Stellium In Libra… Teaching Boys About Love

libra-wysock.JPGSpeaking of coming home in the evening and having something to say, last night the soldier and Vid and I sat down to dinner. It wasn’t actually dinner because the soldier went to the gym after work so got home late. But I feed him when he gets home and usually eat with him unless I get myself starving earlier.

I also feed Vidroid earlier, a normal dinner tome but with his Sun, Moon and rising in Venus signs, Vid loves love and he loves the soldier. He wants to be the soldier in at least this capacity: He wants to be able to get a woman to love him.

Knowing his mother loves the soldier (and probably feeling at this age that she is the ultimate woman) he is keen to learn the soldier’s love tricks and he studies him closely.

So last night he decided to eat a dinner number 2 when the soldier got home, it was about 8:45. We all sat down, the soldier said a prayer and then we grabbed our forks.

“How was your day, P?” Vidroid piped up, brightly with an eyebrow raised.

I snorted and the soldier laughed.

“What?” Vid asked feigning surprise at our surprise. “I know he’s going to ask you so…”

And he was going to ask me of course. And I realized how lucky I was on two fronts.

First, I have a man who cares about how my day went but secondly, I have a son who is learning how to treat women… well.

Do you have a son? What do you teach him about love and the opposite sex?



Stellium In Libra… Teaching Boys About Love — 8 Comments

  1. Sigh.. to me one of the worst kinds of deprivation of love is not hearing, “how was your day” upon reuniting at the end of the day… I’ve got that Mercury mojo, you know. Talking with one another is almost as sexy as sex itself. Your son is learning from the best of the best.

  2. This is very sweet and well needed story for the universe.

    I dont have a son but I have a younger brother, who lived in a household of four women (my mum and 3 sisters) and he is a true gentlemen. I have to say he is the best man I know. He’s learnt manners and respect. Funnily enough, 3 out of us 4 girls have libra while my brother has triple Aries. He learnt a lot from us but boy do we learn a lot from him!!! That Im constantly grateful for. Who ever thought Librans could ask for what they want…directly!

  3. This is my absolutely most favorite topic that you write about and I want to hear all about it all the time.

    I think maybe the most important thing in my life is the desire to raise my son to treat women well, and he’s very little and it’s not a sure thing yet. I hope with every fiber in my body that we’re playing a scene like this when he’s 9.

  4. hard to say, just yet. he’s so little….
    we do have conversations about gender from time to time… but he gets along really well with girls so there’s not much that needs to be said, usually.

  5. So beautifully heartwarming.
    You paint this so well, Vid at the table for the 2nd dinner..your two male loves..just beautiful.
    I have not had the blessing of a son to teach of Love and Women, but I sure have had my fair share of men that still were like little boys in those area’s, and I do believe their time with me taught them much. 🙂
    As far as I know, known of them switched teams, nor became anything scary in society, so I guess I did alright.
    Done with that now..have done my part.
    Only true big-boys for me now.

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