Saturn & Pluto – Collect Your Bones

The upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Pluto has us all asking the big questions. And at times like this, we need big answers. Enter La Loba.

Have you ever been stripped down to your bones? How did you put yourself back together?

Consult with Midara.



Saturn & Pluto – Collect Your Bones — 21 Comments

  1. Beautiful and timely story. Recommend everyone give it a watch for sure! (I’m going to have this conjunction almost right on my ascendant).

  2. Thank you! I love how you explained it with the story. I think I may still have that book. I must have gotten it decades ago but I just struggled with it.

    • as someone taking a direct hit from this transit I think it means losing even things you thought you could not survive. But the realization, shocking as it may be, is that you didn’t need those things to be whole. Just a guess though, maybe someone more qualified will weigh in

  3. That book was my “bible” for many, many years. I’ve owned at least three copies, but my first — dogeared, highlighted and annotated — always remained my favorite.

    I no longer possess a copy, so thank you for this reminder.

    And yes, I have been stripped down to my bones. I am still very much in the process of putting myself back together. How? Not sure I know how to answer that. I do know Saturn is involved: hard work, discipline, timing. Along with a lot of self-love, self-respect, self-esteem. Nobody, astral or human, has ever been able to strip THOSE away from me.

  4. wow so awesome to watch you on video ^^ you speak so eloquently and you have fantastic tv type cinematic shine. I can see your gemini moon with the dual coloured background too. 😀 Lovely story about the wolves and bones. Like beautiful poetry.

  5. Yes,your recitation and a sleeping grandson in my arms
    Together have given me some power, like the drumming at a Pow Wow
    As of today all be forwarded “I bite back”I will delete block and
    Push back don’t please any try to make me worry, I am strong mother
    Wolf, be warned thanx chica

  6. What a powerful interpretation of this conjunction – beautifully delivered. You have quite a beautiful,screen presence and voice that communicates deeper than most. As a Cancerian, I’ve been dealing with Pluto/Saturn in Cap hitting my Cap moon and opposing my sun…about to hit my M/C and opposing my Mars/Uranus in Cancer 4th. A close, personal death and inner transformations have stripped away a lot of who I was….leaving me to slowly gather my bones and sing myself back to life after the darkest grief I’ve ever experienced…a newer life tho, one I’m not sure how will finally manifest. Thank you for this ray of hope in what’s been quite a bit of darkness.

  7. I had this book and was mesmerized with the mythology. I agree Midara that myth can really help to see and understand what the path is/means/needs. I have no concept of stripped to the bones though. I am a 12th house Sun, Mars and North Node in Scorpio. It has happened many times in my life (sometimes self induced) but it just feels like life now. I go through the grinder and come out nice and shiny or tougher or more compassionate/humbled as the lessons dictate. I pick up those scattered bones re-assemble and move on. Sometimes it does take longer than expected though and that’s ok too.

    Thanks for a lovely video and story from “The Woman Who Runs with Wolves”!

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