Saturn Conjunct Pluto: Capricorn Rising & Bones

Mexico earthquakeMy friend, Ben, is concerned I might pop off and die during or shortly after surgery. I understand why. This is something that happens, sometimes.  But I don’t think it will happen to me. It just doesn’t seem to be my problem.

I told him not to worry about this; my heart and guts are fine. That’s what popped into my head. Leo and Virgo are fine. It’s my musculoskeletal system that is truly jacked; almost beyond belief.

As a Capricorn rising, my body is Saturn-ruled.  Saturn rules bones, structure, support, integrity.  “Integrity” in this case would indicate a structure that is sound. My skeleton is not sound. This seems a good time to lay this out.

I need four major surgeries. I expect them to take place over the next two years, as Pluto crossed my ascendant. This is why no one should waste their energy worrying about one of them. This is a long(ish) road.

  • First, I need my hip replacement replaced and the tendon used to lift my leg will be severed.  This is because the tendon is (currently) rubbing on the metal cup.
  • I need the other hip replaced.
  • I need surgery on my cervical spine (spinal cord is impinged and more)
  • I also need back surgery; very complex, due to scoliosis and collapse of spine to one side, currently pinching a nerve.

This equals is a lot of pain. But it’s not life threatening at all.  I also have an insanely high threshold when it comes to bearing pain. To quantify this claim, I live with all that stuff, plus Lupus and arthritis everywhere. I rely on Naproxen for pain control! Oh!  And 2-300 mg of gabapentin.

I think this illustrates the idea that we’re never given more than we can handle. Knowing I can handle a lot, gives me a good feeling.

Point here is that no one needs to worry. I will trek through this stuff, just fine. I am not afraid; in fact I’m in very good spirits, probably because I am “going into the shop”, now. Things will be fixed.

My friend and neighbor, Jilly, is taking my car in for an alignment for me. She’s also going to wait and get new tires put on. It will be a great feeling to have my car, home, safe, structurally sound and ready to use.  Same thing with my body.

Do you have a Capricorn body?  What’s happening in your life?


Saturn Conjunct Pluto: Capricorn Rising & Bones — 39 Comments

  1. People, THIS is how to use astrology! Instead of whimpering and whining about a tough astrological situation, Elsa is perfectly modeling how to use it as an opportunity to express the best. She is realistic, down to earth and grounded in knowing all the possibilities and optimizing for the best outcome. I’m confident that this brilliant attitude will be spiritually successful which can only help the physical outcome,

    Thank you Elsa; sending that love and light back to you- (meaning I’m NOT sending worry and fear) and can’t wait til you’re back in the saddle! ❤️?❤️

  2. Yeah well I’m worried, and kind of in awe. Elsa is probably some kind of saint to be able to function at such a high level taking catastrophic physical distress in stride.

    • I am definitely not a saint but that’s not to say I might become one!

      The neurosurgeon was surprised I “still” work. I told him that I really only need my mind and my mouth to do my job. Point being, I have to stay off pain meds.

      This is one of the reasons I don’t mind the surgeries. My goal is to able to think and work and help people… to good, basically.

      That might sound stupid but it is true and it always will be.

  3. I am a Capricorn rising also. I have recently had a hip replacement and stress really works on my neck and shoulders. My brother-in-law has a Capricorn sun…we just got a diagnosis within the last year of a brain mass (benign) and have had surgery on a cyst that was sitting on top of the mass. He has meds to try and shrink the mass and so far they are doing what they are supposed to do. I have also lost 2 very close dear friends that had Capricorn Suns…One last year and one early this morning. So ready to be through the Pluto/Saturn transit!!!!!!

  4. My BF has Capricorn rising at 1 degree.
    He is certainly feeling it.
    His legs are feeling it, but the conjunction will be trining his own Mars/Saturn conjunction in Virgo, so I think he is better off than most.

    Still, he has been sick a lot this autumn, as the planets are activating the midpoint of the Summer eclipses (squares) and thus putting pressure on all of us he is feeling it in his 1st house.

    I have been feeling it too, as my Asc is in Aqurius, thus co-ruled by Saturn. I have certainly felt drained, fatigue and so on the past year – ever since Saturn began its climb on my Mars, south node, squaring moon in the 8th house (with Cancer in the 6th = double dose of health issues).

    My allergies has flared up due to the piscean vibe from my 12th house – and with chronic stress the past two years, sleep and energy has been lacking as well. I have developed atopic echzema on my face as well, but found out it correlates to my anger when there is unfairness in the air… Libra stuff from the 8th house!

    Last time Saturn traveled my 6th house I discovered my lactose intolerance. All the improvement I have done since then on this area, feels like it has gone into the Netherlands…
    I have done what I can, but I can’t do that much more. I have put up boundaries and I am tired. So, so tired….

    So… feeling it?
    You could say so.

    • Annette, hey I’m a regular here, although I do not post as much as I should bc my thoughts tend to be ludicrous and hard to grasp, but I just wanted to tell you- try lotromin cream for your face when you have a break out of that horrible fleshy stuff that looks like dry skin (the lotromin cream for athletes foot- just the regular lotromin- not the “ultimate lotromin it is a few dollars more and has different ingredients, and you will need the ingredients in the regular lotromin) Just wash your face and dry it with a PAPER TOWEL. Then put on the cream. You must not use a regular towel on your face when you have a break out. When you need to dry off your face Only paper towels. ALWAYS. The leftover yuck from even a typically clean hand towel will keep your rash roaring. Even when my face is not dealing with it I have completely stopped using body/hand towels on my face. Now you will have to be adamant about keeping your face squeaky clean and washed, drying with a paper towel, and putting the lotromin on it 3x’s a day. I do not wear make up (if I’m feeling artsy I might put on some make up for fun lol) but I recommend not wearing any make up while you are treating your flare up. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I I was told it is a high stress situation that leads to the flare ups, our bodies are reacting to the stress through our skin. So in other words our bodies are allergic to stress. Our bodies are saying – slow down- I’m freaking out and I need you to chillax. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I have four placements in the 12th house. Two of them are significant the other two unfortunately I always forget about. I understand the 12th house! Well as much as I can! My old mans 8th house is kicking so I think that is cool we have potent water energy we deal with and our son is the link – Cancer sun. Anyway I’m a Capricornnrising at 22*. I’m not sure how I feel about the Saturn Pluto conjunction at 22* plus my South node is at 23* Cap my Venus and moon are also at 22-23* Cap nasally. I have been watching this since New Tears 2017 thanks to the heads up from Elsa. I’m not sure if I will be around next year at this time (hell those are very delicate degrees!) but I’m here now! I hope you try it and it works Anette!

      Ps I can feel your absence Elsa, I miss you. I hope you are doing well I have been thinking about you! Recover well, and to your ultimate satisfaction, do it your way. You know how you are going to do it! Looking forward to your return ⭐️Take it easy⭐️

  5. Oops, I meant to mention this…
    I was headed to the hip revision surgery, but sent to the back mri that revealed the pinched nerve… and then the mri of neck.

    I had fumble on the latter because I have claustrophobia. Long story short… I lie still for the thing but I could not tolerate these pads that put over your ear-plugged ears, to keep your head snug in a cover type deal, you can’t peer over. In whatever case, accommodating me put them behind schedule… 5 min maybe? 6? We had to negotiate and once we did, they were hustling to the scan done. They were rough, basically.

    But then when they came to get me, the gal was much nicer. I thought they might not have a patient waiting. But when I walked out, I glanced at the screen and saw my neck. It made me gasp! Seriously, it’s a FUCKED up. This is obvious to anyone, from ten feet away. You’d never guess I was walking around with that inside…

    If you’ve been here awhile, it was an x-ray of my neck which freaked a PA out, in Denver, maybe 7 years ago? This led to my Dx of Lupus but he told me at the time, “You can’t feel that?”

    I might have felt it if I was not feeling so many other things. But my neck is much worse now, and worse than prior scan in 2015.

    The cord is impinged. That’s that – game over. It’s my whole neck, too. The MRI report is two pages long. It’s just ridiculous.

      • Hey Diablo. Long time no see. Miss you on this site.
        Can you help me? Investigate the life and work of Ann Wigmore, and help to get the info to Elsa.

  6. Dear Elsa,
    I don’t fully understand the astrological jargon, but, I simply want to send you love from me and the dogs , and wish you a complete swift recovery.

  7. Capricorn sun and first house – had a breakdown in January and continue to be exhausted and in daily pain so … It’s definitely been a transformation and it’s definitely still in progress.

    That said, there is progress.

    Good luck on your surgery and with the recovery journey <3 sending love

    (Yeah, that Foxxy from Xanga) ❤️

  8. Well, Miss Elsa, between your faith, your support systems, your astrology, your tenacity, focus and courage, and your neurosurgeon, you are gonna rock these surgeries and come out with more titanium and be known as
    …. Super Woman AND Bionic Woman ….

    Prayers, prayers, prayers coming.

    I know you got this. Absolutely no doubt. And at least you won’t be the crybaby Mega Libra I was with just one!


  9. ((((Elsa))))

    Thank you for sharing with us so we at least know the path of health issues that you are traveling now. And yes, I agree with you and your positive attitude that your condition is fixable and the surgeries are indeed doable. And four surgeries are better than five. Keep that optimistic vision going!

    True, it will be a long journey of recovery but you will succeed and your body will be healed and helped and healthy again!

    Sending you all my prayers ?
    positive energy, and love? for a complete recovery.

    God Bless you and keep you strong.
    You are loved?
    Aries Rising

  10. God Bless, Elsa! I love your point of view.
    I am Capricorn rising, Moon, Saturn conjunct ascendant. Aries Sun square Moon and Saturn. I have cervical pinched nerves and a dangler nerve at the bra line. I just completed round three of physical therapy. Before I had to change jobs and move, I could afford massage therapy. Now I can’t afford it, nor find a good one in my new location. I too take gabapentin. I was on a lot of meds and after moving gradually stopped taking the antidepressant, antianxiety, Meloxicam, Baclofen, and HRT meds. The Baclofen in combination with gabapentin and otc sinus meds caused confusion and a headache. I still take the gabapentin at night for the pain, plus it helps me sleep. I’m only now realizing how drugged I was and am relieved to know I can manage myself without all of them.
    What I’m really dreading is Pluto conjunct my natal Moon transit next year and before that, of course, the Lunar eclipse on 1/10/2020 opposing my Saturn & Ascendant. I could go on about the job, but won’t here.
    Elsa I can’t imagine how much pain you’re in, nor the condition of you body. I can only pray that you are in good hands and will recover from all the surgeries. Godspeed my dear!

  11. Kisses Elsa, you got this sissy(slang for my sister)Cappy here , got some broken neck parts , pain? Lots of tumeric and Advil ,wish you didn’t have to have surgery but ,surgery is going to work for you, doctors have such a mountain of smarts and technology ,I chant, I am safe, I have got this far, there is more… For me It’s my gray matter, brain jam 🙁 that feels so tight, like I am in a George Foreman grill ,however , up early ,gotta slay the day. Taking an early boat to mainland, testing today, winter is here wind harsh ,frigid feel ,Lonely and scared and little is something I mastered , replete ,but I am after
    The new, the confident and peaceful
    Part of me ,Know this is the best part
    And it’s playing in a theatre near you,
    Remember that phrase ,remember how anxious and happy it felt at the movies, pretend you are watching and it is not happening to you, makes it easier:) kisses Elsa

  12. I’m wishing you a smooth and successful surgery, and hope you feel the improvements soon. The longterm “repair job” you’re embarking on does seem to coincide with the planets at the moment, and I sure admire your ability to explain and endure at the same time!

  13. Just because you have a high tolerance for pain doesn’t mean you’re not suffering. Of course this is a worry, I know it makes everything so much more difficult. Your ability to maintain course and carry on is beyond admirable and is an inspiration. God bless you on this journey and may the healing go deep and be complete. I feel helpless to help you because I am so far away (I’d love to wrangle some dogs and my Taurus moon would feed you so well) but will visit the Tip Jar instead and hope that will help ease a worry or two while you are down. Much love ❤️

  14. You’re amazing, Elsa. I can’t imagine how much pain you must endure and yet you still soldier on, injecting all you heart, soul and mind into your work, which is fundamentally helping others !. People like yourself, truly inspire. Wishing and praying for your smooth and successful surgery and recovery ??

  15. Good luck Elsa! My mother is still going on despite a bad fall, breaking her pelvis and smashing her hip, on top of the deep root stenosis and nerve compression that’s she’s had since 1990something. Some people are just made of Kryptonite – she and you are cut from the same planet rock…’Medical Marvels’ : )

  16. Years ago I had a talk with an anesthesiologist about how a lot of surgical complications are due to anesthesia and related human errors. If possible please have the soldier or your kid talk to / meet yours before the surgeries so they have a human face outside to remember.

    Somehow, I’m not concerned about the same thing Ben is, but I hope you continue getting the support to help you soldier on.

    Take care of yourself Elsa 🙂

  17. Coming up on my 2nd Saturn return in Capricorn- 23 degrees, also decently conjunct my 27 Capricorn Jupiter and I have been dealing with the pain and restriction of a right hip labral tear for 5 full years. Previously I was jogging 10 laps at the municipal stadium 3x week! Then, a bad pseudo chiropractic move- really an assault as I had told him to stop- and I was instantly disabled.
    In those 5 years I developed cystic breasts, bursitis in that hip, bursitis in my hands(which used to be beautiful and I am only 58!), and was at wit’s end!
    I stumbled upon the fact that an iodine deficiency can cause cysts, and realized the country to which I moved 6 years ago commonly had people with goiters walking the streets when I lived here in 1976! I started painting myself with topical iodine and the breast pain went away. Within a week I could climb stairs without pain. I could walk-slowly- to the mall without pain. The odd bump on my forehead developed a head and burst, after several years of occupying my face.
    I didn’t want a hip replacement and didn’t want a back MRI- the knee one a few years back was traumatic enough, but I closed my eyes and prayed to my ancestors all the while and only emerged with a single tear falling down my cheek. I decided that hip labral tears do not fix themselves, despite heavy boron dosing for my bones strength, and magnesium baths, and the iodine for the bursitis.
    There is also heavy social unrest here. People burning down grocery stores and metro stations, and beating the police half to death. I decided I had better get fixed now before I regret not doing it while the hospitals and clinics are still standing, because I need to be pain free at some point. I have to convince the surgeon that I will never replace any bone in my possession, but a few stitches and trimming at my labral tear I could handle. My appointment Tuesday competes with the call for a general strike country wide, but as long as we get everything done before the January 10th Pluto Saturn conjunction(cj my Saturn return)- well, that’s my goal.

  18. It is worth mentioning that whenever doctors and surgeons go on strike, the death rate drops significantly. Conversely, when they go back to work, the death rate rises back to where it had been. Don’t believe me, look it up for yourself. This has been repeated everywhere from Isreal to Los Angeles to Peru.

  19. I have a friend who is a witch, Cap rising. She does shamanic healing and works with a spirit known as the Bone Mother. A few years ago, she did a healing on my now-ex husband. I drummed her into trance for that, and when the Bone Mother showed up I literally saw the structure of my friend’s face *change*. Scared the shit out of me.

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