Saturn In Sagittarius Squares Neptune In Pisces: 2015-2016

michaelangelo pietaHeads up to people with planets in the first half of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)!

It’s a little premature to be talking about Saturn in Sagittarius. However, recently I had a client with a large stellium in Sagittarius and Pisces in her chart. I found myself telling her to work to wrap up the Cardinal Grand cross and look to the horizon.

Saturn in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces, most of 2015 and 2016. If you’re sitting with five or six planets in mutable signs in your chart – this is going to be your baby to deal with!

*update – I held a workshop on this topic – get your transcript here.

Do you have a planets in the first 15 degrees of the mutable signs? What do you feel lies ahead? Are you looking forward to this?

pictured – Pietà, Michelangelo, 1498-1499

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Saturn In Sagittarius Squares Neptune In Pisces: 2015-2016 — 68 Comments

  1. My moon is 8 deg Pisces, 8th house. My Mars is 4 deg Sag, 5th house. My bf is a Sag, but the degree is higher than 15. His Moon is also Pisces, 8 deg, in his 5th house. I will have to look into this. Thanks!

  2. Sun at 8 Pisces and Saturn at 13 Sag. I survived my first Saturn return, during which time I finished college graduating with honors, moved 3 times and started a new job. The second one can’t possibly be more stressful than the first. The only thing that concerns me is that Saturn is in my 4th house. I do NOT want to move. In fact, I bought my house 10 years ago so I would never have to move again. Maybe I’ll be doing some non-sexy, Saturn-like repairs on it, i.e. foundation, concrete, tuckpointing, etc. Also, with Saturn (widely) square my Sun, I might be prone to be overly self-critical during the 2nd return.

  3. well. that’s me in a nutshell…I dont really know what saturn sq neptune energy brings? but it is also my saturn return (2nd). merc 0 degrees pisces and saturn 2 degrees in sag…and neptune 0 degrees scorpio…life is changing in general..getting older, wiser and wearier.

  4. Noooo, I don’t want to think about that now! Mars 5° Gem and Sun 6° Gem I’ve already had, have, will have t Neptune squaring these two planets and it will finally leave next April, it’s also trining n Uranus at 7°Cancer.. enough’s enough!

    • I m so with you!!

      sun @6 degree Gemini Saturn @ 6 degree Sagittarius..had transiting sun square Neptune and Saturn square Neptune for a while now. Not to mention Saturn return next first:(

  5. Boy, I don’t know Elsa if that is going to be good or bad for me. I have Sun 9 in virgo,8th house. Venus 11 in virgo,8th house. Saturn 6 in Gemini in 5th house, and Neptune 0 in Sag in 11th house, which just happens to conjunct my jupiter 28 scorpio! I hope this ‘Baby’ is going to be a good one for me!

  6. How does one “wrap up this grand cross”? That may be helpful since the Saturn in Sag activates my natal grand cross. Gkkkkkkk….

    • Me too. I have a natal mutable grand cross. MC 28 scorpio..then Mars 5 Sag then Venus 7 Sag. Natal Saturn at 11 degrees Pisces. Natal Neptune at 18 scorpio. SAG is in my 10th house. It will be a biggie that I am setting things up now.

  7. Well, I have Saturn at 13 Virgo squaring Venus at 10 Sag. My Saturn also squares Neptune at 19 Sag, so this energy is already a part of my chart.

    I hope that it’s a steadying time for me, really. I’m trying to get a bunch of things stirred up and turned over at the moment, and this transit would be helpful for having the dust settle.

  8. Oh boy! I have uranus at 6 degrees, jupiter at 10 degrees, south node 16 degrees and neptune 26 degrees in Sadge in my 8th house and venus 12 degrees conjunct mars 13 degrees in Virgo my 5th house and in Gemini my second house, I have chiron at 1 degrees, north node at 16 degrees and vesta at 28 degrees in a square with my mars and venus… I am just coming out of my saturn return.. I just turned 30. My saturn return was VERY hard I had a heart and liver transplant.. Which I think is represented by my loose saturn conjunct pluto on the cusp of the 7th house. I hope good things lie ahead for me because right now I really feel liked Phoenix rising from the ashes!

  9. I have Neptune now on my Midheaven which is 7 Pisces. I know this will effect my career & I’m already looking for more creative outlets (10th house Neptune) – I’m in the healing field. I have Pisces Sun at 17 in 10th, Virgo Moon at 18 in 4th. 27 Gemini ascendent. Also Jupiter will be transiting in Virgo beginning Aug. next year for one year – so that will create a T-square w/transiting Saturn & Neptune Sept. 2015 & April 2016. I’m hoping for my next long term relationship. When I have one, Jupiter & Saturn are always in hard aspect in mutual signs & well as my progressed moon (which will be in Sag). Saturn in Sag will be moving into my 7th house in a couple years & eventually the progressed moon.

  10. My angles are at 4 degrees mutable. My Neptune at 5 sag, my sun at 16 Pisces. My Saturn is 0 Gemini conj asc from 12th.
    But first Saturn has to cross my 29 Scorpio moon.

    Dealing with life long parental triggers right now. Learning I’m 42 and it’s ok to NOT do what my mom expects. To do what’s right for me and not feel guilty for it. Or trying too.

    I was literally shocked when I realized this lesson was necessary. I can’t begin to fathom what’s coming next

  11. Hi there, I join the club. My natal Neptune is at 7 degrees of Saggie in conj with my MC. Neptune is the ruler of my chart…my asc is 4 pisces…so…Neptune is squaring currently my natal Neptune.I hope Saturn symbolizes the actions to channel this dreamy transit. I am dreaming big but at the same time it feels scary…

  12. Hahhaahhahhaah (catches breath) HAHHAHHAHHHAHA… kabillion of these planets in chart, like almost all. HAHHAHHHAHHAA…. (imagine Viking shield maiden raising ax, checking braids, and running forward thinking “ah what the hell!”)

  13. i have moon neptune conjunct at 00 sag; opposing saturn in gemini natally…. am i totally naive thinking with the natal oppo of these dudes, that i will be immune for the transit? im just wondering as my natal retro mercury makes me immune for the typical retro mercury transits, so i figured the same goes for the big stuff 😀

    • Oh, Sunny Sag! You made me laugh more than that Viking woman up above. I, too, have mercury retrograde and severely challenged in my chart and never even think about merc retro because the effects of that are nothing compared to what I’m used to dealing with on a daily basis. I get what you’re saying about that. However, not to burst your upbeat bubble, but in my experience those long, outer planet transits are working us deeper and deeper. Whatever depth we approach them with can always be plumbed for some new integration, so I wouldn’t count on being immune, but maybe a bit familiar with the issues. Just my two cents.

  14. My triple sag’s sun/moon, pluto and asc will be hit by this Saturn/Neptune, so I’m glad you’ll be posting lots on it. Luckily this won’t be hitting her own personal grand cross. Also, by this time, pluto should be off my sparkly Taurus’s Asc but well entrenched in her 1st house.

      • I guess the but is that other things are also going on. I know we are all going to be working out the effects of this cross for years to come (anything with Pluto has a looooong integration period), but during that time we are going to go through sea changes in the types of elements, aspects and qualities in play in the sky.

  15. I have a cardinal cross consisting of 14/15 pluto/uranus in virgo, 14 saturn in pisces, 10 NN in gemini and 10 SN in sagittarius… but I’d like to hold any comments until I’ve felt the full impact of the pluto/uranus square touching that inner volcano….

  16. Oh yes, this will hit me! I have a lineup of four planets between 3-15 Virgo. Actually I was just thinking about this period of time yesterday, and wondering what it might bring. I’ve been dealing with the Neptune oppositions already for a few years, and a few more to come. And for Virgo, there’s also the trine from Pluto in Capricorn

  17. Lots of planets in mutable signs. With mars and neptune I expect frustration, tension and escapism. But also that something unconscious will surface… Don’t know what.

  18. I’m laughing; this is business as usual. Pluto opp Sun and Uranus sq Sun, anytime now, and that’s just to start and then this to follow, Jupiter, Vesta and North Node in Gemini in 10th, Saturn in Pisces (but that is not so personal). But Saturn has always been square my Jupiter in my natal, so what’s new. It gives it a bit of much needed levity and dedication. I’m looking forward to this Sagittarius thingy whatsitsname. Bring it on!
    Life is all change, always was, always will be – nothing stays the same.

    • I will laugh with you! 🙂 Change: climb a mountain whoops a cliff whoops the ocean whoops the boat leaks no worries a whale crushed it yay land –whoops Island of The Sniper Scorpion Aliens whoops volcano! Ah bring it.

  19. I’m in this club, too. Second Saturn return coming up at 2’Sagittarius. My natal Mars is in Pisces at 16′ close to my ascendant and my natal Pluto and Jupiter are in early degrees of Virgo….. I guess I’ll be moving and changing countries and continents again…..?
    I was hoping that life will be easier once Saturn moves away from my natal sun and mercury in Scorpio and Pluto moves away from my natal moon in Capricorn, but what’s happening next?

  20. the only thing i’m worried about in this transit of saturn in mutable are deaths. When saturn is transiting scorpio, there were alot of deaths happening, and illness, and tragedies, not just in family but distant families, friends of friends and neighbors ect. I didnt like that at all, and it’s something that can’t be stopped. I just hope and pray that everything will be okay.

  21. Angles are 2 deg mutable. Once saturn gets to square Neptune it will also be waxing into a square with chiron. Have natal saturn in pisces; bit further on. By that time I’ll have had my chiron return and tr chiron will have almost caught up to natal saturn. Meh. Sounds like another action-packed year.

  22. I can’t imagine what’s ahead. Staying loose and keepin up my resiliency. Mutability does give resilience? Or will saturn nix that? If nixed, I need to build a health account for the chiropracter.

  23. I will be nearing my Saturn Return (in Sadge)… but I am not educated on what you are referencing in this post, so I am not sure how to answer.

  24. Moon, Saturn, Uranus in Sagittarius.
    Mercury, Chiron, Mars in Gemini.
    Spread from 1d to 26d, but each respectively opposed. Moon/Mercury opp would be in the first half.
    I’m recognizing a challenge now, how to surrender/have faith while actively engaging/taking control at the same time.
    Yes, I’m excited to keep moving ahead.

  25. The transit was good for me the last time, I went to college. Plus I have natal Saturn in Pisces. I’ll take it over Saturn in Scorpio anytime. Blech

  26. stelium in virgo – mercury at 3*, north node at 8*, sun at 11*, venus at 14* and saturn at 16*…plus neptun in sagittarius…hell of a fun! :/

  27. I’m not sure to expect… need more info for my brain to chew on. I do have this in my natal chart (Saturn in Virgo w/Nept in Sag 6th house)…so, it might be easier to deal with for me. I have Mercury at 6 Sag, MC 6 Pisces, Saturn 13 Virgo, then bunch of planets at 19 of Sag/Libra/Taurus.

    • but, every time damn saturn is in hard aspect to my Merc (4th house ruler/ASC ruler) and IC in Virgo (both at 6 degree)… I move. Sometimes to a different state or across the country. LOL.

  28. Yup this is me. Sag stellium. And my husband has a mutable cross.

    Saturn at 3 Sag, Mercury at 7, Uranus at 17, Venus at 21, Sun at 28 (and Neptune at 3 Cap).

    There’s an exact square from Neptune when Saturn transits my Mercury.

    I thought I understood Neptune, but I’m seeing now that I don’t. I’ve been feeling a little out of control.

    Enjoying this archive of Saturn Neptune posts.

  29. I think I have Neptune in Sagittarius in my 4th house natally…soo…if Saturn is going to start transiting there…crap, I have no idea. I know me and the hubby are trying to get situated so we can hopefully buy a house before the end of summer. Of course that involves me trying to get my house I have with my ex sold ASAP which has already been convoluted. So my guess would be…maybe more things dealing with housing and moving? Will I get neptuned? Sheesh!

  30. My Moon is at 1 Virgo and my Sun is at 5 Virgo. I’ll be affected. I don’t like Neptune all that much, but I would like to think that everything I’ve been through with him over the past few years has taught me something.

  31. Yes. I have Mercury at 5 degrees Sagittarius and Saturn at 15 in my first. Am I looking forward to my Solar return? I always do. But now that Neptune will be soon conj my IC and transmitting my 4th…not so sure this time but my intuition and heart tell me, I will be OK.

  32. Mercury and Jupiter both at 8 degrees Sag, and Pluto at 6 degrees Virgo. I’m really wondering what the Saturn-Neptune square will bring into my life as there are some big shifts happening right now; next year will look totally different than it is at the moment.

  33. It is all-pervasive and powerful, yet it is also fair and compassionate; can’t escape it’s relentless challenges, lessons, curve balls (who’s got the ball?)but it is a force that attracts exactly what we need for soul progress. So, whatever unresolved issues are laying heavy on it’s back, good vs bad, consider how each event relates to karmic destiny: from this viewpoint, it is impossible to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  34. I can honestly say that I’ve already felt HAMMERED by the planets over the past 6 years. With Pluto in my 5th house of Capricorn, also my Sun Sign, I’ve been forced to deconstruct my life from the ground up. Let’s not forget the Uranus (my 8th house)/Pluto square which has been on-going. Most recently the Cardinal Grand Cross which led to me beginning my life changing position working for the State. Hopefully the Saturn in Sag Square with Neptune will help me fulfill my wish of securing a home with a husband. As of right now I’m not dating but with the Universe constantly throwing surprises my way, I don’t think I’ll remain this way much longer. The Saturn/Neptune square will hit my natal 4th House (Sag) and 7th House (Pisces). Of course Pluto will remain in my 5th house for many more years as will Uranus in my 8th House. Here’s to more positive changes!

  35. Oh forgot to mention my 1st House is 4 Degrees of Virgo, 2 House is 28 Degrees Virgo and my 7th and 8th House (28 Degrees)of Pisces, and my Moon is 7 Degrees of Sag, Uranus at 2 Degrees, while Neptune was in 24 Degrees of Sag in my natal 4th House, so yes this upcoming Square should impact me. My job will challenge me with lots of responsibility and traveling while i’m trying to balance a social life and hopefully a relationship. Life is getting real.

  36. The conjuncting transits to my natals from Saturn have been ok…Saturn over my Moon (natal square) led to buying 1st house. Saturn over Uranus (no natal, ruler of 6th) led to stabilizing work environment (weekly travel -> working form home) and some age related health changes, plus adoption of new pets who had been abused (one with dental issues = Saturn). Saturn is due to hit my Mars soon – ruler of 8th, no natal, latest degree planet in chart. Hmmm!

    Once Saturn moves through 4th and Neptune hits my 7th, I anticipate my husband’s parent(s) coming back to the US to live, and they will need care. I am not the type to live with in-laws, so we are looking for a house with a guest house on the property. We are also planning to start a family of our own.

    My husband will likely become the Neptune caring type (as a higher vibration of Venus) and take care of them and probably any kids (I have the more invested and profitable career). Neptune will roll over my natal Jupiter, which rules my 4th (hence expanding the house/family – we’re talking about foreign in-laws and home schooling, so it fits…).

  37. Well, that just makes me kinda want to drive my truck over a cliff, lol! Don’t know how much I can handle with Pluto still hovering over my descendant and a bunch of mutable that has been hit hard, but lucky for me, I don’t have a truck, so I guess I’ll just learn to deal with it.

  38. I so love reading your posts, but I have a hard time with the technical stuff. According to my birth chart, I have: Sun at 2 Sag, Mercury at 26 Sag, Venus at 29 Sag, Mars at 12 Pisces, Jupiter at 14 Sag, Saturn at 2 Gem, and Neptune at 2 Sag. I’m thinking that I should pay attention to this? Is there a report I can buy to help with the navigation? I also, like to look ahead and I have some complete life upheaval coming in September. Many thanks!!

    • Nicole, I think you may understand more then you realize!

      As for a report, the only thing that’s going to address this stuff specifically would be a transit report. But it would be a brief interpretation (see the sample), in the middle of a lot of other info.

      Not that I don’t recommend this. I do recommend it, especially if you’re studying, trying to learn astrology, even the least little bit.

      • Hey Elsa! I’ve been reading about Astrology for years, so I do understand the core stuff and the big picture stuff. I have a hard time honing my understanding down to just me. Maybe I’ll look you up for some consulting if you are still doing it. Like I said, I’ve decided on a few HUGE life-changers and I’d love to know about potential earthquakes I should prepare for. Be in touch soon!

  39. I know I’ve responded to responses twice so I thought I would respond to the original question. I have Merc at 3 Pisces and my asc is 1 Gemini, so Saturn will cross my des when it goes into Sag, which won’t be soon enough for me. I hate Saturn in my 6th – its natal position, in Scorpio. I’m experiencing my second Saturn return right now this minute and while the life review is almost psychedelic the way my perceptions are reforming right before my mind’s eye, still I’ll be happy when Saturn moves out of Scorpio and everything doesn’t feel so heavy. I don’t mind Saturn in the 7th, it squares Venus anyway natally. At least as a Pisces I like being alone.

  40. Hi,I know I have Saturn square Neptune.
    I was in Caracas ,Venezuela Setember 2 1957 at 2;00 PM.
    Could you tell me how to deal w this square and it is going to affect me ,I already have lost a lot I hope no more.

  41. I don’t have a chart .
    I only know I have moon in Sagitarious and the ascendent is Capricorn.
    Set/2/1957 2:00 PM ,born in Caracas ,Venezuela.
    How Saturn square Neptune will affect me?

  42. Oh man. Pluto in Sag was a hellish time for me. I lost two siblings during this period. Went through some rough times in my marriage and career. My sun is 14 degrees Pisces, my mercury is 16 degrees Pisces, my moon is 15 degrees Virgo, and my Saturn is 24 degrees Sag. Hopefully, my natural optimism will carry the day.

  43. Hi! What should I be bracing for with Sun 13′ Pisces, Neptune 9’30” Sagittarius, Mars 2’30” Gemini, Ascendent 24’30” Sagittarius conjunct True Node, 12th house at 5’Sag? Thank you!

  44. I have 7 planets (Sun,moon,mercury,mars,venus,jupiter and pluto) in my first house, Sagittarius and Saturn in my fourth, Pisces. I have been feeling very anxious lately as if my life is moving at a pace i will not be able to control. It’s so hard to explain. But I’m remaining optimistic

  45. Oh. Fuckkkkk. Mercury at 14 degrees Pisces. Moon at 6 degrees Virgo. Ascendant at 2 degrees Virgo. Saturn at 13 degrees Gemini. Juno at 15 degrees Sagittarius. Neptune at 7 degrees Sagittarius. Other asteroids in Sagittarius. But I feel like those fools in Galveston who had hurricane parties during Rita in 2005. I welcome the storm. Sober.

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