Stellium In Capricorn, Peaking January 10-11, 2013 – Karma

There is tremendous focus on Saturn / Capricorn energy in January, 2013.Β  Mercury and Mars will be hard aspect to Saturn, but we’ll also have a large stellium in Capricorn for roughly 10 days between the 9th and the 19th.

This stellium will peak January 10-11, with the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Pluto clustered in Capricorn. If you happen to be having your birthday at this time, most definitely check your solar return. The rest of us can expect tremulous focus on the affairs rules by the house or houses where the stellium falls in our chart.Β  How you fare will be determined by how well you deal with Saturn energy.

If you’re willing to take responsibility and do the right thing and such, you’ll probably find yourself fairly well supported.Β  If you’ve resisted pressure to mature in these ways, you may feel crushed, thwarted and frightened.

The stellium falls in my 12th house – service. I am committed (Capricorn) to service. I have been for most of my life so expect to have support (Capricorn) from the ethereal (12th), as opposed to being disabled, otherwise undone (12th) by fear and/or reality (Saturn).

Where does the stellium in Capricorn fall in your chart? How do you feel about meeting your karma, in January?


Stellium In Capricorn, Peaking January 10-11, 2013 – Karma — 52 Comments

  1. Moon/Venus/Pluto will be in my 2nd house and Sun/Mercury in my 3rd. I’ll be cleaning out 2 of my closets that contain my personal clothes and stored treasures. Much of what I’ll be sorting through has deep sentimental value to me, and I’ll be having to determine what I will continue to hang onto and what I’m willing to let go of and give to my neighborhood’s Free Store.

  2. This spans my 11th. Good news? Sun will be on my NN and Venus will be conjunct Jupiter. Bad news? It will all square my Libra Stellium.
    I think I’m ok with Saturn energy? I guess we will see.

  3. This is a big one for me. 5th House, involving my Mercury, Sun, and Mars (as well as things like my Part of Fortune, Vertex, and a couple of asteroids).

    Saturn is my constant companion, and I mind my p’s and q’s because of it. This is energy I’m wholly comfortable with.

  4. Eighth house. I’m dealing with end of life issues with my mother and (especially) her husband. I have Sun square Saturn natally, so this is not new energy to me. I should do fine.

  5. 9th House, praying to serve a better treatment to my mom so that she can be cure (IA) . Yea, its a huge responsibility, praying hard by the Grace of my Almighty God, I’ll be able to perform this duty successfuly and peacefuly.Ameen.

  6. Hi Elsa,

    I am a Capri Rising and the Stellium lands in my 1st house since I have a 2 degress Capri ASC. I do feel already a lot of pressure on having to improve on myself. It’s really tough. I have a husband who does not like to talk much with me because we end up in arguments most of the time. I need someone to talk to about my day and my life but he doesn’t want to talk or hear me. I need to find a way to not share with him and live with that or find another outlet. I made the mistake of always spending my time with my husband for the passed 4 years and lost most of my friendships. Now I have to start over and find new friends to talk to. It’s challenging. How do you find a way to share your thoughts and daily events? Do you feel the need to?

  7. It all seems to be on the wide end of a natal yod between Neptune and Jupiter, pointing at my Saturn in Cancer. The transiting stellium is on my natal 5&6 houses.

    Any ideas about what all that could suggest?

  8. Mine is falling in the 4/5 houses. But more importantly my SO’s SR is on the 12th in the 7th house. I wonder what will go on hope good news, me and him could sure use it!

  9. cancer my 1st house and capi in 7th house..I can feel the waterworks beginning…starting to get all emotional..really wishing for some magic to happen.I dont know enough astrology to figure out what may transpire.

  10. My baby is due during this time. Capricorn rules my 4th house but I don’t have any natal planets in this house.

    Of course I’m very interested to see how this Capricorn stellium with influence my baby’s life and our relationship as mother and child.

  11. The stellium is transiting my 3H. Does that mean I’m going to start becoming more serious in speech?

    It’s conjuncting my uranus and neptune as well.

    Lately, I’ve been starting to feel like shit. I want the feeling to go away.

  12. It will all be conjunct my Moon/MC. The Sun on the 28th will also be conjunct my Moon/MC, the full moon opposite.

    I’ve been saying for a while that after the holidays I need to find another job, and what career direction I’m heading. Looks like the stars are backing me up.

  13. Mainly the 4th house. I would expect to take more responsibility for domestic/ career ambitions during this time. (My mc is also involved). Saturn opposes my natal moon and sextiles my Asc and the Sun. Natal semisquare to Mars as well.
    For the most part Saturn to me feels like a really overbearing mom at the grocery store. yes you can venture five feet down the aisle but DON’T LEAVE MY SIGHT!! Kinda like slow and steady and you’ll get there to the end eventually but only when you are truly ready. Certainly no sooner! πŸ™‚

  14. Marbles, do you mean your natal yod? Your 4 degree Saturn in Cancer could definitely come into this, yep, activating your natal yod. Maybe you could post your chart on the Boards and others can pipe in.

    This falls in my 1st. I am READY. I feel GOOD. I had a moment of ‘I shouldn’t be this happy, someone could die/my partner could get cancer/our house could burn down’ [sorry…I have Saturn/Cap myself, ha].

    Then I decided–you know what? I am going to ENJOY MYSELF. I have paid my dues. No, Pluto is not done with my Cap Moon yet but I am going to make hay while the Sun shines…enjoy myself when life is good.

  15. My birthday is Jan 14th, so I have this on my solar return. The MC is at 8 Cap, most of the action is in my 10th house, with Venus in the 9th. I’m not worried. I have a huge natal stellium in Capricorn – my DC, Mars, Mercury, Ceres, Sun and Saturn, making an exact conjunction to my POF. Saturn seems lucky for me.

    I had the last new moon exactly conjunct my Jupiter, also conj Venus and trine Uranus. The next full moon is close to my ascendant. If *something* doesn’t happen, I shall want to know the reason why! Keeping all digits tightly crossed… πŸ˜€

  16. Thanks Kash, I’ll try and do that later today. Just figured I would see what it looked like on my chart and that stood out as a little weird!! I post it on the other thread.

  17. This stellium will affect my Capricorn, 4th house, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars. The new Moon will conjunct my Mars. I have been experiencing tremendous transformations with Pluto residing in same said house. I have always been an intense individual. This is the most exciting horoscope since I started star gazing in 1972.

  18. Hi, this is hitting my 10th house. My company is not in the best place and I’ve been dealing with someone who’s sabotaging me… I’m worried about being laid off during this time. Venus is also square my Jupiter and Jupiter is opp my natal Mars in the 9th then, too. Then Neptune starts squaring my Mars soon. I’m afraid I’m in for another hard time.

  19. Is the suffering due to Karma? What type of suffering? I always tried to figure out what you meant by that but had a hard time grasping it. You said this about my chart too Elsa.

  20. It will all be in 12th house. Since pluto has been transitting 12th repressed psychological issues have been coming up more and more. Disturbing sexual experiences that I had deeply repressed came up.. Not fun to think of.

  21. 5th house. a little overwhelmed by mothering but i’ll be fine. it’s easier when i can go to work and let daddy watch the baby for a few hours….

  22. Sun – 1st House – My asc. Cap 16 deg
    moon, mercury, venus and pluto, 12th House
    I have a job interview that week.


  23. Thanks for that explanation, Elsa. I agree that each house and it’s opposite are on an axis. So, the 12th house would be the ‘suffer’ side of this particular axis? I always associate the 12th house with those times when everything is super challenging or difficult. It seems that more times then not, when I am looking up at the sky shaking my fist, that it involves my 12th house. Deep patterns, etc. coming up to the surface.

  24. Thanks for that explanation, Elsa. I agree that each house and it’s opposite are on an axis. So, the 12th house would be the ‘suffer’ side of this particular axis? I always associate the 12th house with those times when everything is super challenging or difficult. It seems that more times then not, when I am looking up at the sky shaking my fist, that it involves my 12th house. Deep patterns, etc. coming up to the surface.

  25. I was born with Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all in Capricorn. My first and 12th house happened to fall inbetween the end of Capricorn and beginning of Sagittarius so some natal charts say Capricorn others say Sagittarius.

    I’m only 22 and in the past few months I’ve come down with shingles twice (Houses: 12th/hopsitals & 1st/health) and I’ve been under a lot of personal growth (Houses:1st/personality&temperament and 1st subconscious mind. I’ve been learning a lot about myself, my limits, my relationships, and my over all conscious process. I’m learning that this energy flows into our minds and thoughts but it doesn’t define our actions, only we choose our path.

  26. Hi
    My birthday is Friday 11 January 2013. My ascendant is libra and my moon in Leo.
    Can you tell me how this new moon will affect me?

  27. Good morning, Elsa…….The stellium will be in my 1st house as Capricorn is intercepted. I am a 25 degree Sadge rising and 2 degree 2nd house in Aquarius………….none of this has been fun for me as Pluto has turned my life upsaide down since June of 2009. Pluto is squaring my mars and south node 9th house, as well as my north node in my third house conjunct Uranus……..I just left my job on Wednesday……..right now life is not fun! :(………better days to come. I am looking forward to this new moon…….

  28. Hello, everyone. I’m not understanding what is meant by “serve or suffer.” This stellium is falling in my 12th house, too. I have no planets there in my natal chart, just the asteroid Juno. And my moon opposite in the 6th in Cancer. I am not sure what that all means for me, so if anyone has a little bit of insight, I’d appreciate it. Thanks! And btw, I just ordered a natal chart report so I can get better at this. πŸ™‚

  29. Well, it’s in my 1st house and I feel like my mojo is slowly coming back. Physically my zip is coming back. Good, cause I have a LOT to do.

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