Should You Take Yourself Seriously?

Pluto dark backgroundIt dawned on me this morning, I’m going to have to take myself more seriously. I came to this conclusion using astrology charts.

I always take my work seriously. I take my promises seriously too. I want my word to mean something. But this something different and it’s new to me.

I do this for clients on a regular basis. I take a close look a their situation and come up with ideas or a plan or a path forward, that’s studied and intricate. I’ve never felt it necessary to do this for myself. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type. I have copious amounts of faith and confidence. I expect to land on my feet.

That’s Jupiter by the way.  And my 9th house.

I’ve posted twice, about the stellium in Scorpio forming in my Progressed chart. I glanced at it today and see that my progressed moon is now in Scorpio. It’s joined the Sun, Mars and Neptune in the sign – Oh Me!

That’s a lot of intensity leaking all over the place.  Just think of someone like this coming into some group you’re in.  I’d hope they have handle on themselves.

Scorpio is subconsciously driven to a large extent.  I feel I should watch myself.  But this wasn’t the only thing, concerning.

Saturn in Capricorn is squaring my natal Mars Mercury conjunction.  Watch my mouth. Control my knife.

On top of that, Pluto is conjunct my planets in Capricorn now and we all know where this is headed…

Saturn Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn, January 12, 2020 – Stellium

I don’t think I’d be well advised to take leaps of faith while blindfolded, at this time, even if I’ve been able to get away with that for most of life.

I’ve been acting in accord with this already, unconsciously.  That’s good but nowhere near as good as being aware of what I’m doing and why.

There is some AIR in all this.  I have a tight Jupiter Uranus aspect in my progressed chart. But that’s got be taken seriously as well.

I’ve always been a pretty serious character. I’m routinely told that I’m “morose”. I’ve always thought that was funny.

Now, it might be that I am seriously, morose and funny.  Whatever I am, I’m going to be paying attention at this point. I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck.

Do you take yourself seriously? Has there ever been a time in your life when you knew you should watch your step?  

Check your Progressed Chart here.



Should You Take Yourself Seriously? — 14 Comments

  1. First week of the new year I’ve made a appointment at a psychiatrist. I’ve noticed that I need to work on myself take my own life seriously, at the same time I thought about how I want a funny psychologist, someone who is able to make the absurd easy.

  2. My whole life has been a tightrope walk. Luckily I have been blessed with some awesome guardian angels. Im actually learning to trust myself more as opppsed to being more vigilant. I will stifle myself by default.

  3. Like you, Elsa, my natal and Pr Jupiter are in my Scorpio 9H. I do tend to deeply help others but not so much myself. I always chalked that up to my 7H Virgo Venus and 6H Cancer Vesta.

  4. constantly. But I have Saturn in my 5th house for that
    I can let myself go with children but my adult always seems to step in when the kids lose their boundaries or if other adults come in..(but I AM getting better at this (Leo North Node).
    The exception, of course, being an adult I trust with my inner child.
    I am also capable of talking to the child with my inner child then turn and talk to the adult in the next second like a grown up.
    I never felt comfortable with getting drunk or stoned or wearing the clown or clothes /makeup/jewelry that would draw attention (like reindeer ears at Christmas or light up earrings)
    although I dont mind other people or children doing it with me and letting go regardless of how they do it…and without any judgement. As a matter of fact I defend them when people are unkind about it…I suppose it is envy that they can do it.
    I also have a hard time letting go with a man I am attracted to. Like I am afraid of being vulnerable, used judged.
    Only exception there is with Cancer men

  5. Lots of guys write ‘i don’t take myself seriously’ and I really don’t know what it means. There are many phrases on this blog I came to understand over many years such as control and boundaries … This is one I still don’t understand

  6. Are you kidding me? For the last I don’t know how many years I have had to watch my step. There is so much instability. I never know when someone is gonna blow. It is really just acting in my best interests as far as safety is concerned. I probably wouldn’t get done in, just messed up bad.

    I always thought it was me, that’s why people go off on me. Like it was my fault. But I think about it differently now, there is a modicum of insanity in folks. And I work to avoid it. It’s all in staying aware of when somebody is slipping off the rails.

    I continue to work to get more and more grounded so that maybe I won’t attract that element. There are times when I feel like I am living in an insane asylum. Natal Neptune is in the 12th. But basically, I just have to accept the fact that people do go off their nutter sometimes. It’s just the way it is, but I no longer take responsibility for it.

    • I lied. I did not mean to. But now that I have had time to observe others in my environment, by comparison I don’t take myself seriously at all. Not by how I see serious now, after doing some study.

      What I observed are people who believe they are the right way to be and believe others should be the same. I actually caught myself saying a couple of times, I can’t tell if you are being serious, because what they were demanding seemed so petty on the scale of, of, well the whole enchilada of life.

      I am considering serious to be, manipulating or demanding or pushing people to be as I want them to be. Even the judging according to the group think in the conversation amongst people tells me they take themselves seriously.

      So who I am, changing spots and all, I am. I live by my code and do not participate with others that require me to violate my code. But I do not ask that they buy onto my reality, live by my code. That would be narrow of me. That would be serious.

      It is so interesting to think about these words at this time. What they connotate to me. Jupiter square Neptune is ga-wacky. And Neptune is opposing natal Jupiter as well. Very slippery indeed.

  7. I feel like something is always around the corner or dropping out of the sky to keep me in check. Just when I start complaining about something or acting like an ass, something is right there to remind me that I need to count my blessings. Or something feels embarrassing for the way I acted, even if I was the only one who saw. It can make me feel ashamed or at least humble me.

    I have Mercury and Venus in Capricorn, but I suspect a lot of it is from Pisces Saturn on my DC.

  8. For me I am always cautious somewhere in time that knob
    Cranked up and ripped off
    Nothing to fear a tiny chant
    Inside, I have been tricked before
    No speak honestly, truth for me
    Few could handle what I think to share; so tongue pierced from
    Biting. I wish ego had gauges
    As I can only say I have found
    Myself victim to Mens’( mostly)
    Mysterious hidden egos
    I do believe there to exist
    Those gentle souls,out there
    Just invisible, to me yet

  9. This would depend on how you translate the sentence. For me, not taking yourself too seriously means tuning down your ego, which I think is a good way to live your life, if you can.
    As for watching my steps: yes, this is a time when I definitely should be watching my steps (for reasons which I can’t even start to explain – they are so weird).

  10. Sometimes I take myself almost too seriously. And then again… sometimes not so much.

    I have 4 planets in Scorpio and 3 planets in the 8th house. And then we have Mars in Capricorn.
    That’s some heavy mojo already. So my Jupiter-ruled Neptune – of course, it wants to dream big in the 11th house. But the trouble is, everytime it does, it seems to run from reality. Maybe because my life is full of the heaviness, and it needs an outlet.
    Mars in Cap don’t let me do what I want, it just sorta flows, because all Mars in 12th house wants is to go scuba diving with the mermaids and dream (there was that word again… dream!).

    I’m a dreamer because my reality is so stark sometimes, that one must have an outlet to all the heavy stuff I have no other choice than to take seriously. Otherwise I would be a person with too much heaviness all the time 😉

  11. Your posts have me thinking about myself in different ways then I normally would. It’s like a mental exercise and I very much appreciate it. Thank you.

  12. All the best Elsa. I have about 9 months left of progressed moon in Scorpio and I’m looking forward to possibly (but who am I kidding?), maybe taking myself less seriously. Still have to work through Pluto and Saturn opposing my 3 Cancer planets. Before this things fell into my lap all the time. Now I get to experience the term “your luck’s gonna run out one day.” Relying on my Jupiter-Moon sextile to see me through. <3

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