Saturn in Sagittarius – The Big Picture, In A Frame

big picture in frameSaturn will enter Sagittarius on Christmas eve. I’m excited!

Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Jupiter and Saturn are a natural a pair.

This transit will allow all of us develop a real philosophy. We’ll have a chance give form to our high ideals.

We’ll work to become educated and our educated will work for us.

We’ll be supported (Saturn) by our beliefs (Jupiter).

If we lack (Saturn) perspective (Sagittarius), this will be addressed.

People will come to understand how often, less is more.

Are you looking forward to Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius?
Does it scare you…or reassure you?


Saturn in Sagittarius – The Big Picture, In A Frame — 33 Comments

  1. Given that my moon is at 00 Sag, no, I’m not excited for Saturn to pass this point! It sounds like a dismal holiday in the making.
    That said, I am always so fascinated by how Saturn transits play out in the political sphere. It churns issues, then by the end there is reform. Saturn in Virgo, healthcare. Saturn in libra, gay marriage legalized. Saturn in Scorpio, sexual assault reform. Saturn in Sagittarius…student loan reform? Immigration reform? Both are overdue.
    Saturn’s 2 1/2 year cycles are just long enough to dig deep, and short enough to track significant change in a bite sized packet.
    Bring it on!

  2. I’m not really scared of it, but am looking at it cautiously, as in sag, Saturn will cross my Neptune, my vertex. It will also oppose my natal Saturn in Gemini and venus in Gemini. Of course, when it reaches cappy it’ll hit my moon/Jupiter and oppose my sun,

  3. I’m sooooooooo looking forward to it, because anything, surely, is better than Saturn in Scorpio being on my – Saturn at 17 Pisces, Moon at 15 Scorpio, Neptune at 17 Scorpio, and Sun at 15 Cancer – ass. Sobs into damp hanky…

    • Oh and not forgetting Chiron at 16 Pisces..with all this water, I am growing fins.

      Well it’s a better option than drowning.

  4. I’m excited! I have even thought about creating a countdown calender. Saturn in Scorpio has been almost as bad as last time which surprised me even though I dreaded it. I kind of hoped by dreading it and being prepared that it would prevent it from being this bad. Jokes on me.

  5. my AC is on 15°21′ Sadge – any ideas how can I make something positive out of this? didn’t really found encouraging comments about Sat transiting ACs…

    • This is not a negative transit, in the least. I am going to have a transcript of my Saturn-transit-the-12th-house workshop available in about a week. I would buy it. It will give you perspective on your experience and help you nail down you future in the most positive way.

  6. I’m cautiously optimistic that Saturn in Sagittarius will not be that bad. My Sun is at 10 degrees of Sadge and it sextiles my ascendant. No hard aspects. Yay!

    I can’t *wait* until Saturn gets out of Scorpio. It was a terrible experience and very sad overall.

  7. I don’t know how I feel about Saturn being in Sag… I have Merc (ruler of AC and IC), Neptune (ruler of MC), Sun, Mars, and my DSC all in Sag…

    Plus, I’ll have a nice T-squ going on with with tr Saturn, tr Neptune, my Merc (ruler of IC, ASC), my MC/IC axis, and my Progressed moon). I’m a little bit scared. It sounds like a geographical move and a transition with my home and or/job. The last time tr Saturn was triggering this area (it was in Virgo) I moved to Colorado from Kentucky…

    All I know is that it has to be better than tr. Saturn conj my Venus, Uranus and opposite of my Moon… in the last 15 months I have done a lot of crying b/c things just going horribly wrong without me having any control over the situation.

  8. It’s the fact that Saturn is going to go Rx and hang around the early degrees of Sag for nearly a year that annoys me. Everyone in my cohort has Neptune in the early degrees of Sag, plus Chiron in the early degrees of Aries, and the combination could be a major energy drain, at an age when we are already drained enough. But I will do my best to keep my grumpiness to myself!

  9. I’m curious what that transit conjunct Uranus will bring. I’m kind of excited and I don’t quite know why yet.

  10. Sag. on my natal 7th house cusp – what can I expect relationship wise ? I wonder. Squaring my Virgo planets . Sextile my Libra planets ( Venus, Mars, Neptune ) .

  11. So glad to hear this transit won’t be negative Elsa. I have a Jupiter ruled 1st house with Saturn in Sag. I also have Mercury there. I do often feel supported by my Philosophy… Though it does change a bit throughout the years. This will be my Saturn return so we shall see!

  12. Saturn will be crossing my ASC into my first house Sag. Venus and Chiron are there nataly. I’m really glad that Saturn is leaving my 12th. I’m weary, but hopeful and I hope not disappointed.

  13. I actually really like Saturn transits. Going through my 3rd now, will start into my 4th with Sadge (4 degrees on IC, 8 if using = houses). It will go over my stellium in Sadge (8-24 degrees of Sadge to hit it all). I fear Uranus/Neptune/Pluto transits more…Saturn seems to mature, stabilize, and make more realistic the areas it transits through. It’s the Vegetables planet to me, as in “eat your veggies first.” 🙂

  14. Looking forward to it, although I don’t really have clear vision of what it’ll be doing to my chart at that time. All I can tell is that it’ll be past the Scorpio and the squares it’s been making to my n. Sun, Saturn and Moon – enough of that, already.
    Sounds positive to me, but I’m a sort of optimist pessimist.
    If Elsa says it sounds good, I go along with that!

  15. On one hand, looking foreword to it….. ’cause it’ll be moving off my stellium. But on the other hand, it’ll conjunct my Mars.

    For me….. the past few years with Saturn trampling over my stellium, I’ve learned how important it is to watch what I communicate (2nd/3rd houses) my ideas and opinions. Soften on some…. clarify others.

  16. Such a natural pair…

    Wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels. These two planets are so the opposite there can only be an explosion.

    Examples: I have a friend with Jupiter@21.5 and Chiron@21.5 squaring each other, but thats OK as this is the birth chart. (Chiron=Career, Jupiter=big ) As those who have paying attention Saturn by transits has been crossing over repeatedly, and will make one more pass over the 21.5 of Scorpio. Here is her story. She runs a business – a shop. She has been struggling for some time, but when Saturn approached, it was enough to force her to move. She went into another space. She thought great, less rent, less hassle. Saturn retrograded back across and on the approach her new landlord spotted that she had a lot of people. He wanted his cut. He put the rent up on her. As she said to me “nasty man”. But of course Saturn had passed that point a little while later/after this upset. During this break from hostilities, she approached her old landlord. She has now moved back, but her rent is lower as she now only rents halve the space. As we all know Saturn is re-approaching.

    I had the police visit my place last December. Two of them were armed, as the bank as falsely accused me of threatening them over the phone. Why? Oh, I know Jupiter by transit was approaching a Trine with my natal Saturn/Mercury conjunction.

    The New bank I am with issued me with a termination of account notice this year. Now like my friend I have Jupiter @ 20 degrees. This was being aspected by the transiting Saturn. Just like her its going to go back across.

    And I could go on – story after story, chart after chart, situation after situation. You just cant make this stuff up – seriously.

    The neo-classical-contempory-western-astrologers are wrong. Period. Full stop.

  17. Since I am a Scorpio Sun, I’ve had Saturn in my 1st house for two years now. Saturn’s biggest lesson for me was discipline and dedication. It was tough, but rewarding. Saturn teaches hard lessons. But, I do not look forward to Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn visiting Jupiter’s house… is probably the most cynical and depressive transit I can think about.

    Still, there is a bright side. The fiery energy of Sagittarius will be quenched. Saturn will restrict everything that Sagg is known for: religion, education, travel. I think the focus lies on religion. We are seeing the death throws of organized religions in the world. Slowly they will vanish. Saturn in Sagittarius will further restrict organized religions, after Scorpio exposed the truth and scandals behind organized religions. We might see many wars around the world for the next decade, due to Pluto in Capricorn.

    I can’t wait for Saturn going back into Capricorn, where it belongs. Home sweet home…

  18. I have Saturn in Sag in the 6th house, natally, along with the Part of Fortune in Sag, and Sag cusp, so I’m not excited, either! May have possible surgery, and must have it before Saturn moves into my 6th house.

  19. Sag is my 7th house and my natal moon is in the later degrees. I don’t know what to expect. Relationships have been an issue for me in the past, and I’ve been alone for some time, although there is someone I care deeply about. Just don’t know what to expect here and should probably have a report done. At the moment I’m getting crushed by Saturn on my Sun-Neptune conjunction at 14-17 Scorpio. Just exhausted and feel like my eyes are being scoured by a combination of acid and sand. If anything I’ll just be relieved when Saturn hits Sagittarius, but my natal mercury is in the last degrees of Scorpio so there’s that…

  20. I’m excited. Shit is about to get real. I have a mutable grand cross featuring Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, moon and Virgo ascendant. Saturn tops my chart. I’m King of Pain.

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