Will Saturn in Sagittarius Effect Jupiter In Leo?

Leo angel vintage statueHi Elsa!

When Jupiter entered Leo in July, many people were talking about how great this was going to be, and how it would be in Leo until I think this coming August. I was recently thinking about Saturn moving into Sagittarius soon, and then it made me wonder…

Since Saturn is entering Sagittarius, is that going to damper some of the affects of Jupiter in Leo?

Just Curious

Hi, Curious!

Will Saturn dampen the the effects of Jupiter? It depends on your perspective!

The planets will trine each other. This suggests that they’ll complement each other.  Jupiter and Saturn naturally complement each other. I see this as a double thumbs up!

However, if you think in terms of flying high with no restraint, then yes. Reality will get in the way. Let me give you an example…

My husband has Jupiter in Sagittarius. He’s optimistic and up for an adventure. After watching Mary Poppins as a child, he climbed onto the roof of his home with an umbrella and he jumped. He also tried to fly down a flight of stairs with a cape. He crashed hard both times.

You might see this a total drag. He did. But his mother was glad, I’m sure. Otherwise she’d still be looking for him, right?

Really good (big) things can and will happen with these planets in aspect. Especially if the good things are deserved.

You can see the qualifier there. It’s one I can live with.

Have a question? Ask here – please include your city or country. This keeps things interesting!


Will Saturn in Sagittarius Effect Jupiter In Leo? — 18 Comments

  1. Oh boy, did the exact same as your husband when I was a kid (Sadge 9H, adventure anyone!?)

    I also once ran away from our local playground when I was 4.5yrs old and caught a 20min bus to Toys R Us, that was pure luck nothing eventuated but I dont think I’ll push my luck exactly 20yrs later lol

  2. I really enjoy that he tried out the whole Mary Poppins thing. My triple sag’s 1st grade teacher told her once that she also tried that out and it didn’t end well. I don’t know why, I just liked her all the more for it 🙂 I hope my triple sag is listening 😉

  3. I think too it depends on perspective. Had yet another discussion last nite with someone about the change in ego with Jupiter in Leo going retrograde. Ego is very shaky. I see people walking away from ego. And then those that went out on a limb with it come a cryin. I don’t go to feelin sorry for them anymore because that doesn’t change anything. All I can say is so sorry you are uncomfortable, and good luck with working through it. Otherwise, I get all involved and all my energy gets sucked down the drain. I can be there for them but I can’t go to where they are at anymore. It’s a vicious cycle. I am tending to lend support to those who are being bruised by the uber ego-ists.

  4. I think what is more prevalent in the uranus leo group is laying the ground work for that saturn trine uranus transit. So good. So good.

  5. I did the Mary Poppins thing but it was off a bulkhead.

    I also thought I could move inanimate objects and became extremely frustrated (with my sibling urging me on) being unable to do so. I took it as a personal failing.

    I have Natal Mars opposite Jupiter…luckily for everyone’s sake I have a Natal Mars/Saturn trine, Saturn in Sag.

  6. Saturn in sag will be really great! I dunno if many here are into reception or dispisitors, but sag and Leo energy is about to get a boost! As saturn transited scorpio with Pluto in capricorn (autocorrect suggested “transmuted here”) we all got heavy dose of saturn/Pluto feeding into one another (think destruction, transformation, and recognition of the darkness in the world order).

    With saturn in sag, our saturn efforts will be directed to the heart, jupiter in Leo. Pluto in cap pointing to saturn in sag will be like a battery for all of this. So, as the sun transits capricorn this year, saturn in sagittarius points it all back to jupiter in Leo! This comes just in time for Christmas! This year January looks like a holiday!

  7. “…He’s optimistic and up for an adventure. After watching Mary Poppins as a child, he climbed onto the roof of his home with an umbrella and he jumped. He also tried to fly down a flight of stairs with a cape…”


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