Saturn Flavored Moon vs Jupiter Flavored Moon

satori and I are friends, most of you realize.  She’s feeling like a failure today, with Saturn aspecting her Moon in Capricorn, even though she spent 4 hours talking to her son yesterday (quality parenting) and she’s been working very hard around here though this is not her only job.

“I am sorry you feel that way,” I said, becoming aware of my own luck. “You know, I never feel like a failure? I never do. Even when someone tells me I absolutely suck, I don’t agree.”

She laughed.

“Yeah, I never suffer like that. Tell me I suck and I just laugh; you gotta be outa your mind. I’m not kidding, of someone says that to me, I just grin at them like some kind of crazy cat.”

She laughed again. “I always feel better when I talk to you.”

“Well I am glad. I costs me nothing.”

“Jupiter Moon,” she said.


It also doesn’t hurt, being Italian.  Listen to, Deano. I feel just like this, ya know. Bitching or otherwise…

I also like that you’re invited to go to the toilet in this. Hah!



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  1. opal, get some people with planets that support Jupiter in your chart. Or maybe that’s me, lol.

    I do like the balance between satori and I. I have enough Cap to give her a reality check and you see it there. Quality parenting and work at 2 jobs. Proof enough, a person doesn’t suck?

    Now with that out of the way, let’s sing or eat or have one of the German beers in the fridge, I have waiting for my husband. 🙂

    This is a common thing with satori and I. Sometimes I just start bitching (Mars Mercury) and this also cheers her up (my conjunction aspects her moon).

    For *some* you just have to expose yourself to fuckin’ BALLOON like me. 🙂

    I may go down but not for long as I was born to fly. If you put me on a chain gang, I’d be happy – I know this as I used to pull those weeds, yes? :smiles:

  2. I have Jupiter widely sextile my Moon/Venus (about five/six degrees), and Saturn squaring my Jupiter/Pluto opposition. I seem to veer between the two – sometimes feeling like a failure, and other times seeing the good I know is in myself and my life. Funny, I was just thinking how much I’d screwed up in a couple of ways (thanks to fear and not going for something or believing in myself), before I sat down here to distract myself.

    I really took certain things to heart when I was younger – in school, and thanks to things that happened at home, and it’s taken me a long time to sort myself in that way, just to run smack into self-loathing, because I didn’t get myself sorted out a lot sooner. (regrets, failure to do the right thing, etc.) Sometimes Jupiter wins, though – I do like it in my 5th house. I also have a minor aspect between my Saturn and that Moon/Venus conjunction, and Uranus might cut me a break there at times. Someone tried to put me down, almost a year ago, and as he said it, he unintentionally gave me my footing back in the argument. I thought, “Wait a minute! He knows that’s not true!” and my bad feelings vanished, as I pointed that out to him.

  3. ((((hugs for satori)))) oh I know that failure feeling WELL

    Interesting advice about finding peeps to support one’s Jupiter since my Jupiter is in Libra and squares all my Cancer!

    At the moment I’ve got Saturn shitting on my Sun, EXACT. Then it will go one degree forward. Station. And then go back to my Sun, exact, and do it again.

  4. One of my favourites.I love Swing/Italian men…! No Jupiter Moon,here sadly,but I do try to learn to bounce back by observing Jupiterian friends who are a Godsend. I do find that if I focus on my Jupiter in Aquarius (as Elsa advised in a consult) it really does act as an antidote to all my Saturn/ failure stuff and allows the sun to peek through just enough to raise my spirits 🙂

  5. Satori, I am SO sorry you feel that way. I totally understand since Saturn just did an opposition to my Aries Sun (thx Saturn, UGH!), and has been conjuncting my Libra Moon (makes you feel stuck and frustrated, besides worthless).

    Sweetie, I got your back! It gets better, Elsa is right – please don’t feel like a failure..’cause you aren’t at all!!!

  6. I enjoy having jupiter conjunct my moon, too bad their in saturn ruled capricorn. I also have saturn conjunct venus, I’m learning to deal.

    (((satori))), I hope someday when my little ones are older, we are able to have a close/supportive relationship. I do with my Mom and it means a lot to us both :o),

  7. i have w-i-d-e moon trine jupiter. but jupiter in sag and moon in 9th house adds to it.

    jupiter certainly helps me when i get into a scorpio funk. it helps to laugh and put things in perspective. puberty really hit me hard. i was a geek, but too intense for other geeks, so basically friendless. but i read a lot, i loved learning about the world, expanding my horizons mentally. i also ate a LOT of junk food and expanded my belly.

    i cheer up my friends by treating them to a nice dinner,a night on the town, the right to be lazy 🙂

    i like elsa’s brand of astrology because it cuts to the chase and delivers the blunt truth.

  8. I have my Jupiter in Libra too – but all aspects from it are squares! Four of them. On the other hand my Moon trines or sextiles exactly the same four planets as Jupiter squares, so maybe that sets up an energy flow, I’m not sure how that works

    Anyway I’ve never really felt like a failure even though I probably have more cause to than most people. I’ve always put that down to my determination during childhood not to let my mother destroy me, and my self-belief – which was a constant battle. But maybe there is an astrological reason too!

    So much to learn…

    PS Satori, you are NOT a failure! Buck up girl

  9. No Jupiter Moon here either (it’s trine Saturn, with Sun square Saturn), but I feel very lucky to borrow my boyfriend’s Jupiter sextile my Moon – he always makes me feel like I don’t suck.

    Satori – borrow Elsa’s Jupiter. 🙂

  10. You guys would laugh. satori at times tells me everything just sucks and I say. “Well here is what I am pissed off about…”

    And then I go on a 10 or 20 minute rant and then say, “is this bothering you”?

    She always tells me no, it makes her feel better and so I do some more bitching and usually by the time I am done, she is done and she does sound incredibly better when I hang up.

    “If you’d like me to bitch some more, call back and I will..”

    I am a pretty colorful bitch-er though, with extraordinary stories.

    The bad times is when I quit talking or won’t talk which has happened a couple times. This is very bad for both of us but it is possible for me to become obliterated and have no words.

    I have known satori about 8 years and it has happened twice, I think. One time I did not talk for 2 weeks (I think) and that was really horrible. I just lost my words… sometimes I go down that deep where there is no speech.

  11. jupiter squares my moon & saturn sextiles it so I guess I have both.

    sorry you lost your words. 🙁

    …satori you rock. I love the pictures you pick out. Love love love them. Sometimes they make me laugh a lot because they are so clever or appropriate. Especially the ones that are appropriate but in a skewed sort of way.

  12. Maybe this is how Caps and sags interact. My sun is cnj Jupiter, my fiend has a stellium in Capricorn. When we meet she’s not that chatty, but as my mouth starts ranting her spirits go up.
    I have to admit she is so reserved and composed and I am so the opposite, sometimes I felt like a clown because she never really intervened. BUt in time I understood that she actually feels better as I go on with my antics and I feel ok too being as I am allowed to rant, so it is a balanced relationship.

  13. This is a bit similar with my situation whereas I have Sun conjunct Saturn and my best friend has Sun conjunct Jupiter and our Suns are sextile.

    There are positives and negatives in both conjunctions but we tend to balance each other well thanks to other supporting aspects.

    It also helps my Saturn is in Aquarius and her Jupiter is in Sagittarius. Good friends are like treasure says this Aquarian.

  14. I’ve got Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Libra in the 9th and both trine my moon in the 2nd. I don’t usually feel bad too bad about myself. It really only happens when I compare myself to others’ accomplishments in a competitive way. When this happens, it doesn’t usually last for very long. I dint even want that kind of corporate successful life for myself. I don’t think that people are really meant to live life in that way. But it sucks feeling like other people have different values and judge you as a failure because you followed a different path. I don’t like the idea that others might see me that way.

    I had a friend who has many planets oppose her Saturn and Jupiter. “Everything’s the worst”, she always says. She would call and we’d talk for hours because my jokes would make her feel better. But this became an everyday thing. She always felt better after talking to me and laughing her ass off, but I always felt worse. She would say, “Why is it like this for US?” “Why does this shit always happen to US?” Sure, I dealt with a lot of the same crap, but it wouldn’t make feel bad until those talks.

  15. Thanks for the Dino clip – pure happiness of childhood listening to him and doing softshoe on the black and white kitchen tiles. Boy, those guys had FUN!

  16. Elsa,
    I feel like you and Satori both. I have a Capricorn moon conjunct Jupiter. Most times I feel both sober and optimistic. If there is something concerning me like if a personal problem comes up I feel like i failed, but then my mind shakes it off and always feels optimistic like “God will get me through this”. This negative positive feeling is always twinging back and forth. Plus dealing with emotion is a very uncomfortable feeling for Capricorn. we repress emotions so much that all cappys must be stuck with years of struggle, pain and hardship inside. Just like the crabby cancer we pack a hard shell.

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