Scorpio Getting Down To Business

Have you noticed Scorpios reining it in, since Saturn hit their sign?  I can feel their boundaries. Their lines and limits are palpable!

As for specifics, I see people being turned away, or turned down by Scorpio.  If you’re not turned away, you’re being screened even more carefully than usual, because Scorpio realizes this is not the time to make a bad investment.

Now if you’re a proven quantity, that’s a different story.

What are you noticing out there?

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Scorpio Getting Down To Business — 25 Comments

  1. i’m reigning myself in .. my bubbly and expansive libra bits have been placed under close surveillance and hard cover .. in feel the need to be quiet and secretive, to hide from others .. not because i think they will do me wrong, but because i think i may do myself wrong by over-engaging

    being ruled by saturn has never been more blatant for this scorp sun. my cap rising decorum is in full frame, which means my reticence and solitude will be overpowering for a while as all my libra struggles to find balance between levity and shadow.

    i’m not gone. just on sabbatical.

  2. Well I maintain a fair reign on myself as a rule. I am a shadow person hate the lime light at all costs, that said I have noticed I am becoming very direct about my dealings with family most especially my adult children which is all of them. I have begun to delve into studies more and I am in the process of teaching my Virgo daughter-n-law how to be the person she is meant to be. My Libra son whom she is married to is ADHD and needs a guiding hand of sorts and I am teaching her how to do that. Her mother is also a Scorpio and she does not respect any boundaries whatsoever. Hate that she is having to learn them at such a late time in life. Love her dearly really but yanno everyone has to respect boundaries.

  3. Setting boundaries is a MAJOR LIFE LESSON I’ve known I should learn for quite some time now, but have only begun to do so in the past month. I markedly felt Saturn’s shift from Lib to Scorpio, having prominent planets in both those signs. This is the prelude to my Saturn return, which will most probably begin around this time next year. I am not shutting off so mucha as experimenting with how it feels to listen to my inner reactions when something unexpected, difficult or devastating happens (which tends to be frquent lately). I try not to react out of guilt or a will to please, and this requires a lot of “behind the screen” work, so to speak. I am trying to become honest.

  4. I’m definitely screening and definitely deciding if I want to keep certain energies in my life. Any close relationship which does not tolerate self reflection for both parties, does not allow for honesty because it might be too jarring to the other person’s sensibilities or self image is going, going, gone…….

  5. Aye to Rant. As a fellow cap rising, I’m used to being a magnet for whatever sign saturn goes into. I’d like a break from that and maybe attract some wonderful lighthearted people who don’t have saturn going through their sun sign for a change. Know what I mean?

  6. It’s funny you posted this on the day that my mega Scorpio ex husband has called me out of the blue and asked for our wedding video. As far as I know, he is dating someone else very seriously. Uhhhhh……..he’s not reigning in his energy well…lol I’m horrified. I have always been his Saturn and looks like I will be his Saturn now. Absolutely not, dude. I don’t know which woman you are going to show that video to. They won’t be your woman for long if you go around showing wedding videos from the year 2000 of your long gone ex wife. smh. He will NEVER learn. He should have kept up with his own video so he wouldn’t have to call me with such strange requests. Good lord.

  7. I’m definitely been reining in and “cutting off”. Something clicked off in me and I’ve seriously been emotionally cutting people off in my life who I’ve seen have been undependable and not worth the investment of my time/loyalty and energy.
    It’s as if during Saturn Libra I was weighing things and not able to really make any decision at all (which really upset my aries moon) and now my Scorp is coming through and just cutting things off.
    People show their true colors, especially when you need them most and they’re nowhere to be found.

  8. Scorpio moon here. Saturn conj ASC and Jupiter in cap. I’ve reigned in. If you make it into my kitchen you are in the inner circle and my arms and heart are open to you. Living room only just barely. Front yard I probably wish you would leave…..

  9. I’ve been getting along better with my mother. I even broke the casing to her wing mirror on her car and she was cool about it. I even offered to pay to fix it and she’s offered to go halves. I won’t drive her car again though.

    As for my own life I’ve been researching Nursing courses for university again. I did want to do beauty but it costs too much and I can’t give up work at this rate. I have too many commitments. So I’ve been doing this research plus deciding if I want to commit the next 4 years of my life to this vocation. I like Saturn in Scorpio, it’s giving me focus. I can’t afford to be messing around any more not make a poor mistake.

  10. Finding it MUCH easier to lay down and maintain boundaries (I’ve got MC and Neptune in Scorpio). I hope I can hold onto this. Feeling clear and focused,and getting things done, thank you Saturn!

  11. * sev sev*

    Pruning, pruning pruning the flaky and the disloyal.
    My diary has only the essentials now, I love to see days when NOTHING gets near me or my life.

  12. I’m definitely learning how to set boundaries with others, I feel more confident about what I want and what I don’t want in human interaction.
    Sometimes, when I can sense other people’s boundaries, I say little, and still waters end up running really deep…

  13. I just don’t have energy to convince people I’m worth X, Y, or Z. I know my worth and either you value it or you don’t. Why waste time splitting hairs? Sigh.

  14. Only one of my closest friends have Scorpio energy, and he has a massive stellium in 12th and tr. Neptune squaring his Venus, so he’s not really succeeding in this… I can see him trying though.

    He just entered a relationship with a woman I’m not sure is a good influence on him considering his own problems at the moment… And he seems to sort of notice it, but tries to concentrate on her looks instead (and she is indeed very beautiful).

  15. ^ And yeah, I have Saturn transiting my Pluto right now in my 1st house. I just recently noticed I really don’t want to be alone all my life and started to realize I cannot choose the same men all over again if I want to end up with something solid.

  16. Yep, taurus full moon was unpleasant for my Scorpio sun friend, I amputated him, I just realized he’s a game player. When Saturn was over my poor Virgo Venus, then my Libra Sun and my other Libra planets including Pluto I finally learned how to walk away without fighting, revenge etc. Now it’s not that painful to amputate game players. Scorpio rising is here!

  17. Hi Elsa..

    Simply love your work and was browsing recently again..

    This post/subject has hit me right bullseye in my life.

    Scaringly accurate!

    Ive been dating a scorpio girl a while now Im a pisces.

    She went to study in another country for 2 years her masters. ( Saturn in Scorpio
    for 2 and half is commitment maybe)

    Well just after Oct 5th 2012 I visited her by surprise.

    She couldnt see me and went back to class!

    I was so hurt!

    She later emailed me and blamed her family and saying her life was not in her hands
    and doesnt know how she feels.

    Ive been reading alot of astrology years now since I had so many problems
    it help me..I lost my first wife young you see to MS.

    So this new girl who wanted to marry ( me too!) now says this I KNEW it was a saturn thing!!! Shes so serious! Not normally..

    What can I do?..I love her!

    Any suggestions..

    take care,

    Tunafish ..

  18. I’ve noticed that those in my social circles are busier and/or more elusive than usual. (Saturn in 11th). In one of them, seems like nearly everyone is focused on projects or crises in their life. I’m trying to respect their time and energy by handling my own issues and stuff more privately. (Saturn/Moon) There’s no need to share everything.

    I’m also aware of how many social networks/groups I’m in, including this one. Wondering if I’ll have to prune or cut back at some point to focus on other things. I don’t like being so spread out.

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