Scorpio Asks, How Can I Get My Leo Girfriend Back?

Hi Elsa,

I was recently dating a Leo girl for 9 months. But I was still grieving over a past relationship and couldn’t commit 100% to her. I explained this to her at the start and she said, “That’s ok, I’ll wait here for you”. We had great times, but also some bad and we broke up a few times. The final time she said I “wore her out” because I was taking so long to give myself to the relationship.

Now I miss her more than ever and wish I could have her back. When we broke up, we saw each other twice and it was very passionate, but she cried and said we couldn’t see each other because she needed to protect herself. I have called her a few times since, but the conversations always end badly because I try and organize to take her out somewhere and she says ‘no’. Now she’s sick of me calling her and just asked me not to contact her for a while.

How can I win her back? How can I make her realize I’m ready to be the person who she wanted?



Dear Boyfriend,

I am sorry. I am not sure that you can get her back but I will help you try.

First, when someone asks you not to call them, all you can do is comply and hope they decide to call you. This is especially important with this girl, because she is not merely a Leo.

As a matter of fact, she’s a double Leo and then some. She has her Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in Leo and let me tell you something about Leo. Respect them or else!

See, you failed to do this when you were in a relationship with her and that was a major mistake. You failed to realize and recognize her as “Queen” and for that you are being made to pay. What else can a Queen do?

But I think she likes you. You have a great chart. You have energy and she humbled herself for you for a good while there, so this is telling. I think you have a chance to reestablish your relationship if you can come up with a creative grand gesture, but for godsakes, follow her rules. No calling!!

As to the gesture, you only get one shot. See, if you go back and back with things she thinks are feeble, she will lose respect for you. If that happens you’re toast. Instead, do like the Italians…make her a deal she can’t refuse.

Er… let’s see. Take everything you know about her and incorporate it into one your final offer and I’ll give you two examples of men who did this with me, one successfully, the other not.

I ditched the first man in some drama queen moon – I was in my twenties. He was gone for a few days…he left me to stew. Then one day I went out to my car to go to work and he had ripped a travel ad from the newspaper – trip to Mexico.

Well, hell. He knew I liked to travel. He knew I liked to travel to Mexico especially, and further he wrote, ‘Sea, sun, sex, surf…” on it. And “Please, Elsa…”


Well what do you think I did? I called him immediately. Why? Because he understood me. He could speak my language and this is very rare. That boy scored, but another boy didn’t fare so well and here’s that story:

Pissed off, I left town. I came home to find fifty dozen roses in my condo. At least. Well you know what? I don’t like flowers. They don’t have anything to do with me. After realizing I could not donate them or anything, I gathered every single stem and tossed them in the dumpster. He did not move me, and I never saw that guy again.

Are you getting this?

Here’s what I really think. If you can’t figure out how to get this girl back, then you’re not her man. You’re the wrong man for her and she is the wrong woman for you and if you understand this, than you see you really can’t go wrong.

Good luck. I’m definitely rooting for you.

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