- April 2021: Sun, Venus, Mercury & Uranus

taurus brass bullThe sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus will hook up in Taurus between April 19th and May 3, 2021.  This will be stimulating, first because Uranus is involved. Anything goes.

  • Experimental art.
  • Pop-up relationships aka love at first sight.
  • Odd encounters.
  • Volatility in the stock market.
  • Generally stable things or people may shock.
  • Erratic people might settle.

This will be even more interesting because Saturn in Aquarius will be applying pressure the the planets in Taurus.

Saturn is at home in Aquarius.  It may be a great fortune to see Saturn block or slow some of the crazy… or not!

In whatever case, we’re talking about a FIXED sign, known to be stubborn if not utterly immovable. I can’t wait!

taurus stellium 2021If you don’t recognize the light blue “planet”, that’s Black Moon Lilith! But check the emphasis. Note how tight the conjunction is. Chances are this stellium is going to be contained in one house in your natal, solar return or lunar return chart. Man this thing will pack a punch.

If you birthday takes place between these dates, you can get your Solar Return report here.

For everyone else, note the house in your natal chart where the stellium falls.  It’s going to be hopping!

Also, if you happen to have a lot of planets in Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), this period (and the other mentioned) are going to really affect you.  Mark ’em on your calendar. Watch and learn!

Note – I wrote this in July of 2020. It’s April now. Most of the things in list above have manifested. Out government (Saturn/ structure) is pretty crazy right now. We’ve got bitcoin going crazy, along with Gamestop.

Where will the stellium in Taurus land in your chart?  Can you predict the unpredictable?


Stellium in Taurus- April 2021: Sun, Venus, Mercury & Uranus — 77 Comments

    • Another thought …

      February 2021 – Aquarius Stellium incl. Saturn and all square Uranus in Taurus

      May 2021 – Taurus Stellium incl. Uranus and all square Saturn in Aquarius

      To me, it sounds like both Stelliums are different sides of the same coin that is 2021’s big Saturn square Uranus aspect.

      • All I did was simply re-state what you said Elsa. Very annoying, I know!! It was definitely not intentional. I am a little curious that it escaped me, until this moment when I came back to re-read your article after noticing that Venus-Mars conjunct in Léo July 14, 2021 at 20 degrees.

        Clearly, I am losing it today ?

  1. Oh dear! Thank you so much Elsa, it will be massive pressure on me, as I have massive Taurus Stellium 11-29 degrees 3rd House by Placidus(conjunction of SN,the MOOn&JUpiter, Mercury, PAllas, Venus and VEsta) plus Aquarius 5 degrees rising. Damn! But I will survive, the worst transit of my life was the continuous square of Neptune to my Taurus Stellium, IC and Gemini SUn at 4 Gemini. I hate this kind of deceptive, drunk, disappointing pseudo idealistic vibration. You cannot oppose to the damp that is pulling you in..

  2. My b day is April 26. I took a peek at next years Solar Return, there is a mashup in the 6th. I’m going to plan a vacation, in order to get the focus off that particular house! Thanks for the info!

  3. Well, Uranus hitting my seventh house was great in 2019 because I met my crush then and it was a really great year, even if he and I did not get together. However, 2020 has ruined everything, and there seems to be no hope of 2021 being any less awful at the rate, so I assume circa spring 2021 I will still be locked in my house alone keeping the virus outside, not finding love. Sigh.

    I hope I am wrong, I hope I am pleasantly surprised. I would love a miracle on this or any topic. I am very tired of being single and it hurts to think it literally may never end…during the one time of my life astrologically when I had the potential for it to improve!

    • Update: well, I should be fully vaccinated by mid-April, so maybe I won’t be in house jail so much. The love life is still pretty much dead though, and I’m not expecting anything to happen there. The crush and I are drifting apart after a year of physical separation and him constantly working and it doesn’t seem to work to try to connect with him during all this.

      That would take a miracle. I’d love to have one, but…

        • Yeah, I can sadly say officially now it is never going to work out. I’m really bummed. I had SO many freaking signs and synchronicities over something that apparently wasn’t meant to happen. I don’t get it. I guess he just lost the love for me. I don’t think I was crazy to think he cared in the beforetimes….

  4. It’s landing in my 7th house. I’m nervous about that. Nothing is happening for me yet in that sector and all I want is something surprising and unexpected, something that never happens in a million years.

  5. 12th house, all of it. I don’t know what to make of it, but…Uranus is trine natal Neptune exact (just as it is now), and that seems like a good sign especially in 12th.

  6. These two transit stelliums are fascinating. Being fixed signs, it makes me feel that after the strong cardinal change or die energy this year (esp. Cap + Cancer) that people will be digging in and holding space from their new position – as if people have figured out their view/value and then glue to it going forwards. Hopefully a person is positioning from a true place and are not still clinging to an old, false or dead one. I’m a Taurus so life changed almost overnight with Uranus coming in and it’s a new climate now. If you have Taureans in your life don’t expect them to continue being the same reliable folk you can count on!

  7. Taurus stellium in my 2nd! I hope it’s a financial bonanza! I’ve seen enough of the downside already. I can’t see my values or what I value changing much at 61. I have 6 planets in fixed signs!

  8. Tau in my 3rd. Stellium squares Aqu asc @10 and Mars @14 Aqu. It will oppose Sat and Sun in the 9th in Scorpio in the time period. Natal Plu is 26Leo in my 7th. Is that too far away to be plugged in to all that?

  9. I am a Taurus 6 May(15 deg) My sun square moon (14 deg Aqu) aspect is going to be hit hard – looks like I’m in for more major upheaval. I’m already dealing with pluto, jupiter saturn in my first house(feels like they have been there forever!) with natal North Node (28 deg Cap) coming up for a battering next. My health has really suffered these last few years, I’m hoping things will get better, but my Chiron return is coming up as well (15 deg Ari). I’m not seeing any light on the horizon.

  10. OMG….I have a t square in fixed signs…sun, mars neptune, in Scorpio 22, 17, and 7 degrees, Uranus in Leo at 20, Moon in Taurus at 20, and it becomes a grand square if I add Chiron to the mix at 22 Aquarius. The Febuary stellium will affect me, in the 4th house…foundations, the April stellium in Taurus is in the 8th house conjunct my moon, oppossing my scorpio planets. and I noticed another reply about Mars/Venus conjunct in July at 20 Leo??? That is on top of my Uranus….20 Leo in the 11th house. Next year is gonna be a roller coaster ride….

  11. Wow, that posse will already be in orb with my Mars at 19 Taurus … which is part of a Grand Trine with my Sun & ASC.

    I think I’m going to be BUSY. With something. Maybe many somethings. Whew!

  12. Hi Elsa,thank you once again for opening our eyes.One question.“Saturn is at home“ I thought Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus…..(???)

  13. Woo, this stellium falls on the 4th house of both my partner and me. My partner is expecting his nephew around that time and my sister is already trying to conceive. Furthermore, Saturn already trines my partner’s 5th house Venus in Gemini, and the Saturn-Uranus square is already plaguing my Scorpio Moon, Leo Venus and Mars. I think I know where this wild party is going, and I think that caution is needed!

  14. born April 23rd, the Taurus party gang will gather in my natal 1st house (5th in the solar return), sun@3, merc@7, venus/ura@10… whereas sat will be on 2°orb of natal jupiter in Aqu (11th natal, 2nd solar retutn, using placidus). there are some redeemers, but… is my celibacy doomed? ? i hope i start some new creative venture this year, but i also need a house and finances arent helping…

  15. taurus is an energy I’ve always felt was the most distant for me to reach. Theirs is not an energy for me to understand in this lifetime (but i have taurus true node so, project much??). I just do not read them and also feel greatly intimidated by their innate confidence. They are intractably stubborn, moreso the men than the women. Calm and cool and so UNanxious to an almost infuriating level. I have had Taurus double down on a bald faced lie when presented with hard evidence just because that’s what they do! I have Virgo! Probably great sex though. The way they sit in their hips is *chefs kiss*.

  16. My 11th house begins at 15degrees Taurus! And I have a loaded 5th house that includes my 29degree Scorpio sun. I’m feeling a little buzzy about this!

  17. I have a split up 3rd and 6th house where this will play out- if I knew the exact degrees this will culminate at, I could say more about how it might effect my chart. But I can say, I have Chiron in Aquarius in the 3rd at 12 degrees and South Node in Taurus in the 6th House. So natally, these square already. A square on top of that could bring unexpected tension with Uranus and it transiting through my 6th, I would say I need to double down on self healing and my health habits.
    If anyone reads this and cares to comment, please do. I am an amateur here?.

  18. This conjunction falls in my 8th House. I’m supposed to be back at work at this time, so we shall see. I have low self-esteem, so all of this energy is opposing my 2nd house. Maybe freedom from that! Hoping for the best!

  19. Oh so this is why there are many videos on YouTube from analysts and inside knowledge financiers warning of a stock market crash and/or Great Reset In April ?

    This will hit my ?Scorpio Stellium ?Bull’s Eye which it happens to be in House 2 of ??money? ???

    Thanks for the heads up with the dates, Elsa, I was kinda blind to this

  20. Just ordered a report! — Taurus Sun with Scorpio ASC… Uranus will be starting to conjunct my DESC angle that week which is also the week of my birthday. Should be very interesting- I’m watching for sure.

  21. Fifth house:) I’m not really looking for any new sexual relationships or odd encounters lol but am interested in living a more creative life. Uranus has been in my fifth house since it entered Taurus (thank you thank you for leaving my fourth omg) and I’ve been doing a lot of creative projects and I’m having a blast with that.

    • same here – in my 5th and I too have started an Art course and try to do something creative daily! loving it!

  22. Oh wow! Maybe I need to keep a journal for the next couple of weeks! My moon and chiron are in Taurus.. in my 7th house. THEN… in my 1st house opposite this stellium I have my scorpio rising with venus, uranus, and mars all there.
    What do you think will happen to me!?

        • Uranus is unpredictable! Could be a breakthrough. Could also be a break up.

          These things are affected by the choices people make as well. What you do (or don’t do) will affect an outcome, most of the time.

  23. Bang on mc taurus (9th), sq venus/mercury leo (12th, close to sq moon scorpio (3rd), aquarius saturn transiting 6th and opposing venus/ mercury, squaring mc etc etc ?

  24. Hi Elsa!

    This falls solidly in my 10th house. The last two degrees of it are in a 10 degree orb conju6with my Jupiter in Taurus.

    I think there will be some career movement. I did decide recently to launch a campaign and run for public office. I will be cautiously watching myself and my environment. I should get a consultation with you. I think I will be approaching my Saturn Return at election time.

  25. I appreciate the upbeat frequency in this Stellium Description. (…and itsnt it just what the era and Astro Cycle energies have bee teaching tsunce December 2019, the slow, ling, Cap transits and the Mars Tetris in Aries. That oh when do I graduate feeling.
    …and all that time calling for the “go-within” the Teaching of patience, and the world stage had such not patient nor mature and the collective in constant engaging.

    It was an Adolescent Parade with loud Drums.

    All to tease up and out our Higher Mind. Apply Conscious Thought + Higher Mind, respond rather than react.

    Its like “We have everything we desire but we can’t realize it for complaining and News Media pours on the fuel to keep the masses in their Ego Mind/Lower Mind.

    ? the “Universal Law of Attraction”
    Requires Conscious Thoughts and Higher Mind
    Balanced Self-Love and Knowing of self-worthiness
    Apply with knowing level of believing

    Maintain Thoughts Focus on positive (no dwelling in what we don’t like, want, or petty Judging of others.

    Align with our inner being/Soul

    …and ALLOW the Desires to Come.

    Every aspect in thisvTaurus Stellium offer an opportunity to be in Moderation (particularly mind as natal Mars is in my Taurus 2nd House, Pisces Asc and Sagittarius Sun 10th with Sun/Saturn direct Conj. at Gallactic Center. I know Uranus is supposed to be the higher octave of Mercury but mercy there s so much potential for Mars on steroids there. ?

    We have the ? to our dreams, and the Universe is Teaching us what’s necessary to Master it (The LOA)

    We can do this …

  26. It all lands in my 5th house right now and I have a crush I think is mutual – which doesn’t happen to me very often. What are the odds?! Seems likely it would go somewhere then?

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