Saturn In Scorpio (Pill Crusher)

pillcrusherI met my first pill crusher the other day. I was attracted and repelled.

I was attracted because it looked like it would work, beautifully. I was repulsed when the thing caught on the pill and became hard to turn.

“What are old people with arthritis supposed to do?” I asked, opening the device to look at the unimpressive early results.

Ultimately, I put the device back together and I crushed the pill. I used force to grind it down.

These transits have me feeling like a pill-crusher.  I don’t want to leave a job half-done at this time. I don’t want to set a goal or make a decision, and then stop when there are still chunks that are supposed to be powder.

I’m tired of having recurring problems. When I ground that pill down, it was safe to say, I’d never see it in pill form again.   I want the same situation when it comes to things that have plagued me for years.

I think this is a Saturn in Scorpio thing.  Dead means dead as a doornail.  Transformed, means transformed and there is no going back.

I feel this is stark, but relieving. My Libra Mars is horrified by such decisive action, but it’s just got to be.

Who can relate?


Saturn In Scorpio (Pill Crusher) — 23 Comments

  1. I am so tired of Saturn in Scorpio. Right now, it is sitting in the middle of my natal Mercury conjunct Venus and causing me a whole lot of grief. It doesn’t help that those planets also square my natal Pluto. Fun! (NOT)

    It is transforming me, but the change is incredibly hard. I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and that I’m between a rock and a hard place. My Mars in Libra is very frustrated that the change is such a slow, painful process.

  2. I, too, have Libra Mars, but I often feel satisfied when I can fully close a door, and there is no ambiguity whatsoever. Before I was married, I was less than a peach to date because of this need to close doors. “So, I haven’t heard from you in a week. Is that because you’re too afraid to just say what you think? What are you afraid of, huh?” I provoke a response and force closure to happen. Pisces types haaaaaaaate this. Also, people with stronger Libra than I have. Maybe it is my Saturn in Libra. Maybe it is my Aries Venus. Either way, I find that it helps me choose a new path much more quickly.

  3. “I’m tired of having recurring problems.”
    Yes, I can relate to this. Saturn in Scorp has helped me become more resolute, but it’s still hard work. There are things in my life that need to die. And I mean, D-I-E, never to be resurrected.

  4. Well, Saturn has already buried 2 major things in my life. I didn’t have enough energy to focus on the other things but will get another chance with the retrograde. My Venus and Jupiter are primed and ready for the return hit. Feels good. Feels good.

  5. Yes, yes, YES!!! THIS!!! Totally!

    I moved to a new place and this morning I was contemplating buying furniture that I need and as I often have done in the past, I thought “maybe I should just make do with not really having what I need because furniture is cumbersome and what if I don’t stay here very long.”

    Then I thought “Nope, I’m sick and tired of not having things I need ‘just in case’ so this time round I’m getting settled properly.”

  6. This hit me funny. Natal saturn in scorpio. It’s when I realize I am in a circle pattern that I know I have to get out. I’m am probably more aware of the sucking circle with saturn transitting scorpio now. It’s a holding pattern that goes nowhere. And it has the element of shutting me down. So I avoid it. The particular holding pattern I am referencing is a no growth place. It blocks creative juices. I don’t think pluto is into that. And saturn will let me know if I go too far.

    PS. Don’t ya just love those widgets. They seem like a good idea at the time but then they just collect dust. Was at a thrift store yesterday and they had a whole shelf full of kitchen widgets still in their original boxes that were most likely never used. ie. Do I buy a pill crusher or use a rock or the back of a spoon? All kinds of specialized pans to make specific items or do I just use my good ol fashioned iron pan. Same thing with all the gadgets to chop things. A knife serves the same purpose.

    Design 101 premise was ‘form follows function.’ But sometimes pretty or quirky seems so attractive even though it’s not functional. 😀

  7. This speaks to me. Saturn transitting Scorpio through my second house has been a tough ride and it’s made me serious and sort of inward. Serious, less trusting. Assessing a lot and deciding what I want going forward (a few of us got a hard kick from a very dishonest client who used to be trustworthy, but who hit bottom and used us to try to survive). Saturn is about thinking about that, assessing a lot about my life….heavy, deep. It is about to move into my 3rd house during this Scorpio transit, a scant degree away, and I am sensing a breakthrough. I feel more energized at the moment instead of like I am thinking in a dark hole. I’ve been steadily working to sort things out and spinning in circles but now, see a way forward I think…. of course, here comes April though, ready to sit on my Venus…

    • I can relate VillageGirl. I have Saturn transiting my second house too and that’s what I’ve been doing. Now its on my Mercury and Venus. I’m wondering when I’ll be able to have some fun again.

  8. I love the Winston Churchill quote: Tact is the ability to ask a person to go to Hell in a way that he looks forward to the journey. He had a Mars Jupiter conjunction in Libra. Not that tact is what he generally is remembered for…

  9. My 1st house cancer mars is satisfied with the action, I find it relieving as well. I’m so strongly loaded with cardinal placements, that any action, even stark action is movement,

  10. My Libra everything is horrified too, but I’d very much like to find the strength to embrace this, too. I’m working on it.

  11. I found out today that someone stole my savings. 20k$ that I will not likely see again. The strange thing was, I was almost relieved that I wouldn’t have to worry about it any more. But of course, that isn’t the kind of thing you just forget about, especially my husband, who’s mistake led to this is going to have trouble moving on. So on we go.

  12. “I’m tired of having recurring problems.”

    I can relate to this! I also felt pretty confident that I can’t plead ignorance of helplessness anymore I have been with the problems long enough to ACT.

  13. Absolutely horrifying, but the transformation needs to be done nevertheless… Otherwise it will be much worse afterwards…

  14. There is no room for “close, but no cigar”.. Not this time and as Saturn in Scorpio will have change to, not ever.

  15. They say saturn in your natal sign is hardest. But to me, this one is the hardest I’ve experienced. Saturn in libra was about doing in my relationships. Showing up and taking care of business. It was hard work and hard stuff. A lot of death, settling estates, leading, and giving up my self interests. The emotional intensity of this one is pushing me to my core. False starts and learning to let go of what I want and learning to want what is best for me.

  16. I loved my old worn out shoes. They were always so comfortable. But they are at a point when they are not comfortable any more.

  17. So true. Saturn is trying to yank away the one great thing I’ve had in a while. I think it’s confusing my Venus in Aquarius. 🙁

  18. The first pass of Saturn opposite my moon I lost a very dear friend. A very dear friend, and it brought me to an abrupt stop and forced me to focus on my own life thus far. I still haven’t moved passed that yet. I know it’s going to pass back over opposition my moon, yet again as it is currently retrograde, and I feel a bit apprehensive about it. But, what will be will be. Saturn is transiting my 11th house, my moon is in the 5th house–I worry about my children naturally. The positive: I prefer to look for the positive. I blame it on my Sagittarius Ascendant, which my Sun, Mercury, Mars conjunct. During Saturn’s transit of my 11th house I’ve had clarification (still undergoing this process) of my hopes and dreams (surprisingly even people my age continue to have hopes and dreams–I’m 52 years old) and how to realize them. This is the second time Saturn has transited my 11th house and I find I am becoming very select in who I associate with–and have been actively separating the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately, or fortunately (?) I have lost my ability to accept less than complete honesty in friendship. If someone is fake or “affected” I dismiss them and go about my way. Life is short. I don’t have time for superficial friendships in my life anymore. Elsa, I truly believe that as long as there is breath there is hope. Hope for a better future, hope that change brings good things into our lives. Eventually.

  19. at least your continuing problem is not scarcity.. I lack but i always seem to pull it off at least (saturn in scorpio but jupiter in the 12th under capricorn)

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