Marrying Humility With The Divine

Saturn man painting by Buz Tafoya“If a person goes into something, they should have their eyes open! It so easy to tell ourselves magic can happen. Well it can, but there are still laws of gravity.”

I wrote that for a client this morning. It made me think of this post from 2015. Saturn was squaring Neptune at the time. This is where reality (Saturn) meets the ethereal (Neptune). Things you thought were real and permanent, dissolve.

I have a strong Saturn Neptune signature. I struggled for decades but finally came to understand it. This is from a comment in the workshop I put together on this topic…


“Neptune is weird. You have to let it erode whatever blocks you have. If you’re heavily analytic, this stuff can sound really crazy. Up is down but it may be up. And if it’s up, it’s down. That’s how this energy works. Even if it finds it’s worst expression.

If you get knocked back under this transit, there is always a higher purpose!  For example, most people have had the thought, their car may break down, to spare them getting in an accident a mile ahead.  It will help you to cultivate the idea that the universe can be trusted.

The universe is not an individual!  So yes! You can get some guy or gal to come in and promise you the Sun, Moon and Stars. He or she can be lying through his teeth.  But he or she is a mere ant in the scheme of things. The universe, which is endless, can undo your ties and resolve your dependency on that person. It can steer you to freedom and open water. You can escape.

Consider everything in the scheme of vastness.  The gal at the drive-through window at the drugstore has a life. She’s got an important part to play. She may have two kids at home or be set up to on scene somewhere in the future, where she saves a person’s life. Living this way makes all of life, magic.

What you’re doing is marrying humility (Saturn) to the divine / ethereal (Neptune). It may even be that anything that endures (Saturn) is touched by Neptune. 

For example, think about books or movies or music that have lasted 50 or 100 or even 1500 years. 

Do you not think the creator of a work like that, was touched? I do!”

If you’re struggling with Saturn’s transit through your 12th house, Saturn in the 12th, natally, Saturn In Pisces or some other Saturn/Neptune mash-up natally or via transit, check out my Master Class – How To Stay Stable As Reality Morphs and Structures Dissolve. It will spare you much pain and suffering and teach to benefit from this energy.

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Marrying Humility With The Divine — 29 Comments

  1. As Saturn entered Sag (right stop my 0 Sadge moon) I’m experiencing a sudden and intense conversion…to Catholicism! This after eight years a pagan. Huhhhh? But yeah. Anyway, I’ve been listening to the most hauntingly beautiful music by Saint Hildegard of Bingen, a nun who lived 1000 years ago. Canticles of Ecstasy. Check it out on you tube.
    I appreciate this post shining light into the Saturn Neptune element of it all. Thanks Elsa. Always a pleasure! 🙂

    • I have that…on cassette. LOL! But I agree, lovely stuff. And while this pagan-hearted person isn’t moving to Catholicism, I have been ‘visiting’ with the Archangels. Who knew? 🙂

  2. Sometimes I wish I knew exactly how far was the accident that I should be thankful to have escaped from. At any rate, this doesn’t lessen the pain that’s experienced now.If only I could know, then I could show people that I’m not That much of a pain in the butt.
    This isn’t meant as a please don’t be offended. I think I’ll go get some sleep.

  3. Saturn on MC opposes my Sun on 4 degrees Gemini on my IC, my Sun is squared by Neptune. So many disappointments: salaries at my healthcare workplace were cut, exactly when Saturn finally entered Sag (!) plus overload at home – no stability, disappointments in relationship and shuttered dreams in general.
    And today at new moon on my progressed Moon 19 degrees Libra my friend accidenatlly broke two fingers of my right hand while shutting the door.
    I am trying to comfort myśleli that all that phenomena are impermanent…?

  4. Beautiful piece of writing there, Elsa. I really like how you describe Saturn/Neptune:
    “For example, most people have had the thought, their car may break down, to spare them getting in an accident a mile ahead. It will help you to cultivate the idea that the universe can be trusted.”
    I wonder exactly how common it is for people to have that thought….

  5. It’s t-squaring with my sun jupiter. Oh yay. Actually with the neptune opp sun, I am glad saturn is there. : D. But it does make the empty gem, the day to day, a little weird to say the least. And I’ve got pluto slowly but surely moving into opp with natal venus. I feel like I’m on patrol to avoid the weird getting too weird. Slowly slowly this turtle moves. I do kinduv get the higher thing in that I know where I fall down.

  6. I am approaching my Uranus opposition in May 2016. Ive just had saturn in scorpio in my tenth house for that long awful transit we all endured. I have neptune in my 2nd house so im very anxious I will have more struggle with jobs, finances. I changed career in 2012, went to uni again, unable to find work in this new avenue and have been doing casual work for the past three years. We are moving interstate (Australia) as its just been too hard and very self defeating. No new opportunities in a long long while. Never any career problems or struggles till I turned 39. I also have my north node square chiron, both my parents have their chiron conjunct my MC. When I look at all this astrology it makes me so depressed. Is it better to know or better to not know? Some of these struggles are not just transits, they are natal challenging aspects. Any ideas on how to navigate all this? It seems like wishing for a career change has been a disastrous move. Yet to evolve, grow, and to continue to expand and learn I just cannot do what Ive done for the last 20 years. Why does it seem like now in my life my career moves are being totally thwarted? I try to keep positive but Im afraid its wearing a bit thin!! Enjoy your articles Elsa, big thank you xx

  7. I haven’t even been paying attention to the fact that Saturn has been transiting my 12th house because, since I have a lot of mutable stuff, I usually go into a depressive state when Saturn is transiting a mutable sign. My concentration with this transit has been: first it squares my Mercury, then conjuncts my Moon, then squares my Saturn and finally opposes my Sun. All that stuff keeps me pretty busy with the transit, LOL, and I just become a recluse (also dealing with bad health problems) and I wait for Saturn to transit my Ascendant. But when Heather mentioned converting to Catholicism and Colleen mentioned “visiting” with archangels, my ears perked up. In fact, I’ve also briefly toyed with the idea of converting to Catholicism and instead I turned to archangels, which suits me better. At the age of 65, as Saturn entered Sagittarius (and my 12th house), I started having some religious experiences (which was definitely nothing new for me) and I actually finally declared myself a Christian (to myself), which is something I was never able to do — growing up in a Jewish family — even though I knew I was a Christian when I was a teenager. People in my life acted very oddly (and uncomfortably) when I talked about Christianity, so I shut up about it and kept it to myself for almost 50 years. Some crazy shit, huh? At any rate, it was interesting to read other people’s experiences with Saturn transiting the 12th. Thanks for the insight.

    • I’ve also had experiences with Archangels. It was part of the reason I converted to Catholicism and also because I started to theologically understand the Trinity.

  8. I converted to Christianity almost 9 years ago but since Neptune has been opposing my Saturn over the past year or two, my faith in religion suddenly dissolved. This bewildering occurrence of events didn’t come without the depth of loss and intense grief but I’m okay now. My former congregation keeps reaching out to me but I haven’t returned to a service nor have I given them an explanation. Haven’t had the heart to tell them why and I’m not sure when will be a good time. I still love them dearly and we recently reconnected outside but I don’t believe like they do anymore and I won’t pretend. But the love and connection is real and maybe that’s the magic of it. ?

  9. I was in Ayn Rand phase of my life for many years, total Atheism. But such hard beating I received from the Universe in 2013 and 2014, (Saturn in Scorpio), as if God was guiding me back to him. I came back. During these two years I was taken away from so many negative people around me. During same time Astrology came to me. Now I start each day with prayers. Now I am such a believer (No particular faith, I just stand under open sky on terrace of my house, early in the morning when stars are still visible, and close my eyes and pray to God / Universe / Infinite spirit). Now I see these two years in such an awe and thankfulness.

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