Saturn in Scorpio – Same Ol’ Shit…Uh Oh!

I worked as a bartender from the time I was 15 until I was 23…

“I saw this in the bar,” I told my husband. “People were addicted and mad about it. They wanted control of their lives so they’d say,  I hate this bar.   This bar sucks! I’m never coming here again in my life!”

He laughed.

“And they’d leave.  And then a few days later, they’d find another bar and sit their ass in that one. Same thing.”

Have you ever left A for B and then realized that B looks a lot like, A? 

What’s even worse is when you realize A was superior to B.  It’s like the man who never meets a woman near as good as the one he dumped when he was 23 years old…and now he’s 40.

Saturn in Scorpio begs you see patterns like this.  Learn about it via the transcript of my workshop on Saturn in Scorpio, available here.

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Saturn in Scorpio – Same Ol’ Shit…Uh Oh! — 16 Comments

  1. Never happened to me… but would really like it if a few of my ex-es have this happen to them sometime… (me being the woman they dumped in their 20s) 😀

  2. Yes. I have been pondering this pattern in relationships and jobs.

    A change in perspective helps. Stepping back and asking myself what I am actually pissed off about helps.

    I am doing better at recognizing. Coping and stepping up are still difficult, but I have my eye on the prize.

  3. I currently work in a bar (at a restaurant) and I see it all the time.

    I think my favorite was when some ladies came in wanting shots, but wanted us to suggest a shot for them. One of the bartenders suggested buttery nipples.

    “Yuck. I hate those.”

    As a joke, I recommended blow jobs.

    “Yeah! Blow Jobs! Blow jobs for everyone.”

    The only difference between the two is a blow job has whip cream on top.

  4. I feel lucky that so far in my life, everything that I’ve moved on for has been for the best. Sometimes it has taken a bit of patience & time to see that. But at this point, I can say with 90% assurance that each ‘move’ forward has put me in a better place ;),

  5. haha Zaba that’s too funny!

    I’ve been picking up on my own patterns for many, many years (before I studied astrology).

    My first boyfriend was from Ireland…so was the second, and coincidentally he shared a surname with the first….then the third was Irish, who shared a name with the 2nd…and then I made the decision I was never going to date another Irish guy as long as I lived. LOL

  6. And they weren’t family.

    I have Saturn in my 8th, aspects everything. I can definitely trace myself. I am very glad to be aware of myself.

  7. I have an employee who does this. She wants to be a yoga instructor, so I accommodate her schedule at my salon so she can do both. She wanted to become a special education teacher, and I accommodated her schedule once more. She got a nanny job, and so the pattern continues. Now last week she gave me (less than 2 weeks notice) she’s accepted another position at a new salon. I’ve since hired a new employee and now she wants to come back part time. I’ve lightly discussed this with her, but can’t keep doing this. I’m a Libra and I feel bad, but it’s just not fair.

  8. Wow, I have done this over and over in my life. With jobs, relationships, places to live, even the boards here tehe…I have saturn in Scorp and having my saturn return right now.

  9. I do and I don’t. In the past I would complain about my job only to wish later that I could work there again – kinda like some nostalgic hindsight or something. Nowadays I try to see the good and the bad as just sides of a coin and I can choose which side of the coin I want to spend my time on. I liked the work at my old jobs but hated the bosses. I don’t particularly care for the type of work I do now but I’ve got the best boss and working conditions in the world. I’m really grateful to be where I am.

  10. I know what you’re saying Elsa. That kind of behavior drives me nuts – maybe because I hope that person is going to be “self-aware” enough to recognize their patterns..Not always the case, either consciously or unconsciously.

    As I’ve stated before, the last time Saturn was in Scorpio (I was 21, he was 32) I married my “starter husband”.

    From the moment it went into Scorpio to the moment it left – about 2 1/2 yrs. long the marriage was. I learned SO much about myself, illusions of friendship, illusions of marriage, the self-reliance it took to endure the private humiliation of a public (University) divorce, that I came out a stronger person.

    For now I do not understand the correlation between that time period and the one now. BUT – when Saturn leaves Scorpio, I will DAMN
    well take stock of what happened during this time and compare it to what happened during the 1983 transit…

    I surely hope I come out a better person for it!

  11. I can’t say I’ve ever left A for B and found myself worse off. If anything, I’ll hold on to A for much longer than is wise (sometimes) in the hopes that A will shape up somehow, because I’ve invested and I don’t like seeing my “work” go down the drain! So if it goes, it goes and it’s usually very, very clear by that point that there’s nothing left there for me.

    I have Leo. And general fixiedness. I’s loyal even when it doesn’t make much sense. *grins*

  12. Loved this!!! I have Scorpio rising- and I observe you always bring yourself along!

    My teenage son went on holiday with friends to a warmer clime. He’s Virgo Sun , Gemini Moon and Mars/Venus in Scorpio. He observed lots sitting in the resort bar! And treated us to hilarious reenactments. Older guys squiring 21 year old girls- night after night. How people drown in their own stuff. The delusions that grow with drink.

    My favorite line from Buckaroo Bonzai, “No matter where you go, there you are.”

    Love your blog circle!!

  13. ah heck, if i’d just tried to follow through on that guy i dated in 8th grade i might have had the self confidence to not waste 16 years of my life on a manipulative friendship.
    but, whatever, i didn’t know how, then. just one of many lessons that regrets are worse than failures.

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