Solar Eclipse In Capricorn – Hit With A Bag Of Rocks

I have already written about this eclipse here: Pressure, Defense and Grown Up Pants and it is all valid but as we get nearer this aspect, it’s meaning is becoming clearer (crystalline) via what is coming in consults over the last days, as well as what I see happening in the lives around me.

I wrote this to a client:

“This stuff is very COLD when you get right down to it. It is naked and hardcore and uncompromising…”

That happened to be in the context of her marriage as the eclipse conjunct her descendant but I think it can be applied to all.

My sister just texted me, there were 2 deaths in emergency room where she works today. That’s is, see? It’s over. Final.

I told another client today that someone in her life was now having every single thing they had hoped to avoid hit him right in the face. Hit him like a bag of rocks, this is. Rocks. Capricorn. Cold. Harsh.

The upside, and there is one, is also extreme and it does not take that many brains to see why this is.

Take the guy who meets all his fears, all at once.  Assuming he survives, do you not think he will emerge empowered?  Stronger? More grown up and responsible?

Could it be, he could not go forward without this experience? I say yes.

It can also hit you like a bag of rocks – your problems are minor as compared to what you see people around you coping with. It can hit you like a bag of rocks – opportunity ahead.  You get the idea.

How’s the eclipse going for ya?  Been hit with a bag of rocks? Can you see the upside?



Solar Eclipse In Capricorn – Hit With A Bag Of Rocks — 38 Comments

  1. I’d say a series of migraine headaches qualifies for HARD ROCKS in the left side of the head. Capricorn is my Moon’s landing place and it’s in the 12 house … chronic chronics. I’m still here, so the Gods want me around, so far, because the pain is off the charts and the upside or the other side is having incredible visions on the right side!

    I’ve had to learn again and again to side-step the ‘never say never’ Capricorn-ism so with this latest eclipsic experience I’ve been sipping coca-cola to ride out the migraine until something better comes along. Last time I sipped a coke, maybe my last Saturn return 28 years ago.

    Sound like rocks and an up? Whadda think, Elsa?

  2. I feel that the saying “that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” is definitely true, which is what you are conveying here. I know that I wouldn’t be the person that I am today if it weren’t for the trials and tribulations I’ve encountered.

    Like the bag of rocks metaphor 🙂

  3. Things have been surreal since just before Christmas for me. I’ve been blindsided with that bag of rocks. Ever since you first posted about unwinnable situations, I accepted that I am in one. Now, it is continually thrown in my face each day that there’s no good solution.

  4. the weird thing about a virgo ascendant is the fifth house capricorn…
    it hits my fifth house cusp actually. having a fun (but not terribly indulgent or pricey) honeymoon….

  5. Bag of rocks hitting my fourth house. Real estate matters via my husband’s ex still a mess and I feel like I’m in an unwinnable situation. They have a mediation meeting tomorrow which the judge is forcing her to attend. She is a Sage with moon in Capricorn, degree and house unknown.

  6. Yes, in the last few days there have been tragic deaths, catastrophes and those birds falling from the sky.

    Funny that the red-winged blackbird is the most Aries-like bird I can think of.

    2011 means srs bznz.

  7. You know, it’s kind of like when someone dies. I mean actually someone did, but there’s more than that. I’m no longer emotionally tied, enmeshed, consumed or whatever I was doing even three or four months ago. I’m free and it’s weird. I understand now why the Tibetans say that when a soul is free the first thing it wants to do is go get trapped again. Without all that struggle what the hell do you do with yourself?

  8. I have been hit with enough bags of rocks over the past couple of years that I find this scary, and work hard to figure stuff out before that bag comes.

    That being said, this new moon is right on top of my natal Mercury, square natal Pluto, trine natal Saturn/Moon. It might even hit a few other spots in my natal chart.

    There’s a bag of rocks in here somewhere and I hope I find it before it finds me. That stuff hurts, man.

    Eva – hang onto that freedom girl, no matter how uncomfortable it gets. I gave up my freedom after gaining it, and it hurt worse. Since I’ve regained that freedom, I’ve treasured it above most other things. The Universe will give you plenty to do, believe me. 😉

  9. I just weighed myself and just realized I’ve lost 40+ pounds in a few months – I had no idea.

    I mean, I’ve been trying but not that hard LOL – since we’ve had thanksgiving, christmas etc.

    (I was wondering what people were talking about on Facebook when I posted a new top I bought LOL.)

  10. My friend’s mother died yesterday. She had stage 4 breast cancer for as long as I’d known him, about 5 years or so. She fought it tooth and nail.

    I hope he also finds this eclipse liberating. The past 5 years have been terribly draining for him. The entire burden was on his shoulders, and his family leaned HARD.

    As for myself, I need my 4th house to clear out NOW. Tired of having rocks flung at my 10th. Ready to step out of the septic tank, thanks.

    Regardless, the next 30 days will be hard, no getting around it. Capricorn. Put your shoulder to it and work.

  11. Sam and Eva… I just regained my freedom via divorce from a 23 year marriage. Many bags of rocks hitting for a long time before I finally saw the light. This is my second divorce. I wanted to give up my freedom right away too, after the first split up. So I did and now I’m with Elsa on this one. Cherish!!! your freedom… do not settle for anything but what’s best for you! That might mean never getting married or committed again. But don’t fear that… fear getting entrapped again. Learn to love yourself and not feel guilty for doing so. That’s what I’m concentrating on now. And you know what?…. it feels better every day. As my Dad told me so long ago… “don’t settle for the first thing that crawls out from under a rock” Wise words… sure wish I’d have listened. :-O

  12. Neva….so sorry about your friend’s loss. That is rough. I lost my mother to cancer also and it was such a battle and then the end seemed to suddenly come and one is left with this empty space…a sudden void. She fought it for 5 years also….bless your friend….

    Darn, Elsa…a bag of rocks? It feels like a front loader to me!

  13. oh eva..I think u are awesome for recognizing “Without all that struggle what the hell do you do with yourself?” It’s a chance to find something else to do..question is..what?!

  14. Wow – sorry for everyone’s hard times.

    I’ve just had a weird thing happen actually while reading this at work. I found out via an email just before Christmas that I’ve not been successful in a recent audition for work. The email didn’t say I’d been unsuccessful, it said that two others had been successful, including my bitter rival in the office (don’t get me wrong she’s nice and all but is ruthless and uncompromising and isn’t afraid to really go after what she wants)…

    This news incensed me. I was furious and upset – as much down to the fact that my boss didn’t give me a heads up.

    Anyway. He just came over to me to give me some feedback. He says I did really well and I sounded amazing, but I’m missing the authority needed to read the news. He did though say I have all the tools needed to be a great reporter, and he’s sending me to a different office starting next week to hone those skills.

    I was bracing myself for a fight, but actually feel really calm. I’ve had one dream pulled away from me – literally a dream I’ve had since I was small, but I have had another pushed a little further in my direction. The eclipse is in my 11th house. About an hour ago, real time.


    Love to all in this landslide of an eclipse…

  15. first thought when I read this, “you didn’t get this because there are better things in store for you”

    hang in there!

  16. My hubby hit me with a bag of rocks Saturday and Sunday. But on Sunday afternoon and last night I hit him with a bigger one, now he is going to counseling. Solar Eclipse in my 1st house.

  17. ””… that someone in her life was now having every single thing they had hoped to avoid hit him right in the face. Hit him like a bag of rocks, this is. Rocks. Capricorn. Cold. Harsh.”’

    That is what happened to me today! The only upside I can see now.. its my reaction to it when it happened.

  18. I HAD TO SHARE THIS..laugh with me while we can 🙂
    I obviously read this blog earlier, since my comments were up there. I’m a cardinal sign..very Libra, so I was worried about this bag of rocks with Capricorn and the eclipse and all that.
    So I get to work and at about 10 am, I get a a postage bag. I open it to find it is a late Christmas present from a friend of mine in Sweden.

    It’s rocks..literally. Quartz, raw amethyst, crystals and a small statue of an angel also carved in stone. I laughed until tears almost ran down both my bag of rocks 🙂

  19. Aw, I’m OK, I got no business complaining. One crappy day does not a crappy life make. Sun’s out today.

    I just hang in and hold other people’s hands, and having to work hard is not a hardship.

    I appreciate the support. 🙂 Means a lot.

  20. I got “the call” today – the one that my dad is dying and if I want to say goodbye, I’d better get my @$$ up there. I’ve been expecting this call but it still somehow comes as a shock. I guess eclipses and Uranus will do that 🙂

  21. A whole lot of Pluto in Cap going on there

    Commiserations to everyone suffering, esp Jeannie and Sarah. I remember very well getting that phone call about my Dad even though it was over 30 years ago now

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