Saturn Square Moon: Feeling Responsible

Frank and Alice, The Honeymooners“You can’t save me; you can’t change me. Well I’m waiting for my wake-up call, and everything, everything’s my fault.”
–Save Me, Unwritten Law

The moon, its sign, aspects and house placement, is representative of our emotional body and what we need. Saturn is restriction, responsibility, rules, tenacity and “do the right thing.” Put these two together and you get a specific energy signature, but as with anything the form it takes spans a continuum. What you wind up with can be anything from emotional integrity to its opposite.

How can that be? Saturn moon is concerned on a deep level with blame. Most of the time it is taken inward. The responsibility is internalized. Saturn moon feels responsible, and if things went badly there must be a reason (Saturn). This can lead to self-blame and Saturn moon often struggles with feeling bad about themselves.

The other extreme, though, happens when Saturn Moon rejects this bad feeling. The need for assigning responsibility is still there (Saturn also equals control) so it can be projected, externalized by placing the blame elsewhere. Where the actual blame lies has little to do with Saturn moon. It is the feeling that is the issue.

So Saturn moon struggles with feeling bad. What is the antidote? Control is the answer, control of the emotional response, self control. Allowing responsibility to spiral into negativity is not productive and Saturn moon needs to be productive. Looking for other aspects to offset the negativity can help as well.

Is there an aspect to Neptune, a Pisces or 12th house planet? Taking a zen approach can be the answer. “Yes, ultimately someone or something is responsible, but I can let that go.” With Jupiter optimistic philosophizing or seeing the bigger picture can buoy one out of the problem. An aspect to Mars might mean you act, you move, you physically work out the feelings. Maybe you climb a mountain and the feeling dissipates.

In any case, if Saturn moon gets you down, you don’t have to stay there. There are alternatives. You don’t have to stay in that bad feeling.

Where is your moon? Does it have any Saturn influence? How do you feel?

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Saturn Square Moon: Feeling Responsible — 27 Comments

  1. Spot on, Satori.

    I have a Moon Saturn square and suffered guilt and depression all my life. At Saturn Return it became so bad I was suicidal, and something caused me to cry for help. And it came, very quickly, in the form of esoteric/mystic religious pursuit, something I’d never imagined myself getting involved with.

    My moon is conjunct Neptune, trines Jupiter in Pisces and sextiles Pluto in the 12th πŸ™‚

    Since then, I’ve been able to manage the feelings, as long as I hold to the higher.

  2. Capricorn Moon, inconjunct Saturn (I also have Sun/Saturn, incidentally). I became my mother’s confidante when I was little. It’s taking some time but I’m finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not her husband, her friend, or her therapist. I look after myself now. I am responsible for myself and my own happiness.

  3. Another Cap Moon here, barely in the 7th conjunct the descendant, trine Saturn in the 11th.

    I’ve certainly suffered bouts of depression but now just consider myself “Eeyore” sometimes. And I’m ok with that.

  4. “”””Is there an aspect to Neptune, a Pisces or 12th house planet? “””

    Ummm yup! Saturn in the 12th opposite moon on 7th cusp and Neptune JUST in 7th with a pisces sun to boot πŸ™‚ I have a history of feeling responsible for everyone around me’s feelings. Then I took a it’s not MY responsibilty stand point that really set off stuff. Now my progressed Saturn has reached my natal ASC and o think with transiting saturns help balance us being SLOWLY achieved verrrryyyyyy slllllllowwwly

  5. By the way one thing I learned that may really help someone else is to remember that I’m not doing anyone any favors when I font let them feel hard situations fir themselves. They never learn(saturn)and grow emotionally (moon) and if they can’t fo those 2 things soon they won’t even be able to provide fir them selves physically because toddler mentality takes over πŸ™

  6. With my Capricorn Moon and packed 10th house, I definitely have a need to do the right thing. I have a Virgo Sun/Capricorn Moon/Scorpio Mars mother doing her best to control/manipulate me and my Pisces need to please adds to that feeling. Fortunately, my moon is in the 9th house so I can see some of the bigger picture, plus I also try to take the Pisces zen approach which helps.

  7. Pisces sun here wondering about this “PISCES ZEN” approach….

    Been learning more and more about the Pisces inner me… Maybe when my progressed MC hits the degree if my natal sun I’ll get a glaringly clear view ?

  8. You always make it sound so easy, not that it is easy to do, just easy to understand. I do this. I have a cappy moon h10 trined by jupiter in the 6th. Yes first I worry and fret and think I did this to my myself, I am a failure, OH NOT SO EASY there girl, you can also work yourself out of this. And I usually do, but sometimes it comes hard and at the last minute as Saturn squares this trine.

  9. Been working on emotional integrity all my life. When I read stuff like this, I think, how can my moon NOT be in aspect to saturn. Then I remember, oh yeah, I have a cappy/saturn moon, that’s how it fits!

    I am very deeply concerned with blame, and almost always take the responsibility on myself (inward).
    “Saturn moon feels responsible, and if things went badly there must be a reason (Saturn). This can lead to self-blame and Saturn moon often struggles with feeling bad about themselves.” That’s me, straight up, it’s almost spooky reading it from another (like they know you inside & out, yet you’ve never met and they really don’t know you.

    But I’ve got plenty of ways to deal with it: 12th house sun opposing my moon, as soon as I see the other side, I can let it go. Or pluto squares my moon, so by transforming how I feel about it, I can release it. Or venus is in a wide opposition (10degrees), but I can still let it go by taking responsibility(moon in cappy) to love(venus) others/my community(11th house) as it is.

    How do I feel? Well, I feel responsible for everyone. But it’s nice to see lots of different ways to be able to let it all go. Thanks for sharing that Satori :o)

  10. Oh yeah, forgot the best one, jupiter conjunct my moon (my favorite aspect, by far!), keeps me afloat and in a good frame of mind :o)

  11. Aries Moon quincunx Saturn, also squares Capricorn Venus. When I was younger I used to blame everything angrily, then I grew up a bit and started to blame myself angrily, and now I try to take responsibility and control over everything.

    My biological mother is a good example of how thing shouldn’t be done. She also has Moon square Venus, although the other way round (Cappy Moon square Aries Venus). She refuses to take any responsibility over abandoning us (and over anything really, money, jobs and the like). She says nothing was ever her fault, it was circumstances, other people, “because she was born that way” and whatnot. And of course it’s “too late to change anything now”.

    While I used to be really angry and bitter at her, I now feel sorry for her. And I try to keep in mind that if I don’t consciously fight against it, I could end up like that too.

  12. Cappy Moon square Saturn. I feel responsible for everything, always. Only way to manage this is by taking specific, concrete action. That keeps me grounded, especially with the moon tied into an earth grand trine involving my Mars.

  13. My moon is conjunct Saturn, less than a degree. When I get upset, I spend a lot of time in Excel haha. I like to organize things–in an attempt to exert control I guess. I notice that the unhappier I get, the more psychotic it gets.

  14. Oh wow its like you helped me see into this fuzzy ass crystal ball in front of me…

    Cap Moon loosely conjunct Sag Neptune on my Asc in 1st house + moon opp Venus = assume responsibility for others, deny my needs, rinse & repeat! 6th house Sun & Mars reinforces this behavior as does Saturn&Pluto in Libra AND Jupiter&Uranus in Sag.. it’s been a tough few months fighting against the grain in my brain…

    but with Pluto closing in and Saturn Rx soon I’m learning to let go of others in order to give birth to myself.

    ~When I get in those funky moods where I withdraw to brood and become obsessive,, my Zen approach comes from Poe who eloquently stated “is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?” πŸ˜‰

  15. mrslilypond: you end up with dramatic regrets about never having been a rock star! ::dramatically-reclines-with-arm-across-one’s-brow:: or you work really hard to become one! just kidding mlp! sort of! πŸ˜€

  16. Moon quincunx saturn here. No 12th house influence, no flowing aspects the moon could find relief in, except for an easy sextile to the midheaven. How can I use this ‘alternative’ to relieve bad feelings? πŸ™

  17. I have Moon in Aries (H4) sq Saturn in Cancer (H7). I tend to hold back in expressing my feelings because of some kind of fear of being rejected (perfectionnism…) and yet I know this is not reality but can’t help it. So how do I work this out??! ACTION! I go running, running…to work those feelings out “physically” (Saturn trine mars?) And…writing it out to reflect the feelings (poetry)…moon trine Neptune in 12th. Jupiter has also been of great support in overcoming depressive situations – Moon cjJupiter + sadge rising trine moon.

    There is something strange as well because I hide to others my depressive state, no one would ever think I am ever down. I don’t want to burden anyone with my problems or maybe I don’t want to show I am also fragile (Aries moon) because of this “Aries” pride, I somewhat “have to be” strong and courageous because weaker people depend on me. Here I go again, feeling responsible for…

  18. Well I was going to be the first to comment but I got distracted and now regret it.. Lolz.
    But on the real, I have saturn conjunct mercury and tightly square my Libra moon. The only “good” aspect with the traditional planets is a Biquintile from mars in gemini.

    My moon, being ruler of my 12th is the only neptune connection. The square from chiron in the 12th further complicates things. I feel ashamed about my depressive state. Telling other’s is like pulling teeth, pointless.

    The good parts of a Saturn Moon are that I am quite responsible on an emotional level, and this translates very well into other areas of life. I am pretty dependable but I don’t “baby” people.

    I have one piece of advice for anyone with a similar set up: Talking about it is overrated. If it really helps you forget about it then great, but for me it just adds this whole other dimension to my problems. I think the Saturn Moon should be more of a container emotionally, as opposed to the depressed emotions. I feel better when I’m NOT blubbering all over my friends, but granted it is sometimes necessary. I’ve just learned not to force myself to talk when it’s unnecessary, and force myself to talk when it is. It’s kind of backwards, I usually don’t want to talk when something is really wrong and I should, and I do want to talk when the best choice would be silence. I supposed this is the square energy. I’m still learning how to work with it.
    Hope this makes sense to someone.

  19. Also I have a question: Does Saturn Moon make it difficult to get along with women? I do get along with them, but have very few close female friends! SO perhaps this is another expression of Saturn moon, I wonder does anyone notice this? Lack of women in the life? Or older female friends?

  20. hmmm. My Scorpio Moon is square my Saturn in Aquarius, but I’ve never had issues with depression. I guess it’s because my Moon is conjunct Neptune and trines my Pisces stellium. Maybe without that square, I would Zen out completely… πŸ˜‰

  21. I have Capricorn moon Sq. Saturn in the 12th.
    Like Kashmiri, I was also my mom’s confidant. Still trying to recover from that πŸ™‚

    I ripped my daughter’s softball coach a new asshole yesterday for trying to tweek the game by having them ‘walk’ as often as possible. This final game decided whether or not our team finished first or second in the league. I told him I didn’t care if they finished first if it meant showing them how to NOT have INTEGRITY! Integriiiiittttyyyy!

  22. Moon in Aquarius (7th house) square Saturn in Taurus. If there was any aspect in my chart I could get rid of, it would be this one!

    I also have Cancer rising, so the Moon plays a big part in my life, and that Saturn square has made me miserable a thousand times over! I internalize everything and always think it’s my fault if something goes bad. And there’s the whole “I’m not good enough…I didn’t do it right… it’s NEVER going to be right… blah blah blah.”

    But yeah, it’s all about integrity! I hold myself to a high standard, and that Saturn (which also rules my 7th house) holds other partners to the same standard. Which is probably why I’m single…

    But anyway, with Saturn in Libra right now trining my Moon, those standards are carved in stone and sticking forever. Saturn has spoken.

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