Saturn in Sagittarius, Coming Down Hard On Liars (Brian Williams)

B9WTu51IAAEoSbBSagittarius tends to inflate and exaggerate, tell a tall tale. It’s opposite sign, Gemini is associated with lying.  No need to flip out about that. I know there are honest Gemini out there, I am referencing the general characteristics of the sign.

Brian Williams has Jupiter in Scorpio (at a late degree) square Pluto in Virgo. Saturn in Sagittarius is aspecting this square in his chart. I can’t imagine he’ll recover.

Lance Armstrong was the canary in the coal mine. There are a lot more liars due to fall from high places. Not just liars, but the lies themselves.  Fake global warming. Unemployment data lies, and lots more to come.

If you’re pretty good at sniffing out a lie, the next two years won’t surprise you all that much. On the other hand, if you’ve easily led / mislead, you’ll have to re-frame your beliefs, to say the least.

Personally, I’m enjoying this. Brian Williams’s lies are epic. I never watch him. But how inflated would he have to be to believe he could say such things and have them be accepted as truth?  He must of thought he was bulletproof. He must have thought a bullet could not reach him in his 5 star hotel. Now he’s 55 years old and forever a laughingstock #BrianWilliamsMisremembers

If you’re a lying liar, I’d be getting real worried at this point. The rest of us just need to step aside to not be hit by falling bodies.

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Saturn in Sagittarius, Coming Down Hard On Liars (Brian Williams) — 39 Comments

  1. I identify as Buddhist and in general do not wish to see anyone’s life made more difficult.

    That said, I hope my Gemini ex finally learns the lesson about his tendency to lie, with this transit. He could use a good dose of personal growth.

    A not-signed-in Luci

  2. The thing about the lying Gemini (says the Gem Sun/Sag Moon) caught my eye YEARS ago and it’s actually helped me out quite a bit. I mean, I’ve got the chart for telling big ole fish stories and I haven’t been on a boat in years. But I know this about myself, and it helps me remember to keep an eye on that stuff. <3 <3 <3

    The chart is what it is; what I do with it is who I am.

    • What strikes me is that they knew these stories were crap…but did not rein him in. The PTB, I mean. It goes to show you how stupid they think the public is…and I am not all sure this is not going to spread.

      Publishing and broadcasting is Jupiter ruled. Is this when the media finds out what a joke we the people, think they are?

    • In Brian Williams’ case – isn’t it just his big ego?
      It’s a lie if your intent is to deceive or do harm to somebody’s character – correct? Sometimes you have to throw a curve ball, right, Shannon?

  3. I don’t know if it’s my pisces or what but i feel terribly sorry for the guy (Brian Williams). Poor guy is still optimistic about the future (sag) though… he said, “Upon my return, I will continue my career-long effort to be worthy of the trust of those who place their trust in us,”

    My son sometimes tells tall tells and i think thats mostly why i feel so bad for him… my son has sadge rising and a gemini saturn. He also has mercury in aspect to neptune. He does this harmlessly.

    • ive never even heard of him, but it sounds terribly sad. I did hear of Lance Armstrong. My double virgo father in law and his wife used to get upset that he’d win the tour de france every year! he and his wife suspicioiusly believe he’s taking drugs because no man could be so bionic! it just didnt seem fair 7 years in a row and other players couldn’t compare. when they both found out, they were both disgusted and not surprised. Lance probably just couldnt stop, it’s like an addiction for him.

      • I dont feel like its smart to celebrate when someone comes under attack. These are human lives and human hearts. None of us are perfect. Its just calling karma back to oneself to celebrate someone elses pain. Cause and effect. But whatever…we are human beings. Its just what happens.

  4. ***tall-tale. This merc retro is cracking me up. (I even spelled it wrong again and noticed /corrected before i posted) plus i lost this message twice. Whatever-tehe.

  5. …I am sorry to say…
    …but…I am enjoying this time…
    ….after all these years of true hardship… it’s my time to sit back and watch those around me get slaps of reality
    …my sincerity good intentions were always brushed off like dust because those peple couldn’t handle the truth
    … I got to say ~ to me in my “””Sag Saturn””” world today I say …oh wait a minute maybe there is a reap what you sow…
    …was so discouraged of seeing the universe reward these fat liars and hands over your eyes kind of people…NOT ANYMORE!!

  6. I have Saturn in Sag so I love to read fiction, watch movies, hear a great story or write one. But my VIrgo stellium draws a stern line between entertainment of that nature, and lies in life. My limit is pretending to believe in Santa and Easter Bunnies around little kids, eh? I cringe around liars. But, like everyone else in this world, have had to deal with my share of them. A few have been harmful. So, I am going to be happy if this transit catches them out and exposes their damage. That is not nice to admit, but that is how I will feel in a couple of cases. (Of course, these people are dancing with champagne on the “graves” of the things they did so I am not holding out a lot of hope.)

    With regard to Brian Williams, I rarely watched him, as I found him kind of smug and sort of….a talking head versus a reporter? With all of this coming out now, it makes me think of that duplicitous anchorman character played by William Hurt in this old late 80s movie I randomly saw last year, Broadcast News. The “good guy” played by Albert Brooks senses the fakery, and…. Well. we’ll wait and see.

  7. It can’t happen soon enough. Pluto in Capricorn has initially given the liars all the power, but what goes up will hopefully come down under Saturn in Sag. I can’t imagine what will happen when Neptune square Saturn occurs…. the best thing would be that the liars just keep falling from the sky.

    • He also has a 14 degree Taurus Sun, so Pluto is now beginning the trine to his Sun. He’ll try massively to do damage control. He has Uranus square Sun natally; I call this the “shoot yourself in the foot” aspect. Stubborn, can’t tell him anything… he’s gonna do it HIS way.
      Oh, and he has 14 degree Cancer Mars!! The Pluto/Uranus dance is hitting him directly right now. Then Pluto/Uranus will go on to hit his 19 degree Aries Mercury. His Moon is in Aries, too, but don’t know the degree because I’m using a noon birth time. I’ve watched soooo many people sail through the Pluto/Uranus hitting personal planets and they don’t seem affected at all… while others seem to be taking the hit especially hard, like for the collective or something.
      One more comment: His chickens are coming home to roost very hard, and with these transits, he may take himself out of the equation. He may not be able to face up to the fall from grace.

  8. Hi Elsa. Let’s not forget those who choose to live a lie. Bobbi Kristina Brown is unfortunately a good example. Since her tragic incident, I saw a clip of an interview in which she stated “I am Whitney Houston now…” It made me wince. BK made no secret of wanting to be the star her mother was even though she was not groomed for a showbiz career. Supposedly, she wad lied to by industry folks who said they would help her pursue her wish knowing she did not have talent to do so.

    And there is the issue with her “husband” Nick Gordon.

    Saturn in Sag is showing it’s an energy that is not to be played with.

    • I caught that clip of Whitney Jr. I found it freakishly odd. Death will take one to strange places. It’s part of the grieving. There is an initial manic stage that includes all sorts of weird stuff, but that stuff is not to be acted on. She is so young and living in the whacky world of celebrity. It’s really a tragedy.

  9. I’m glad that Williams isn’t getting away with this. As a reporter, he should be held to a higher standard. I cringed when I used to see him “slow jamming” the news on Jimmy Fallon. He wants to be a celebrity.

    • absolutely! I always thought that was so odd. he’d rap and do silly entertainment bits to seem hip and with it,try to get laughs. that’s not how i want my news man. the news is about the most serious stuff in life, real problems in the world, it was so weird seeing a news man doing songs and silly bullshit on the nightly fing news. there are great funny news shows but that’s not what Brian Williams was supposed to be.

  10. On December 29, 2014, a few days after Saturn went into Sagittarius, a very important long-time politician in New York City was exposed in an article by the New York Times to be involved in a corruption scheme for the last 15 years. He is now out of office awaiting his day in court. Let’s hope that other long-time politicians are exposed in this way. Maybe we’ll get rid of the liars in all walks of life.

  11. I feel sorry for Brian Williams pain in his fall, but also that it was nearly inevitable. The truth comes out,more often than not. As Elsa said,the chutzpah that he had to have to lie that much boggles. I’m kind of happy in a weird way to to see the liars fall. in my town there is a local paper that takes itself seriously. we recently had a city manager, a guy named Still well, who got called out for cronyism ,firing long term city employees, hiding records,giving out huge contracts to friends,just really obvious ethical idiocy. he was exposed and fired. this was the second such firing in his career. he’s moved on to a new city and the citizenry are up in arms. I love the saying what’s done in the dark will come to the light.

    • “If you’re a lying liar, I’d be getting real worried at this point. The rest of us just need to step aside to not be hit by falling bodies.” I think those people will be blindsided because they believe their own lies.

        • I had to look up the red hen! I think those people know they’re lying but they go with it anyway because it feels good. Maybe there’s some payoff in getting away with it, too.

  12. I always liked Brian Williams newscasts. Mainly because he seemed human but not sappy human like some of our local newscasters. And I was okay with his comedy spots because it made him more human to me. Well rounded. As far as his fibbing, I realize that there is more of that going on than is imaginable. But maybe it’s like Elsa writes, and this energy set sparked something for him. And obviously someone wanted him gone. That’s really the ticket. If somebody wants to take you down, they can always find something. And that thinking doesn’t make gemini fibs so bad does it. There are fibs or lies and then there is destructive revenge. And the public is hungry to be angry at something or anything at this time.

  13. I don’t think Brian Williams will recover from this. He’s tainted goods now, just like Dan Rather was several years back. It will be interesting when they start looking into the different stories Williams covered over the years. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of them were BS too.

    Its really funny when something like this happens, the sharks out there smell blood in the water. Katie Couric is already looking into taking his job.

    There are so many lies that need to be revealed. I think we should start with the Obama Administration. We’ll get there over the next two years, I’m sure.

  14. I always watched Tom Brokaw and became very wary when the transition to Brian Williams occured. I wasn’t exactly clear on why I didn’t buy into his delivery of the ‘news’. In my opinion the problem has been two fold. First, it is obvious that the entire tv news is a charade and devolved into info-tainment. Also many journalist (not all), not just at NBC, deliver what the Plutocrats want us to believe. Brian Williams is a SYMPTOM of the problem; not the ACTUAL problem. Like many in his type of work he is a performance artist not a journalist. I doubt we really get the Truth from the ‘news’.
    Brian Williams broadcasts always seemed so cloying as if he were TRYING SO HARD to be this likeable guy from New Jersey who is cool. It bugged the sh*t out of me. Just read the news dude!

  15. I agree Katherine…Brian Williams appeared not what he should be!
    As recently as the Superbowl, I viewed his spot on bowling and he was half serious and half joking on how popular the sport was among sport enthusiasts and to be sure to tune in to the Bowling National Finals on blah, blah, blah. I thought to myself, I wonder if he’s the new spokesperson for the Bowling Federation, and how much he was paid for the endorsement! His latest gaffe, the one of stolen valor, is really

  16. I know a double Gem who is going to face the music. He does not believe this could happen to him- but guess what? It IS happening.

  17. Good… After breaking up with the boyfriend and him telling lies about what he supposedly didn’t know to then turn it around and say he did know is like so Gemini, that whole double thing ya know. So all the liars out there be prepared cause the truth is going to catch up. My Scorpio stellium, Saturn in Sagittarius is liking this.

  18. Just went back in a google time machine to 1985, when Saturn entered Sadge, to read about any un-truth’s becoming brutally exposed then. The first that popped up was Rock Hudson’s untimely death from AIDS.

    He’d been hiding the truth about his sexuality and medical diagnosis, even when he was shooting “Dynasty” in that love scene with Linda Evans. People commented on how skinny and drawn, this once gorgeous demi-god, looked, until Elizabeth Taylor asked him, right before he died (by just minutes), to come clean and confess the real story to the world.

    Boy, was that a shocker in those days. But, even more, did that open doors to a disease nobody wanted to deal with.

    Now, the highly-anticipated documentary about Scientology is coming to HBO. It exposes the un-truth’s fed to us through the Hollywood machine about the “church” and focuses on Tom & Nicoles harrowing experience with it. It was the buzz at the Sundance Film Festival.

    So, like Elsa, am eager to see how this aspect unravels.

    Saturn (the taskmaster) in Sadge (which rules religion and exposes the truth at all costs) does square Virgo and Pisces and opposes Gemini. Am certain, anyone with planets, or axes, in those signs, is sure to suffer the pain from the battle-ax of this square and opposition.

    Remember, too, that Saturn comes as the most punitive of all the planets, but learn the lesson, and garner the greatest reward. Saturn, the teacher, can also clean-up your soul’s karma. If you truly sacrifice and discipline yourself to work with it, it pays-off. No small nor easy task, by any stretch of the imagination though. You really do have to suffer through it.

    Saturn in Sadge will feel like a collective bar of Ivory soap put inside everyone’s mouths. But, remember, too, the truth often hurts.

    Which one of us can honestly throw the first stone? A Virgo? Oh, really?

    Although, the truth hurts, lying, in the long run, hurts more. It hurts you. Plus, it engenders a karmic price. You play, you pay – for many lifetimes to come.

    Also, with Uranus and Pluto in such tight square – they are still only one degree apart, about to make the mystical “seventh” square – which rarely ever happens, the circle of karma is cycling at light speed. And, quite uncomfortably, tightening it’s grip around everyone’s neck who dares to scam the universe.

    It brings up that other blog. Is a liar a result of planetary aspects? signs? genetics? or pathology?

    I have a friend who believes his lies are the truth. Of course, he’s delusional. But he managed to convince a company like Sprint of some massive lies and was award millions of dollars in damages because of that.

    The biggest joke? Is that he still works for them. And, now drives, a 2015 Audi, because of the money he scammed from them and, at fifty-years-old, paid a plastic surgeon to give him a younger face via laser – twice. He looks better than he did at 30.

    But is it my call to call him on it? I didn’t dare. That’s when Captain Karma comes and does his bidding. He may never get caught. But I believe the Universe keeps a check-list on such things.

    Again, he has his own separate path than anyone else. Just like we all do. I could only retreat in silent horror and dismay. Even envy.

    But could I have been that manipulative and successful at it? With a Gemini rising and a Moon in Pisces? Am not sure I could have gone through with it. My Merc in the first is too well aspected, even in trine to Neptune, to scam that much money from the hand that feeds me.

    Another thing to focus on is that Saturn in Sadge, especially in the first four degrees, messes with airplanes and airlines like crazy. Besides the crashes of the Asia Airliner from a few weeks ago to the latest one in Taiwan, back in 85, we had a series of planes that went down or were hijacked in a big way.

    Sadge rules the 9th house of travel. Long-distance travel. Also, religion, (look at what just happened in Paris, and continues to happen in the dreaded Middle East).

    And, Sadge rules medicine. It’s also about higher-education, and since Saturn is all about lessons and discipline, perhaps that’s a safe route to take, now. Or go about educating people by exposing the truth about things like religion and medicine.

    Ultimately, it depends on how well-aspected your Saturn is. If it’s good, then expect to learn the lesson quickly and, be grateful, that it was fast, and that you had a positive outcome. Despite having a tooth extracted. Or arthritis flaring up. Even a broken leg. Always stay on top of your teeth and bones, for Saturn is the ruler of those body parts, too.

    If badly aspected, prepare for a bumpy ride. Saturn rules karma. So use this chance to endure the karmic punishment. Am not talking Venus or Jupiter, here.
    It will be somewhat painful.

    Saturn is the great malefic. And, unlike our nightmare with Pluto and Uranus, it’s not going to drag on and on and on ad infinitum. You’ll feel Saturn’s harsh whip immediately. Just like Brian Williams did. All the skeleton’s will pour out of the closet. Will he recover? I haven’t run his chart. Will he be run of the town of NBC? Perhaps.

    Elsa also mentioned Lance Armstrong. Wasn’t he just caught lying about a car accident and pinned it on his, unwitting, girlfriend? Really Lance, again? Can a liar ever change?

    Am of the ilk that if you can tell one lie, you will tell two. And, so on and so forth. Of course, you can get away with it.

    That is until times like now.

    Saturn goes retrograde in March. Which is around the corner. So what we’re tasting now is just appetizer. The main course will start in September, 2015.

    I haven’t researched 1986 yet. But, am curious what else came out of the closet unexpectedly back then.

    Because the great malefic is an outer planet, am guessing the exposed un-truth’s will affect the masses. Mostly Saggitarian dreams will come crashing down to an ugly reality.

    A spoonful of Scorpio deceptive sugar, is now going to taste like what it really was – castor oil. Or motor oil. Depends upon how naughty you were or still are.

    But I love the dichotomy of this combo. Saturn is all about severity and punishment and Sadge is the happy-go-lucky, always optimistic, atlhetic, animal loving, foot-in-mouth disease, boy or girl next door. Always up for a good time.

    I have this vision of the grim reaper playing hop-scotch. But that’s too Plutonian.

    Perhaps Walt Disney is a better example. But what was he really like when you pulled back the curtain? And, what was it like, when all those fairy tales and theme parks we grew up with, turned out to be just pretend? I was angry I never met Prince Charming. Or, when I thought I did, he turned to be a cheater, with a foot odor issue and had a few abusive tendencies.

    And, who knew, the Little Mermaid would smell like really strong fish some days. Disney left that part out, of course.

    But, hey, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the movies when I was younger or the rides at the theme parks. But, gee, when I left, it sometimes occurred to me, that was any of that stuff real? Or was it just a giant plaster castle or an animatronic elephant blowing water through it’s nose and smiling, also made of some synthetic material?

    The bill on my credit card was Saturnian. Ouch! But what a lovely two-week Pollyanic, Sagittarian, escape from reality, that was. Now, if I can only remember, what I did with my stuffed Mickey Mouse and Winnie-the-Pooh dolls, that looked really out of place when I got home to downtown New York City? What will my date think when I bring him home to get down tonight, when he sees a grown adult with those things sitting on the bed?

    I worked for Disney. Trust me. It paid so very well. But it’s a creepy place with no windows and lots of stuffed animals in Burbank, Cali. Not to say animation and imagineering weren’t thrilling places to visit. But the pressure? That wasn’t Sadge, that was hard Saturnian work. I was friends with a songwriter/lawyer who got to write for Hercules. My jury’s out on that one.

    Didn’t one of the brilliant songwriter’s for “The Little Mermaid” die of AIDS? There wasn’t a lot of press about that. Why burst the bubble, right? It is, after all, every child’s right of passage to enjoy the visually and auditorily stimulating virtual pill mill of fantasy?

    The crashing down to reality comes later in life. What difference does it make? That’s what therapy is for. And divorce lawyers.

    I’m not criticizing. I enjoyed all of the fantasy at that time. Yes, I bought into it. Hook, line and sinker. But it was just an escape. A Jupiterian Sadge thing.

    When the clock turned midnight and I stuck my head in the ocean and found sharks instead of mermaids, I adapted quickly. But the fantasy is still etched in my head.

    How this planet and sign play out on the real world stage should be memorable. Personally, I don’t think they’re the greatest bedfellows. At least, it’s not Saturn in Scorpio – the small era of deep depression – anymore.

    Am putting my proverbial bag of popcorn in the microwave. Grabbing a front row seat and enjoying the “To Tell the Truth-Crash to Reality 2015/16/17” show.

    May the most honest among us bring it home and move us future forward.

  19. 2 quotes on sticky notes on my refrigerator come to mind (author unknown)

    “Every step that has been really gained in the world has been gained by love. Criticizing can never do any good; it has been tried for thousands of years. Condemnation accomplishes nothing.”

    “Before you speak ask yourself, is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve on the silence?” When I remember this, I always decide it’s better to keep quiet! I feel better, too.

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