Saturn In Sagittarius: Unfiltered / No Joke

Sagittarius broach redA gal who has Saturn in Sagittarius emailed to ask if she would benefit from my workshop on Saturn in Sagittarius. It was early in the morning. I told her I didn’t know but I would find out.

I didn’t know because I conducted the workshop when Saturn was transiting Sagittarius. Would it be applicable to natal Saturn in the sign? It’s also from 2015. I simply couldn’t remember so I decided to look it over.

I was shocked to see the workshop is 80 pages long! I scanned the document, briefly, then wrote the gal and recommended she buy the workshop.  There is no way she can read it and walk away empty-handed. But oh my God – my mouth!

Here are some random quotes:

“You can’t learn everything at a desk (Saturn in Virgo) or via others (Saturn in Libra) or at
the bottom of a well (Saturn in Scorpio). Some things you have to learn on the fly! Some
things you will never learn if you don’t venture out and broaden your horizons
(Sagittarius). For example, you can take a class that’s above and beyond you…”

“Saturn is a no-frills planet. It doesn’t go Zing! Pow! Bam! It pressures you. It turns the
crank on you. It does not coddle you.

However, it does not mock you. It does not trick you. Saturn is not vindictive.”


“Remember being twenty-one years old and feeling you ought to constantly hold your
stomach in, or something equally as stupid. Hold your stomach in to keep the sky from

A person can and should come to a point where they realize the sky is not going to fall
due to their stomach.”


“Do you want to be veal, kept in a box so you can’t develop muscle tone? Or do you want
to face the elements and whatever adversity you encounter so you can develop yourself
physically, spiritually and mentally as you navigate this life.”

Okay, so now you know how I might sound, if you talk to me in a closed setting when I can be candid.

If Saturn in Sagittarius interests you, I can tell you this: nothing like this workshop exists anywhere but here.  It’s a piece of work, created with the intention it have an impact.

Get more details and/or purchase here: Saturn In Sagittarius: A Real Education


Saturn In Sagittarius: Unfiltered / No Joke — 2 Comments

  1. I have a Sun Saturn 1 degree conjunction in the via combusta in Sagittarius in the 8th house ….OPPOSITE my curious Gemini Moon!

    I will definately buy your worshop !!

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