Spring Fashion 2011- Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Capricorn FashionCapricorn:

When I think of Capricorn I think menswear made for women. There is nothing so sexy and provocative in the right way as menswear that is twisted and tweaked to make a woman look pulled together, as Cappy likes, and yet allows for the sexy element of dressing to shine through! Whether done with pants or skirts, the clothing that is a take-off on menswear is very much the Capricorn style and looks right on them when done right. A very easy way to interpret this look is to wear a simple pencil skirt in a pattern that has vertical lines and add a snappy white blouse of any kind while finishing the look with the very happening waist level belt. The belted waist should be just a bit higher than your natural waist to give you the slimmest look and yes, any size can wear this look! You may think that if you are bigger in the hips you can’t wear this style but the truth is that fitted clothing looks best on woman that have some weight on them because it can accentuate the best of your figure and keep you looking trimmer than oversized clothing that just adds weight and has no shape! If you think about tailoring which is most important you can make this look work for you and all a few embellishments such as a scarf as a tie or a vest for interest.

The vest is still very much in so if you thinking of spring think about the menswear look that is applied in spring colors but still has the shape of menswear in the fact that the whole look has that pencil skin, even if you do it in denim, and a blouse that is a real blouse and not a T shirt. Sleeveless if you can do it is great for your blouses for Spring and Summer but if you are shy about your arms you can go with a cap sleeve and that is all the cover you really need for your arms. Many woman are baring their arms now that Michelle Obama has the style of bare arms and they are not sweating the small stuff about having a bit of weight on their arms. Michelle Obama is a good role model for the Capricorn woman when you look at her love for pencil skirts that she belts and she often adds a cardigan to cover her arms when she does cover them. You can also do this with a shift dress that is in simple color and belt the waist, again, just above the waist. Many believe that the belt has to be oversized but that is not the case, especially in the Summer. You can belt with a thin belt if that suits your figure better and still be on point with regard to fashion. Pants that have pleats with a vest over them look fresh for menswear and you can just wear a tank under your vest if you want to stay cool or add a lightweight blouse. You can do the look with flat front pants with thin legs and look very fresh as well and think about doing this look with white pants and pants of every color as we come into spring! If you already have a few cardigans you can wear them again this season but if you are Capricorn and still don’t have a cardigan there is no time to waste because they never go out of style and you can wear them about nine months a year. Any classic piece fits Capricorn and remember to buy the items you can wear for about nine months a year to keep you in good form and keep your budget in check. It is also a simple way to dress when you have clothing that you can wear nine months a year because there is less pulling out and putting away of clothing!

The new elegant sportswear is also a choice for Capricorn and I’ve described it earlier. The look is relaxed sportswear like sweat pants shapes with tie waists and lightly sequined T. shirts which are made of elegant fabric that drapes the body and looks smashing and well dressed even though the shapes are classic sportswear shapes. These shapes are often taken from men’s sportswear ideas like the polo, etc., but they are made of satin or other fabric with shine and luster and they flow as you walk and can be made to dress even more fine by adding jewelry like bib necklaces in ethnic patterns made from metals. If you choose to try this new upgraded sportswear and you are Capricorn you will be surprised how nice it looks and how put together and just the right side of “conservative” it is!

I love the look of the flowing sweat pant cut with a nude colored and nude sequined T. shirt that flows on the body and with a pair of sandals or colored kitten heels it’s about perfect! With my strong Cappy leanings I can’t help myself when I see a look that is pulled together but the rest of my chart needs a bit of sex appeal so I think the softness and the fact that these pieces graze the body when you walk make them very lovely. No Capricorn wants to be caught looking drab so remember to shop the looks that have separates that are meant to be worn together because you can pull them off and look just like the designer had in mind! A Cappy can be a fashion plate because of the demands they have of their clothing so why not make it pretty and functional while you explore some of the new styles that will fit in very well with your current wardrobe? When it comes to sunny days you will feel very cool with the clothes that drape your body instead of feeling the squeeze when you could get sweaty? I think the idea that best suits the practical Capricorn is to wear well-fitting classic clothing designs in sizes that fit even if you have to tailor them so you don’t have worry about stains from sweating in your clothes and giving you away as you like to keep your cool!

Capricorn faces and hair look best when they are well cared for and present as healthy and glowing. Not that they should shine because a matte face is better for most women unless they are very young or going for a tan face that has some glow to it but even a glow should be toned down and not shiny! You can take great care of your skin by buying products that work on your particular problem and trust me, there are products for just about any problem so don’t be afraid to ask!

Well cut hair that is trimmed every six weeks looks best on Capricorn and they usually have a hairstyle that they love and trust but updating it is very important to give you energy and keep you looking new! If you wear a bob try to modify it or using some manner of getting waves or curls in it to give yourself a bit bigger hair this season. Hair that is bigger is real right now and looks new and refreshing. Most Cap’s have their hair routine down but tend to get into a rut by wearing the same style year after year. The trick to that sort of hair is to tweak the style from time to time to change up your look in a slight way that adds interest and looks happening. The slightest change from texture, length or style switch can make all the difference so I think that adding texture is an important change for Cappy to make this season.

I have talked about how to change up your texture but remember to keep your hair in great shape which will keep it shiny and like it wants to be touched! Use a product on wet hair whether it is straight or curly that gives the hair some moisture before applying any other product. After conditioning the hair try to use product, more than a blow dryer or a straightener, to get the look you want. A quality blow dryer makes all the difference when it comes to healthy hair because less time under the heat makes a big difference. Try for a look that you can achieve by applying product and just a bit of blow drying with a diffuser or using the regular attachment but by needing less drying time. Leaving curls a bit wet makes them less frizzy and that helps a lot! If you have straight hair try to use the new texture products for some added body and to bring you into the fashion reality of today. Remember that perfect hair has its moment but it’s not the red carpet out there and casual hair looks best as long as it’s healthy. If your hair has been processed too much go on a diet when it comes to tinting and take your hair to a darker color to help it heal. An over-bleached look is passé and you never want to look like you’ve been bleached out because it ruins the look of your skin color and looks unnatural! Whatever your hair looks like, the time for a change is now because the bone-straight hair of yesterday does nothing for woman these days and looks dated!

Your makeup, Capricorn, looks best using neutral shades in browns and bronzes, but I’d add a bright lipstick to make my look pop for Spring and Summer and remember that there is a pink for any skin tone! Matte the lip color out on your face for the newest look and stay away from the super shiny lip if you can! The new lip is bright but matte and looks fantastic on any woman and even the conservative Capricorn looks smashing with this new lipstick treatment! Shop the best company that you can afford for the best colors and treatments because many high pigment lipsticks can be drying so you want a quality product that has some moisture but can be matte by either blotting it or adding a dab of clear powder on your lip to make it matted. Keep your eye lashes dabbed with mascara and tone them down so the eye goes to the new lip you have created. A dab of blush is very Spring so go for a blush that looks natural on you for the best Capricorn look. Using a pink which is the natural shade most people blush is best and staying away from browns is the idea. Brows should be shaped well and kept groomed and Capricorn understands the need to look well groomed. Go ahead and accent your eyebrows with a bit of eyebrow powder or a pencil so long as you don’t go overboard and consider growing your brows out a bit for a more natural look and to give your face some balance with a lip that pops. If you choose the right bright lip you will have the perfect spring face to compliment your usual pulled together presentation!

Aquarius FashionAquarius:

There are two great looks I like for Aquarius this season and the first is a
“goddess” look that is dreamy and perfect for the unique Aquarius woman! The look has draped necklines on dresses and tops and can be worn casually or full on for evening. For day it looks great to wear a draped neckline on a blouse or even T. shirt with your flared jeans or pants. You should choose a blouse or two with this “goddess” look in color staying away from the classic black because it simply works better in color and it’s more Aquarius to use color to their advantage.

I love an Aquarius in loosely fitting clothing and dreamy jewelry to accent it and the goddess look provides this look in a perfect way. For evening or even work you can find a dress that is draped and has fabric draped around the neckline with perhaps a ruched side on one side that gives it the look of the old statues you see in Roman art. Think Roman for the best choices and believe me they will be out there for the finding in every price point! Finish this look with a gladiator sandal for evening or a short gladiator boot for day. You want to wear bare legs and using a self tanner if your legs tend to be white to get the most out of this look. The goddess look works very, very well in white for summer with a tan and jewelry that hits the neckline in a bib length with lots of style in the piece! If you don’t have the money to invest in the jewelry remember that many people rely on the stores like “Forever 21” to find prices on jewelry that are almost silly inexpensive! You might try out some Roman inspired jewelry from an inexpensive store and if you like it you can decide to invest deeper into it by finding a higher price point that uses real metal. The jewelry that works best with a goddess look is metal for certain so make sure you look in that area. Some of the best draped goddess looks have one shoulder and that look will continue to carry into the Spring and Summer.

Second I like the over the top seventies prints on Aquarius and they can wear the most outrageous looks from that era with no effort at all! It suits the Aquarius to find the wild and wonderful prints from the seventies even if they go vintage and raid the best vintage stores online! Think in terms of short seventies dresses worn with your old skinny jeans or even flared pants which look the best! You can wear the “mini” length dress in a wild seventies print with flared sleeves and pair it with a wide, bell-bottomed jean for a classic look that Aquarius can rock! Add drop earrings or large hoop earrings for a really unique style and you are right at home in the whole costume! For those more faint at heart try a top with your flared jeans in the same seventies wild and colored prints that stand out so well and say so much! You will not only have a great look to behold but also have a conversation piece on your back! Think seventies, Aquarius, you are right at home in that era and not everyone can pull it off!

Curly, wavy hair just screams “Aquarius” this season so it’s great that it is on of the newest styles! You can achieve this look by using big hot rollers in your hair or a big barreled curling iron to curl your hair no matter what length it is! You want to go for “flowing” with the look so even if you have short hair with long hair on top you can style that hair on top with a big roller or two and have a fantastic wave that just sings your name! Don’t be afraid to go for a big of drama for your hair this spring while you bring home a seventies look that has a bit of tease to it! Yes, you can tease your hair a bit after you curl it for an even better flowing look so long as your hair is in great shape and you avoid frizz like the plague! Tease back your hair at the crown or wherever you have added the curls and body for the best look and don’t be afraid of a spritz of hair spray with hold to keep it in place! You can even pull a modified beehive if you stay away from big heights and do something subtle but in that form. The idea is to get creative with your hair more than you have in past seasons and curls are the best base for going a bit more wild with your look. You don’t want a massive mess on your head but controlled curls that look a bit out of control can be achieved with very little effort. A setting lotion and root lifter work best to get this look and again, the rollers can come back out and with the new cuts you can create a whole new shape for your hair that is fashion forward as Aquarius is when at their best.

Keeping in new is the idea for Aquarius because they can break out a new style easily and become an example of how to wear the new, free style that is blooming with Spring. Spring style is more fun this year than it has been in years and you can bring it better than many when it comes to fun and a bit wild. Your makeup can have one strong change and that comes from the new bold colors of eye shadow that look smashing if you wear only one strong shade on your lower lid and blending it at the crease. You can go ahead and apply a neutral color on your whole lid to give it shimmer but the new bright, strong colors for eye lids are wonderful for you in that they make a statement but are tame enough if worn only on the lower lid and if you only wear one color at a time. Even orange looks great on the lid with the new colors out and so does blue, green and strong purple! One sweep of these colors on your lid with a couple healthy doses of mascara make the statement and go easy on the lips by keeping off the shine that has been done so long it looks old! Keep the lips matte and use a bit of an understated color if you go for a bright eye to balance things out.

An Aquarius should have a jewelry collection that can reach out in any direction. There is a great deal you can also do with a great accessory collection as well. The trend these days is seventies and you wear it well so consider things like crocheted bags that hang and look fantastic with your new tops or dresses that have prints from the seventies. Fringe bags are great choices in leather and you can find these in thrift shops if you are a thrift store shopper. Look for crafty jewelry like necklaces that are crocheted or give you the feel of the seventies. You can wear colored shoes in colors such as blue and green to make your prints pop so don’t shy away from color when you look for Spring and Summer sandals and shoes! Orange mixed with yellow and red, for example are great colors for jewelry whether it’s a bracelet or necklace and look on sites such as “Etsy” for these finds. If you are crafty yourself you can bead necklaces and bracelets that work great with the new looks. Most people know a crafty person and having them make you come custom pieces is a great idea that is very “now.” You, as an Aquarius have great ideas yourself and should be able to find a person who makes jewelry to work with to come up with some fun accessories that make your looks sing! Remember that these seventies inspired accessories can be paired with your basics as well to bring them up to trend in an inexpensive way.

You can use your creative side to the fullest extent if you think about what you might want to wear with each of your outfits. Remember that complex prints look fantastic with the creative, homemade jewelry and accessories that the seventies gave us so if you buy even one busy print you can have a great time when you choose what to wear with it! Even shocking neon shoes happen with the prints we have been discussing. Remember that when we translate trends from the runway to the real world we can wear them with what we already have a create a new look in a hot second so don’t think you can’t wear the new look or that you don’t have the money to change your whole wardrobe. Your jeans can be updated with a new top and jewelry, for example, and you will be jammin’ as always very easily!

Pisces FashionPisces:

Pisces have flowing personalities that flow with the tides of life and being one myself I know what makes me feel good. Flowing clothing looks great on Pisces so look for butterfly sleeves on tops and dresses and try to get yourself some wide, flowing-legged jeans! Pants with large bells are happening right now and you can wear them like no other! Look for tops for your pants that are made from materials that flow like silks, chiffons or even the new polys and blends that are fluttery and fantastic! You make clothes that move with your body look great so think in terms of fabric and then decide if you want to belt or not.

Many Pisces don’t like to be hemmed in by belts so buy clothing that has a waist built in so you stay on trend and skip the belted waist if you’d like. I love to see a Pisces in colors that are classic for them like sea-green and blues of all shades. You can also wear black in the summer and white flowing clothes look smashing. The Pisces can wear almost any style and take on the personality of that style so I recommend you decide what you want to present and take that road when it comes to fashion.

The things to stay away from are hard edges and too constructed clothing because it hems you in and makes you feel less free. You want to give the feeling of soft while having movement in your attire so think in those terms when shopping. Patterns that are too complex can end up wearing the Pisces instead of the Pisces wearing them so I think staying away from too loud or too complex a pattern is best and looking for dramatic patterns that have only two or so colors in them are best for you. You can wear the seventies-style tops as well as the next sign but stay away from too bright of a print with too many colors. Your personality shines through when you keep it a bit simple and think about shapes instead of heaps of color.

Skirts that have happening patterns are great because they are not near your face so you can go wild with the new floral and other prints when it comes to skirts while keeping your blouses and T.’s in solid colors to balance the look out. A funky printed skirt or the new cuffed and long shorts look great on you with a solid blouse that, again, is made of fabric that moves or is sheer so you have the flow that you look so great in. The biggest mistake a Pisces makes at times is to dress too simple so they don’t have any personality in their wardrobe, so don’t fall for that and go ahead and treat yourself to some clothing that says something!

Ballet skirts with simple tops look great on you as does anything dance inspired. Full skirts with simple tops are very ballet-like and look perfect on Pisces. Drama is fine for you so long as you don’t bring it too close to your face so your personality can flow through your clothing. One reason a Pisces avoids statement clothing is the fear that they will be swallowed up in the style or print so you need to protect your face from anything that will overpower it and take away from those very telling Pisces eyes! The Pisces eyes are wonders to behold and they look best with soft colors near them or one color instead of complex prints. If you wear black remember to break it up with color because it can bring a Pisces down to wear too much black or all black outfits. If you love black remember that any color can be worn with black so tone it down with pastel tops or colored tops in one color that flatters you so you don’t look “in mourning” and draw all the energy to you. The time to wear all black is when you want to make a strong statement or if you need to keep all your energy to yourself so remember to wear all black with consideration as to how it plays on you.

Some darker skinned Pisces don’t fare well with pastels so if you are one with brown eyes or darker features think about darker sea colors like blue that is deep blue or greens that are darker and richer against your face. The idea is to think about what you are presenting if you are Pisces because you can project just about anything and you want to mind what you are projecting! Go ahead and enjoy the new prints by keeping it down to two or so colors and rock anything on the bottom half of your body to keep things interesting. Finding a color mix that is the colors of the sea is perfect for you and plays well against your face. Playing with your look is so much fun for Pisces because they tend to become what they wear so think about what you want to say and say it with what you wear! I recommend you read the ideas for all the signs and see what suits you best and what you can borrow from each sign to say what you’d like while putting forward what you’d like to present! Have fun with your clothing, Pisces, you have many, many choices you can rock!

Jewelry or accessories for Pisces are best when they are statement-making pieces and worn one at a time. The Pisces choice of accessory really shows up on them so I like the new big beaded African inspired jewelry for Pisces worn one or two at a time. The big beaded jewelry is statement-making and a Pisces makes a statement by wearing just one rockin’ piece! You can wear a simple gold necklace with a sundress and make a statement with that one piece. I don’t think that Pisces look great when piling on the jewelry because it tends to overpower them and the only thing a person sees is the piles of jewelry! Remember that whatever you wear will show up strongly so keep the accessories simple and strong and again, think about what you are saying with each piece. A Pisces often has an emotional connection with their jewelry and that is the best way to choose when you are thinking in terms of what you will wear to compliment your look. You should buy those items that have a feel that you enjoy and that relaxes you and wear them with pride. If you have something from someone that means a lot to you then go ahead and wear that because how you feel in your clothing and accessories is so important! Take each piece and think about how it makes you feel and what you associate with it before deciding on a piece of jewelry.

Designing your own pieces is a great idea too because the energy on the jewelry is important to how a Pisces feels. If you have not noticed that jewelry has energy try to tune into it and feel the energy of a piece because that is so important. I know Pisces that have a hard time in thrift shops because they can feel the energy of a piece of jewelry from the former owner! If you are one that is sensitive to other’s energy then you want to be careful when you are shopping jewelry that has been worn previously! A Pisces tends to switch styles when dressing and this is perfect for them because how they feel should have a lot to do with what they wear. The trick is to choose that piece that says what you want it to say because, trust me, it will be noticed. If you are a Pisces that does not wear jewelry you should consider adding it because it shows so well on you when you wear something on your wrist or your neck! Collecting those special pieces can be a great hobby for a Pisces because they are so artistic that they can create a great and unique collection that works all the time in one way or the other. Again, keep it simple and make a statement while avoiding too many colors that can overpower your face and, again, your very expressive eyes! Leave your face open for others to interpret because it’s important that a Pisces shows up in the world!

Hairstyles that give a Pisces a place to hide look cute on a Pisces of any age! Whether your hair is short or long it’s great to have that place to peek out of and slip behind whenever you choose! Short hair that has long bangs or pixie cuts with long tops look great on Pisces because they can peek out from behind the bangs or tilt their head to hide one eye if they like. If you have long hair it’s great to have layers cut near your chin to keep your eyes available and to also give you a place to peek out from behind! I know this is a different take on hair but if you try it you will like it because Pisces love to transcend and disappear and appear at will. If you have a bob consider bangs that are long but keep them thin so they don’t make your forehead look too heavy. It’s best to have your bangs first cut by a hairstylist so they are not too thick and then you can follow the line yourself between cuts or most stylists will trim your bangs free in between haircuts. You look smashing so long as you eyes show and are the focal point of your cut.

If you have hair that is bob length you might like to try flipping up that layer that is near your chin to give you a forties look that favors Pisces greatly. The idea is to have you hair allow for eye play and many Pisces need to protect their eyes from being overpowered by their haircut. Hair that is one length can work on a Pisces if it’s short enough to stop somewhere near the chin so their eyes still are seen if you have no bangs. A simple bob looks cute at any age on a Pisces so long as you keep the bob up to date and modify it with the times. The fashion now it to have longer and shorter pieces cut on the bottom of your bob to make it “piecey” and that looks great on a Pisces, again, if it is short enough to allow the eyes to be seen and to be the focal point. Pisces eyes can get lost and that is not the best look for them! Your eyes say a lot so have your hair flatter your eyes at all costs!

Mascara and a thin, smudged line at the lash level are best for Pisces and looking at colored liner is an idea that can really bring a Pisces eye out into the open. Think about navy eyeliner to brighten up your eyes or try gold liner for an evening look that flatters. The idea is to play up your eyes enough to have them seen and avoid having them disappear with too strong of lipstick or blush. You can wear blush as is the fashion this season but don’t have it overpower your eyes and keep it light and simple. The best blush is crème these days and you have to blend it greatly to achieve the best look. Try blush that is pink in a tone that you naturally blush for the newest look in cheeks. Blush is back and the look of no blush does not work with all the colored clothing that is happening right now, so if you don’t wear blush it’s time to buy yourself some! You can use the blush on the apples of your cheeks to frame your eyes but, again, it’s not flattering to overdo the blush!

Lips can have color which is important this season but keep it matte and don’t make your lips the focus of your face. Use a bright color if you like but tone it down by mixing it with some sort of brownish lipstick over it or even a black tone that is barely seen like the one that “Lipstick Queen” makes. You can find this lipstick at “Barneys” and it flatters most lip colors if you wear it over your colored lips. The lipstick looks black but does not go on black when put over a lip color and sets your lipstick vey well. I like “Lipstick Queen’s” “Black Tie Optional” for over the brighter lip colors to mute it down and give it a spooky feeling that is both sexy and interesting. You can also set your lipstick with this color because the pigment is thick enough to serve as a setter for lip color. I know there are knockoffs of this product but the actual product does wonders. There are also many unique colors available from this company that work wonders and have a new look. You want to look for pigment and move away from gloss and especially avoid high gloss lips this season. The lip treatments that work right now are strong on color and in your case you want to mute it out with another color or at the very least tone it down with some clear powder over it to set it and take away the shine. The idea is not to lose your eyes in your makeup routine while not going “Goth” with your eyes which is too strong for the sensitive Pisces eye!

Go ahead and use a color on your eyebrows to bring your eyes forward and give them an extra boost. If you wear nothing and are racing to the store go ahead and put a bit of eyebrow powder on your brows and give a curl to your lashes while taking the time to apply a very light touch of blush. Taking good care of your style is important for Pisces to prevent them from fading into the walls when they are with others. I’ve seen so many Pisces fade into the scenery because they are sensitive souls but the idea is to bring yourself forward in this world that needs your sensitivity to remind them to get in touch with their own! Use your fashion to best bring your Pisces nature out and touch the world with your personality after you do!



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  1. I love it when I make my clothes fall in between male and female twists.. I guess it is called Cap Rising and Cap Venus. I really have to work on my hair though. I have so much of it. Going to buy a treatment right now!

    And making my brows more of a statement this year as well.

  2. My hair is long (down to my sternum) and curly/wavy. My hair does have some layers, just passed my shoulders though. The treatment I buy is what ever I can get at the local pharmacy.

  3. Yeah, I can just use any leave in or normal conditioner, it rains a lot here. I am one of those lucky girls that looks like I spend hours doing my hair. But I don’t. I am so glad you understand.

    But if you know any good products to keep hair healthy I am all ears! I love healthy hair because I want it nice and long.

  4. I have seen these products in Ireland, Chi oil would be hard to find.. But will go on Amazon to buy these products.

    Thank you for helping me. I really do need the help as I can be lazy about these things.

  5. hi annalisa. when you make these fashion posts for signs.. are they intended for the sun signs? or ascendant signs? or just the prominent sign in your natal chart? sorry if it’s a stupid questionx_x;

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