Six Planets Retrograde: September 27th – October 6, 2021 – Tomorrow!

ship changing courseAs of today, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde.  Mercury will turn retrograde on September 27th. At that point all planets excluding Venus and Mars will be reversed.  It’s mind-boggling.

This situation will be maintained until October 6th, when Pluto turns direct. I am not sure the outer planet with have that much affect on your day to day life.

Saturn will turn direct on October 11th and this will help.  Both Mercury and Jupiter will turn direct on October 18th. At that point, we should be able to fully face forward.

Not sure what to say about this other than you might want to set your expectations low(ish) between now and the end of October, but hey!  There is an upside!

Many don’t like the direction they’re headed in or the direction the world is headed in.  The slowing down may well make it possible to change course.

What do you think of this situation?


Six Planets Retrograde: September 27th – October 6, 2021 – Tomorrow! — 49 Comments

  1. Well, my birthday lands on September 30th, soooo….?

    Imma just mind my business this year! Sounds like “nothing but a mess”, as my aunt likes to say.

  2. I like the upside of all those planets ‘backing up.’ I’m watching my volunteer Spaghetti Squash grow and grow to the size of a Pumpkin, and late Butternut Squash keeping them company.
    A revision to my diet, has me taming my body’s inflammation from what foods I eat. The process applies to what “news” I eat too. Maybe my timing is retro on target.

    • Mokihana ?? I’m loving this — My mom is changing health too with a lot of veggies & the big C diagnosis

      Appreciate your take on healthier news too — focusing in on what’s relevant to life & what I can do, so we don’t get sucked into hating more people & being “RAGE-Y” w/o a balance…. Maybe that’s current Mars in Libra position talking tho haha ☮️

  3. Of all the aspects, mercury would stop and retrograde square my uranus & neptune. For a full month! Someone came to ask for help and unfortunately I couldn’t because I simply don’t know how to do that. So I did what I thought was right and said I don’t know. And I heard this person telling to someone else ‘the hell she doesn’t know. As if I were lying and didn’t want to help. Can’t wait for it to end.

  4. Love your take on things… I totally agree… Am dissatisfied but working behind the scenes to change things… And by the way, Uranus is currently in my tenth house, squaring my natal nodal axis exactly… You would think things would be moving faster, but I will be patient… As any Taurus can be…!

    • I hear you! I thought 2021 would be a year of change for me but it’s been a year of stagnation. Saturn’s opposing my 12th house Leo planets. All of these retrograde planets feel like the tide pulling back before a tsunami. Hope not!! But wouldn’t it be nice if something good washed away the lies, deceptions, and acrimony in the air now?

  5. I am really looking forward to whenever you expand on the period “the end of October”.
    I am beginning to think I must be acting like Gollem in the cave. You know, mumbling over chicken knuckles on the ground and mumbling to no one there.

    • I haven’t had a chance to look at it or even think about.

      On my screen… the exact saturn/uranus sq in December @ 11 degrees.

      Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in April 2022.

      Maybe I can catch up when Mercury turns rx. Right now it’s just chaos.

  6. And here I thought 2021 was going to be a forward moving year finally finish the reno’s on the house but no didn’t do any our builder got sick and more…. and with saturn sitting on my natal moon in eighth house and squaring venus in the eleventh been a year of disappointment and hard work trying to keep positive but hard with everything going on.So looking forward to Oct

  7. Well, time for the great rewrite
    I love how smart everyone has become about food choice
    Yes inflammation is a problem for many, it’s what our food industry
    Offers promotes , markets. I work with a lot of teens I always give these teens the blue berry challenge.Add 1 box of blue berries
    A day to one’s choices, once mastered add a banana a day, then a cucumber, next apple , orange by the time they swing that they can handle a couple
    Carrots( chewing work) most
    Don’t have to worry about the rest
    As the day done !some good protein
    Complex carbohydrates water
    Voila the weight and energy
    Desired, yep the rewrite , oh and a happy the blueberry can sometimes scare friends good when stuck to teeth smile in mirror kisses
    Little cooking easy!

  8. I returned to a project with a different employer – both with admin problems. The first employer fought my guidance and was let go from the contract. The second employer recruited me because he witnessed my efforts on the job with the first employer. Both were experiencing growing pains. The new employer is already turning around and addressing difficult decisions, one by one. Probably will be better by the end of the retrogrades.

  9. I’ve got a positive take on this.

    I will be making a job change during this period. 7 years ago (hello Saturn!) I started at my current job. It was going well until suddenly this summer it wasn’t!

    After months of searching and connecting with former co-workers, I have been offered a position at the last company I worked for.

    I will be using this retrograde period to go back to move forward. Staying where I am is not a good choice!

  10. I like the comments on reclamation. Reclaiming what rightfully belongs to one. Will require careful vetting and consideration on my part. Like what is true, what is really mine. Sounds more like a Venus Pluto thing for me, doesn’t it. Brass tacks stuff.

    • I had watched some you tubes about replacing screening on old wooden screens and supposedly there will be s thin rubber strip between the screening and the wood that snugs the screen in place. So last night I dreamt I was pulling this rubber gasket out of mouth lower jaw and then sorry I did because then my bottom teeth would fall out. Weird. I do need major dental work, get some fakes put in. I hadn’t thought of Mercury retro, but there you go.

  11. I have the same 6 planets retrograde in my natal chart I am wondering what this means for me. I have searched many resources and can’t find an answer..

    • Welcome, Tina. This is very uncommon which is why you can’t find anything. It’s hard to say in a few sentences, how this might affect, especially without seeing your chart. But whatever the affect, you would be used to it. It would be normal to you.

  12. Probably due to my natal Saturn at 23CAP I have been prevented from going to visit my daughter by all the restrictions in place to enter and exit the country where I live. I paid my dues with having severe covid, and I don’t plan on taking any more risk with my health by getting a redundant, experimental irreversible medical experiment when my antibodies are 27x better than anyone who hasn’t gone through what I have. The stress of having to cancel my annual trip despite planning health treatments there as well caused me to have a cardiac “event”(read blocked artery to my heart) as I couldn’t accept the tyranny we live under. Well, not being allowed food or water for 30 hours in hospital did give me a good start to my diet, and a reason to step back to think about a new approach.

    • Indeed it has been brutal for almost two years.

      I am so grateful for the many experiments that are saving lives. You have me thinking about the astrology of the people who came up with the vaccines for polio and smallpox. And I wonder about the astrology of the people who contributed to current vaccines (which we will learn about years into the future), many – likely – with similar alignments.

      I don’t know your whole chart. However, given that I know Pluto is practically sitting on YOUR Saturn, squared by Mercury in Libra today and opposed by the Moon, and forming a T-Square, authority and logic will not go hand-in-hand given these aspects. Moreover, Chiron opposes the Sun and Mars conjunction in Libra – ALL (but Mercury), forming a Grand Cross that involves your Saturn.

      • You do know that Covid differs from Smallpox and Polio by infecting animals, while the aforementioned don’t? That is why a vaccine has never worked for colds and flu, and will never work for Covid. So much for my logic being affected.

          • I have Mars, Moon, Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd. I was ranked in the 99th percentile for when I took my SATs long ago, but from what I understand, intelligence throughout life stays pretty steady.

          • Possibly. However, until you look at what you are opposing astrologically, you will not know. Today, Pluto in Capricorn (authority) is also connected to a a kite aspect involving the exact Pluto Saturn conjunction, all in water and Earth, with Neptune, the Moon, and Venus – the tail of which is on the America’s Sun. Wow! I lean into the idea that the vaccines are flowing as they should. Healing and prosperity will come.


            • You should not judge others, Julie, lest you be judged yourself. I know my chart, which you admittedly do not. Please don’t judge others on the barest of astrological threads in order to support your politics. You are welcome to dream on about universal peace and love while the globalists are intent on taking away the freedoms and norms our grandparents suffered for.

              • Looking at astrological aspects can appear as a judgement. I assure you, I am ONLY looking at the aspects. I don’t know you – personally. And I also know I should end my replies here.

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