Saturn Pluto Conjunction In 2020 – Monthly Details & Degrees

big rockThe exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn took place on January 12, 2020. There was a large stellium in Capricorn at the time. It’s broken up now. However, there is still a heavy weight in all of our lives.  This is because the Saturn Pluto conjunction will be sustained throughout most of the year.

This is surprising people and it’s easy to see why.  Astrologers, including me, focused on the exact conjunction. This led people to think that once they cleared January, it would be smooth sailing. Instead, they’ve got a huge rock in their pocket. Some kind of ball and chain, that is painful!

I wrote about the effect of this conjunction, in each of the houses, back in August, 2019. It’s a solid post. If you’re looking for insight into impact based on where the conjunction lands in your natal chart, here it is.  Next, I’ll detail the months ahead.

The 2020 Saturn Pluto Conjunction: Effect By House

February, 2020 – Saturn and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn between 23 and 28 degrees.  That’s a tight conjunction, when we’re talking about something of this magnitude. If you have Cardinal planets near these degrees, no doubt, you’re dealing with something heavyweight at this time. Try to acclimate because it’s not going to resolve quickly.

March, 2020 – Pluto will be stationing direct at 24 degrees. If this aspects your personal planets, you’ll be deeply impacted. However, the stress of a weighty burden should lesson as Saturn slowly separates from Pluto and ingresses into Aquarius towards the end of the month (23rd). You’ll likely see this as a game-changer or most succinctly, an introduction to how the game might change. In whatever case, it will mark progress.

April – June, 2020

Saturn will be in Aquarius for three months. Pluto will remain in Capricorn @ 24 degrees. At this point, you can see these bodies as separated.  We’ll get a feel for Saturn in Aquarius.  If you have planets in Cardinal signs, impacted by the Pluto station… well, so do I. I call this, “sit and spin”.

July, 2020

Saturn will be back in Capricorn on the July 2nd, 2020.  It will retrograde back to 27 degrees in this time frame.  Meanwhile, Pluto will advance to 23 degrees.  We’re back to a tight conjunction again.  It’s a repeat of February with a critical difference. Jupiter will also be involved at this point. I’ll cover that business in a separate post.

Where does the Saturn Pluto conjunction fall in your chart? How is it manifesting?




Saturn Pluto Conjunction In 2020 – Monthly Details & Degrees — 28 Comments

  1. It’s all happening in my 7th house. Opposite my natal Uranus at 28 degrees. Im worried about my elderly dad, but that is just life. My husband needs to see urologist-prostate cancer a possibility. He is putting off going to the doctor and that worries me. He is scared and already telling what to do when he dies. He is a cancer and loves to tell me what to do! Yeah, its a sit and spin alright!

  2. It’s in my late Sixth house but feels like it’s impacting other houses, also. I’m not new to astrology overall but don’t have much knowledge about transits.
    It’s definitely impacting my professional world. I haven’t been finding the “right” job for me despite my efforts. I’m simplifying my personal world. Letting worn out relationships Gee Ohh. Looking to find my place in the world after a very long hibernation to heal myself. Those sort of things.

  3. Natal moon 24 degrees. Some days I’m speechless, especially with Uranus transiting my packed 12th house. Husband has been battling prostate cancer. For anyone unaware, Finaseride hides it, factors the PSA down so that it doesn’t look as elevated. He probably should have been referred 6 months earlier. We’re optimistic, however. They said something about positive margins around bladder, but PSA has been negligible since surgery. Youngest son & his wife terminated a pregnancy at 5 months right before Halloween – alobar hydroprosencephaly. The brain didn’t divide into 2 lobes at 6-8 weeks like it was supposed to. My God, it’s surreal when they go from thinking severe cleft palate to unsustainable life. No D & C in this compassionate age. They send you to an abortion clinic…tough for believers.

    We’re getting our home of 23 years ready to sell, sifting through things left from 3 sets of parents & 3 grown kids. We’re getting older so it makes sense, but significant financial loss last year that I won’t go into, except that hubs didn’t give me a vote. Company that places me for healthcare consulting sold with a month’s notice. Wasn’t handled well, but I’ve held out for some concessions & that looks promising. Blessed with some very solid people around me, but then the occasional “drive by shooting” has me checking for mortal wounds … and I ask myself, am I imagining these assassins? Is my reputation really under attack? Crazy. I’m such a straight shooter. Maybe I underestimate myself. Taking it one day at a time, just asking God to make it all proceed according to His will – ’cause I’ve got nothin’ at this point.

    • I really resonated with your post, like you I feel like I’m losing everything. Nothing tangible, “real world”, is reliable at the moment. I feel like I have to keep the faith that there’s a point to this somewhere down the road, right? I feel like that song, don’t build your house on sandy land. Anything not completely solid is failing. And from an esoteric standpoint, what, if anything, is actually solid?

  4. This is all going down in my third house. The transiting planets aren’t even touching anything natally (North Node is at an early degree) but I’m still feeling it. There was a certain synchronicity involving the asteroid Lucifer, which was the only thing I know of that was conjunct every single planet in my chart on January 13.

    Ever since Saturn came over, I’ve been doing a lot of listening and not really being able to get a word in edgewise (and trying to realize it as it’s happening). My relationship with my siblings has gotten stronger.

    There are other things I’m forgetting to mention. In fact, I started keeping a Word doc about my experiences of this transit.

  5. In my later capricorn 4th house and it affects my Cancer Mars in 10th and Libra Mercury in 1st. No Aries planets but my 7th/8th house sure affected.
    Its been a serious strain. Me and my roommate have been arguing more. Ive been more blunt and reactive but so hasnt he. I hope we make it through this year since my Saturn Return kicks in in the 5th house.
    But I am so greatful for this transit. Its toughened me up for my 2nd Saturn Return.
    Taking advice from an article I read on how to deal with Saturn Return’s tough energy, Ive already got the start on
    “Dropping and giving Saturn 50” lol

  6. Yikes. One of my dad’s top employees just announced that he will be leaving the small firm. There is a silver lining, but the news is shocking…

    I don’t look at my parents’ planets very often, but of course I just checked my dad’s chart and was reminded that his ASC is 6 degrees later than mine – meaning t. Saturn and Pluto are now crossing *his* DSC. They will also oppose his Mercury, and form a yod with his Venus and Saturn.

    They just recently cleared past my Descendant. T. Pluto is now trine my Sun, and t. Saturn is squaring my Venus.

      • Thank you. It is textbook Astrology. But I have to agree with the authorities on this one! (That being Saturn in this case.) This guy was extraneous in some ways, and he saw the writing on the wall… I think he will be much happier at the other firm he has chosen to work for.

    • Well after 2 weeks at his new job, it wasn’t what he expected. He asked for his old job back, and my dad could only re-hire him provisionally because business is so slow right now. I feel so bad for him – he was really desperate to come back. My dad treats his employees extremely well.

  7. It’s in my 1st as well and sick is an understatement. Worried about my life changing as I know it. I thought the sickness was due to Saturn being my chart ruler. I am very curious about the Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto conjunction though. At this point I feel like maybe I can get some answers to my illness with that transit. It has been an off and on issue since 2017.

    • Same here, conjunction in my ascendant and been sick with flu and colds since Christmas. Feel lousy all the time. Also knees are a problem and general overall aches and pains everywhere. Ahh, Saturn. However, I’ve decided to embark on a new career path being a death foul (which my 8th house natal Pluto loves) and reiki practitioner. I feel like this is a natural progression that speaks well of this scary and dark transit. Hopefully all will work out once I resurface from the depths of this seeming never-ending hell.

  8. Hi Elsa. When you have a minute (ha haa ha! I imagine you’re super busy) would you take a look at the transits for Dec 21st, 2020, at 5:00pm CST, please? Sun, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter ALL at ZERO degrees, and of course Pluto at 23* where it’s been hanging for what feels like forever already and it’s only one month into this year and decade. Whoa, lots of zero degrees that day. What on earth???

  9. Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn activated for me a natal grand cross involving Saturn and Neptune in the 3rd house, Venus in the 9th, Chiron in the 6th and Uranus late in the 11th. Since 2017 I have been embroiled in one situation after another:

    6th house of health: For cancer in 2017, I spent the whole year in chemo, surgery, and radiation. To prevent recurrence, docs recommended changes in diet and exercise, which I have implemented.

    9th house of long journeys: My mom went home to God in 2018 as my natal Saturn was activated–sometimes associated with the last surviving parent–and my natal Neptune. Mom was a Pisces. Then my brother went home to God in 2019, again activating natal Saturn-Pluto in 3rd house of siblings. He was the oldest brother and like a father to the rest of us pretty much all his life.

    11th house of friends and groups: With Uranus in the 11th activated, my housemates tossed me out within a year of my cancer being cured. There were serious differences in our routines that irritated them and they didn’t tell me so I could try adjusting to their needs and expectations until it was too late, and the “telling” mostly consisted of calling a meeting to tell me I had to go after each one told me exactly what was “wrong” with me.By the way, my need for a healthier diet was one thing irritating them.

    9th house of legal matters: It ain’t over yet with Venus in 24 Aries in my 9th. I have been accused of a crime I did not commit. The year I was alleged to have done it, I wasn’t even living in the city or visiting the city where it happened. I did live in the city the year AFTER the alleged crime. Fortunately it is not yet law enforcement accusing me, but someone’s lawyer. The accuser is someone I do not know and cannot remember from the years I lived in that city (late 1970s). It looks like this matter won’t resolve until my Venus in 24 Aries is beyond the reach of Pluto-Saturn.

  10. Nearly a year ago, I researched natural disasters as related to the direct and retrograde stations of outer planets. I started out thinking Pluto would be the main planet to watch, with Uranus a close second.

    What I found was complex. It became unwieldy at the time to continue. Here is an example of what I found:

    #8 of the top ten earthquakes was Rat’s Island, Alaska. It occurred on April 2, 1965.

    Pluto was at 14 degrees Virgo at the time of the earthquake. Strangely, Uranus was S.R. (Stationary retrograde) on December 20th just over three months before at the same degree of Virgo (14). Pluto was retrograde at the time of the event. It had gone retrograde at 16 Virgo 19 on Dec 18, 1964. It didn’t go SD until May 25th (at 13 Virgo) seven days after Uranus goes SD. (At 10 Virgo).

    What got me started thinking about this was Hurricane Katrina. We had two sons greatly affected by Katrina. Pluto’s official SD was on Sept 2nd 2005, just four days after Katrina’s official 2nd landfall on August 29th, 2005. Since Pluto spent 12 days 8/28-9/8 at 21 Sag49, one could consider this a solid occurrence at the time of the station.

    The more I studied, the more complexity I found. I had to quit after two days because I didn’t have time to explore the potential data properly.

    Shadow periods and speed of planets are also possible trails to explore, along with including more planets such as Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter.

    Saturn and Pluto are conjunct every 33 years or so. It varies because of factors such as retrogrades, speed of planets as a result, etc. so the half cycle is 16-1/2 years or thereabouts. Saturns cycle isn’t much over 10% of Pluto’s cycle. (Approx. 29-1/2 yrs to nearly 250 years).

    Food for thought. On the negative side but factual. The notation about March got me thinking about this. Thank you Elsa. I want to continue my research.

    Side note: Pluto station for Katrina was opposing my Jupiter in Gemini in the 5th. Within a degree.

    • I didn’t post the above to cause worry or fear. I think what we go through as humanity on a global level can be worth studying and consideration.

  11. My progressed Moon is at 26 Capricorn and my natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction sandwiches my progressed midheaven. The transits are taking place in my fifth house. Having that natal conjunction and a stellium in Scorpio, I am pretty familiar with Pluto. The heavy parts of my Saturn/Pluto induction came before the age of 40, transiting my Sun. Before I entered I must have decided to learn a lot quickly because my first 40 years were hard. I guess I decided to eat my spinach first. I have a natal quintile Sun/Saturn and Saturn trine my Venus. Interestingly, although I definitely feel the weight of this time, It feels good for me. It is grounding me and I am narrowing my focus to accomplish something creative I’ve wanted to do but have been too distracted to do. With natal Uranus in my tenth trine my second house Sun, I have experienced Uranus as more of an awakener than a shocker. It is now trine my ascendant so, seeing where that takes me.

  12. I have natal Venus in Capricorn in the second house- 22degrees.
    Soooo – such a merry go round of deep love and loss wounds arising into the light – people falling away who don’t truly meet me, standing up for myself and my values more and more- being brave. Starting anew in so many ways in line with my true self and what I really want and value and, of course, opening to new, right love . First time in a long time.
    I can feel it in my bones and am calling him in.
    And that’s not like me?♥️
    A lush sensual and rich time within contrasted by deep wounding patterns emerging and healing opportunity’s.
    More alone than I’ve ever been yet more true to myself too?

    • Addit: materially always challenged by money but also building a new home and foundation and community. Completely new in nature where I am happy?

  13. I have Saturn 14 degrees,Venus 17 degrees, Mars 20 degrees all in Capricorn, also Moon 23 degrees in Cancer, I had to stop working on 23 April 2019 as I started going dizzy,since this date I have now realised after realising I needed help and have been seeing a therapist since May 2019, I have CPTSD from long term child abuse back in the 1970s, and serious relationship problems culminating when Pluto was square my Moon in 1980,then from this date to the end of 1982 having serious associated mental problems,since then have disassociated all this till now over forty years later this last year has been horrendous, at least this seems to be progress,I will be pleased when this is all better and can lead a normal life without all this disassociated memories in my subconscious.

  14. What I do not understand is how Pluto has gone through 90 degrees from square my moon 1980 to opposition my moon 2019/20, Pluto’s orbit is meant to be much longer,for this to happen.

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