September 2020 – Deeply Meaningful Machinations

spider playing deadThis is going to be a month to watch! Mars in Aries will turn retrograde tomorrow, September 9th, in aspect to retrograde Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

Sunday, September 13th, Jupiter will turn direct.
Saturn will turn direct on  September 29th.
Pluto will turn direct a week later, in October.
Mars will not turn direct until mid-November.

This describes some profound machinations!

Have you ever seen a movie; you think it’s complex and interesting but it would never happen in real life? I’m talking about a film that features diabolical, chance encounters, betrayal, outrageous grace,  paranoia, twists and turns, break-ups, and on top of that, everyone is gorgeous!

I just saw some news gal talk about getting “stabbed in the foot”.  “Doesn’t she mean, stabbed in the back?” I asked my husband?  Who knows what she means?  Let’s look at the players:

  • Mars – Action, anger, what you want. Also a hero.
  • Jupiter – The future and the truth. Also inflation and God.
  • Saturn – Reality and limits. Also, taking responsibility, maturity and doing the right thing.
  • Pluto – Depth and destruction. Also transformation and healing.

I’m sorry! But no one is going to be able to wrap their head around all that and tell you what it means.  Matter of fact it’s going to take many years to understand the impact of this period in history, on the individual as well as the collective. This applies for sure:

Outer Planet Transit? Expect To Lose A 10-Year Chunk Of Your Life

We’re living in that crazy movie, times ten. In this movie, there is a gal who has two surgeries on her spine in three days and refuses pain medication. “Can I just have some water, instead?” Seeing the nurse stare at me, I explained and apologized. “I’m very sorry. I’m know I am odd, but there is room in the world for an odd person like me.”

“There is room in the world for everyone,” she said.


It’s like being stabbed in the foot! Who knows what it all means?  So much is out of our hands.

The best thing a person can do is to prepare for their future, which is dead ahead. There were a number of weeks, I had a lot of clients afraid they were going to die. I told virtually all of them; the non-dying people, they’d fare better to begin planning to survive. Pluto in Capricorn, yes?

“You may live another thirty years!” I said. People forget this!  You’re likely not dying.

If you put all my recent posts together, they do suggest we’re going to make it the future… which will occur in December, for sure, when Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction in AQUARIUS. I’m covering this in my newsletter because my blog is no longer where this type content belongs.

Here’s a succinct post around what you might opt to leave behind:

“How Tragic Is Your Scenery?”

I am going to leave behind, walking around like a crooked troll with a twisted spine.


The image is By Jon Richfield. It’s a spider, faking it’s death in a threatening situation so that it might live.



September 2020 – Deeply Meaningful Machinations — 18 Comments

  1. As Saturn and Pluto turn direct this month – they may have enriched us with some of the tools to integrate and navigate our Black Moons.

    The Black Moon combines a need to allow the destruction and elimination ( Pluto like) of parts of its polarity point with a need to contract and manifest (Saturn) a disembodied emotional fragment of ourselves – the Black Moon itself .

    No coincidence that retrograde Mars in Aries and the Black Moon are hovering around a close square to Saturn. There is enormous potential here for creative action when these influences are harnessed.

    • An interesting insight Don! My Black Lilith is in Aquarius 7 degrees. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius will profoundly light the Dark Warrior, in my 1st House. With the many challenges of 2020, “enormous potential for creative action” is a powerful invocation.

  2. Provocative article, galvanizing really. I find the photo of the spider strangely moving, that kind of natural genius is awe-inspiring.

  3. The Sun and Black Moon are two sides of the same coin.
    The Aquarius Jupiter Saturn conjunction will bring forth this sense of the two as partners – what the alchemists and the Jungians call the sacred marriage.

  4. Job as I know it. While I have been working with my employer towards this end, it is complicated and I have pledged to assist in a comfortable transition.

    I have been jobless before for lengthy periods of time, so I am okay with the frugality and day to day ease that joblessness brings. But somehow I feel I am turning a corner to something new, not jobless related. I have no clue. I will continue to slug it out in my yarden, my home, but the prospect seems all new for some reason. Something else? Time will tell. Is that Saturn, the time thing? And of course, who knows what outer planets have in store for the collective thing that could leach into my life.

    Saturn/Jupiter conjuncts every 20 years? Where was I in the year 2000? 1980? 1960 for that matter.

  5. Are you seeing this “meaningful machinations,” via these heavy hitting planets all turning direct in the same sign, as a boon or a malefic? Is it a crazy movie because it could go either way?

    • I take the deep from Pluto, the meaning from Jupiter and the machinations from Mars.

      I don’t think the good/bad judgement or evaluation is shown here.
      Each person will have their perspective. But each person is going to only have limited knowledge of what’s going on because there too much, too deep, too hidden…

  6. Had anyone else noticed that the PRECISE moment of Mars’ station direct in November is marked by the exact (to the precise minute of arc!!) triple conjunction of Jupiter-Pallas-Pluto? Perfection.

    I’ve seen interesting commentary about the Jupiter-Pluto event, but these details add a somewhat breathtaking air of portentousness to it all

  7. My home of 23 years. I already left my comfortable SAHM life behind. (Capricorn logjam in my 10th.)

    Mars conjunct Rising
    Saturn square Rising
    Jupiter conjunct MC
    Jupiter and Pluto square Moon.


  8. Perhaps, because my changes are coming I am honing into it more in others. It seems to be a matter of current situations for the people in my life are restraining them from being who they are. The conditions of what they are(were for those who weren’t about to wait around to change)involved in, don’t allow enough space to do what they need or want to be doing or even to be who they are in that space. (Saturn pushing for authenticity??) My bad is with the day to day and the full time plus job, I have been a bad friend. There is only so much time. So I am just a phone friend. Can’t wait to make time to hike again. 3rd house short trips here I come (pluto hovering on the cusp, saturn already there telling me it’s time). 3rd house aquarius (friends) here I come.

  9. I just thought about this last night when I was in the grip of yet another panic attack and trauma-induced anxiety lock.
    I folded my hands in prayer and asked God to take this pain of mine because I wanted to give it to him as I could not bear this unbearable deep pain alone anymore.

    The Capricorn clump in the 12th house is pain and trauma thrown into your face. But eventually it lets you do something with it.
    I am going through anxiety therapy and I have discovered that helping people by providing my own hard earned wisdom can really mean a difference to them. Deep knowledge, deep scars, deep healing eventually (I hope!).

    Nothing comes for free in Capricorn, you gotta work for it, but you will gain strength in the process. So, that’s what I’ll be doing until the house opens up and births Saturn and Jupiter in one, big future-oriented *SPLAT* that lands them smack dab on my Ascendant.

    Enjoy the ride, baby!

  10. Elsa darling ((( ))) consitently delivering he same high quality of work…seemingly, no matter what … Thank you we appreciate you !
    Swift recovery.

  11. Stabbed in the foot!

    I had to laugh. This post went up the same day that I tore a ligament in my foot while exercising- ouch! (It will be fine. Lesson learned to slow down, and heed the hard earth…)

    For a natal Mars in Pisces, the blatant literalness mixed up here with a wonky mash-up of figures of speech makes its own weird sense 😀

  12. Hoping to leave behind my definition of a job.
    With my midheaven in Gemini, my future looks like an eclectic mish-mosh of jobs. The focus is how much I make a year. Doesnt matter how I get there. As long as in the end I am living in safety and in grace..surrounded by loved ones.

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