Saturn in Scorpio: Steeling Yourself

As a general piece of advice, with Saturn in Scorpio, if you find yourself facing something daunting or unpleasant, you’ll be far better off if you steel yourself to the task, rather than than to try to avoid or deny it.  You’d be surprised how support forms once you take this step.

Now if you do take this step and need some help to move ahead, then ask for the help, or hire it, or whatever.  But making a deep commitment to tackling something and overcoming it, is going to be necessary at this time.

Can you relate to this? What do you think of the graphic?

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Saturn in Scorpio: Steeling Yourself — 14 Comments

  1. Yes, yes and yes. I’m noticing an outpouring of assistance as I am willing to expose what I want to work on in terms of personal development on many levels. I want to be a calm, confident, nice and authentic person who cannot be messed with, who can respond adequately to anything that happens and who can be focused. I want to be a great field hydrogeologist and potentially an exemplary leader when the time and circumstances come.

  2. thanks for the reminder. going to copy and paste this somehwere and read it daily. The pull to avoid or transcend situations is so strong having Jupiter trine Neptune in my chart. But it’s that very thing that has gotten me in this predicament in the first place. Saturn in Scorpio is shaping up to be a lesson on how not to abuse my luck/grace. Time to pay up and digf in. I know I won’t regret it. I need to remember that and smile and thank God for this hard work. Nothing bad about it. It’s a blessing. Blessings come in ugly packages sometime.

  3. I was having this nearly exact conversation with myself this morning.
    Yes, I can relate. And, as for the picture, I love it. They remind me of welding rods. Welding incorporates all the elements. That’s what I’m going to have to do. WELD myself to the things I want to accomplish.

  4. For me its definitely getting a handle on my health again. I’ve let it slip over the last 6 months and its time to end that and commit to changing lifelong patterns – again.

    The picture reminds me of a concept we use in my role in IT. When talking about delivering a new piece of software in Agile project management, you always start with the steel rod. Find that one core piece of functionality that has the highest value to deliver first, deliver it, and then begin wrapping other bits of functionality around it, until VOILA – you have a functioning application! 🙂

    In terms of my own situation, this reminds me that I need to find that one core piece of the puzzle to taking control of my health, master it, and then begin building on that: start with my diet, improve on it, and then start adding back in the daily exercise a little at a time.

    Using this type of approach allows the practioner to perfect small pieces of the picture at a time and prevents important details from getting missed in the process. This has really put me in a great frame of mind! Just because the size of the project is daunting, doesn’t mean there isn’t a small place you can start!

    Thank you Elsa!

  5. Yes I can relate to this. About the graphic, I am engaged to be married to a Scorpio ASC/Moon who used to be a welder. Ha ha. It fits!

  6. I want to get out from my in laws circle, what step I can take here?? Seems to me an infinite loop. I really want to go out from there hammering. They keep sucking my family and breaking my family …

  7. I’ve genuinely been hugely impressed with how hard people are working all around me. Often at work it feels like we work hard but the energy gets dissipated but now it feels like it gets focused and amplified. I’m getting a lot further than before and many people are getting to a good place to face and work on trauma (considering I’ve been working with several for over 3 years and it’s only been recently that they’ve managed to pull things together enough to really dig in and sustain it).

    As for me my health has gone to pieces but I’m getting a lot of support from colleagues and the healthcare system so it’s a relief to feel safe and in good hands. I’m not used to people watching over me or being indebted to them, but sometimes it’s the way it has to be.

    But really I’ve been witnessing so many people go beyond discomfort and fear and get the courage to face head on and shift enormous personal obstacles/deepset beliefs and habits that have held them back that I’ve been pretty enormously impressed.

  8. Yes, there are a couple of things that I need to make a deep commitment about and face up to. One of them is to quit smoking!

    @Orcus: yes, that’s what the pic made me think of too, reminded me of something I heard someone say once: ‘Now that lady’s got some steel in her spine.’

  9. Can you relate to this? Yes I’ve already been doing exactly this.

    What do you think of the graphic? I think if we had a 5-axis turning center we could make a lot of router bits with that steel bar stock. 😛

  10. How timely, as ever 🙂

    I’m in the process of sorting through boxes of stuff that moved with me when I moved, but I probably don’t need all of it.

    Some clothes that fit with my former personality, some press cuttings from my newspaper days that I want to keep to show my children/grandchildren what it was like to be in that position of power. I hate going through them. It’s time-consuming and brings up memories that aren’t always great.

    But I got a load done last weekend and will get there in time.

    This morning I got a message off my mum saying she wants to bring me all my childhood/youth boxes up when she visits next weekend. This really annoyed me as we don’t really have access to proper storage here atm. But I guess it’s something I need to get done eventually.

    I like the graphic – my instant thought was ‘making a rod for my own back’ – which I think is apt 🙂

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