Saturn In Libra And Decision-Making

Mountain GoatLibra is known for being for being “nice.” It is also known for weighing its options, on the low side sometimes endlessly, what my grandmother (a Capricorn) would have called “dithering.” The Merriam-Webster definition is “to act nervously or indecisively: VACILLATE.” Saturn in Libra often shows up as a wise figure offering a lifeline, wisdom to aid in decision-making. Saturn figures, your elders, hard-workers, folks with Capricorn, authority figures (judges, teachers, those experienced in a certain field) who offer an answer to your conundrum should be taken seriously (Saturn).

It’s the universe offering you a gift. If you refuse this gift because it’s not the advice you hoped to hear or because the path indicated just seems too hard, don’t expect an easier road to open up. Saturn requires work for its gift. And if it gives you another, subsequent opportunity you’re likely to find the requirements are tougher than the one first offered.

With free will it is everyone’s prerogative to dither unto eternity. But if you do so, ignoring Saturn’s lifeline, expect your options to erode and rise in difficulty. Refusing to choose any option is a choice in itself. You can sit yourself down halfway up the mountain and cry or you can put on your big-kid panties, tuck in your shirt, and start hoofing it up the grade. It’s also time to accept that wherever you find yourself at the end of the day, it is the result of your own choices. Sure it sucks that there’s a mountain in your way, it may not seem “fair” either, but what are you going to do about it? Saturn rewards integrity and hard work. So let’s get going!

Can you spot the Saturn figures in your life? What are the Libra areas in your life? Do you dither?

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Saturn In Libra And Decision-Making — 17 Comments

  1. Thank you, Satori—I just pulled on my big-kid undies and diplomatically, but firmly, asked one of the roommates I live with to treat me with respect—she has been a nasty, cold, passive-aggressive bully for over a week now, and my stomach has been aching with my feelings of powerlessness and not wanting to “rock the boat” (Libra).

    I took the hard but high road… I stood up for myself, and I have good hopes that justice (Libra!) will prevail. Either way, I feel MUCH better. I hope the feeling lasts!!

    It sure as hell beats weeping at the bottom of the mountain. 🙂

  2. P.S. I have Uranus in Libra square sun/ASC in Cap… I rebel (Uranus) against unfairness (Libra)… my Cap sun wants to be the spider in the corner and hide (12th) but I know I have to stick my neck out once in a while.

  3. “You made your bed, now lie in it! and quit your crying before I give you something real to cry over.” Thanks mom, Sun in libra, saturn in capricorn.

  4. Mine was a teacher. Not my teacher but a teacher nonetheless – a history teacher! How much more Saturnian can you get? He showed me the way. I hesitated for some time but I took the road that he pointed to, and I’m glad I am where I am.

  5. My therapist, my sponsor, all the wonderful people in my support groups, that wonderful co-worker with a natal Cardinal Grand Cross who seems to be faring well under this sky (and her 2nd Saturn Return!), I’m surrounded by the wisdom of the ages.

    Of course, Cap sun trine moon conj. Saturn has always been more comfortable around older, wiser figures.

    But I can dither. I think part of it is Pluto in Libra square my Mercury, the other part is my Virgo wanting to make the *right* decision the first time.

  6. re: Libra dithers… VACILLATES…

    My friend L would be pissing her pants off at the intro to your post, Satori!.

    Libra Sun-NN-Mars-Merc here.

    The other day, she asked if I would go to SomeCity with her next year.

    She says: Hey, you and I should go out there next year! Wanna?

    I reply: Well, that’s a definite maybe!!! 😀

    To which she retorts: Okay, a semi-commitment from you…. a maybe, a possibility, a “how the fuck do I know?”. I understand, so we’ll put it on the shelf, on the back burner, think on it, sleep on it, mull it over, marinate it and maybe make a fukkin decision by 2011 ! 😀

    Does she know me??!! 😀 ROFLMAO

    She’s a *quintuple* Aries, aka RAM!!!!!

    We make a lovely pair!!!! 😀

    (Thank God I’ve got Uranus as my chart ruler or else I’d be done!!!)

  7. About the Saturn-Libra thing…

    My natal Saturn (brakes) in Capricorn (brakes) is square my natal Sun-NN-Mars-Merc in Libra (“let’s weigh everything carefully before we act”).

    My natal Saturn is under Pluto transit (by conjunction).

    My stellium in Libra is under Saturn transit (by conjunction).

    My natal Saturn is under Saturn transit (by square).

    I’m a’gonna have to sit down and give your post a few goings over! 🙂

    I think it applies to me… 😉

  8. Mercury sun conjunction in the ninth house, which has been hostessing venus and mars the past few days. I’ve been waiting for some happy results from that transit but I just keep telling people off..

  9. I have libra in saturn in my 4th house and joining it is neptune. I was remarried last July—-I am in love but seem like Saturn is making me make all the monies and I never thought I would be doing this—Will my Taurus with Gemini in the 3rd house with jupiter joining ever work soon….I have been begging, and borrowing to keep our marriage going! I am a Gemini with Cancer rising and he has a Aquarius rising……..I need a change asap!

  10. I’m a Cap, and my skating coach since I was 5 is a Libra. I nataly have Libra on the 5th with Uranus there squaring my sun.
    Got no biological sisters, but Jewell is certainly first in line. She trained me as a competitive skater and certainly raised me to have a more sophisticated point of view.
    Because of the 5th Libra aspect I have many other super cool sister friends.
    As far as I can tell, every Libra has a Cappy somewhere close by. We appreciate gallows humor and make great lieutenants. ‘Make it so #1’

  11. To answer the question, I don’t think I dither. I hit the ground running pretty much every day of my life.

    Re: Saturn figures, I pay them very, VERY close mind. I have skill that is highly developed here.

    That is, I can extract the meaning out of any encounter with a Saturn figure so that even a horrible exchange will net a benefit. I mean that even if I am crushed by someone in a position of authority (like those cops who refused to file a police report for me one day) – I will get the clue and absolutely take the direction.

  12. WOW

    My bf’s depression has been getting worse and worse as of late but his aunt really reamed him about ways to overcome it and this post resonates with everything she said to him today… She’s a Cancer & he has ASC & moon in Cancer so I think she really got into his head. I hope we can all pay attention to our Saturn figures b/c if they are there for us we are lucky to have them !!! <3

  13. Hey s’sorry Satori, wrote a long post affirming many thing you address, darn MS Word, wiped it all out in a stroke of a wrong key…

  14. I pulled up my socks and went to college as a mature age student last year (i am in my saturn return). Got hounded by my teachers for my essay structure and not handing it in on time.

    So the authority figures in my life right now are the college teachers who are pushing me to do and become better. They are the only people that scare me and that is saying something.

  15. cap pluto trine sun virgo is the flavor of the day. regenative, behind the curtian. Mental Sat libra is giving the body some slack. Nice to see, (feel) when the pisces FM comes into step.

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