Sexual Experimentation and Liberation – Uranus Transit to 8th House Mars

Notel Motel Tucson Arizona

Dear Elsa,

I recently lost my husband after three years of bad health.

As I foray into singlehood in my early 50’s, all of a sudden I am looking at women! As I reflect on possible life partners, I realize I see men as only 2-dimensional but women as delightfully multi-dimensional. And yes, there is certainly desire brewing when I imagine a sexual relationship with a woman.

This desire for a same sex relationships came out of the blue and I am puzzled. How do I determine if this is simply me having a mid-life crisis… or dealing with past men issues… or pursuing a valid path for myself?

Is there any inspiration there from my star signs?

Scanning Around
United States

Dear Scanning.

Yes, absolutely. The astrology is very clear. Uranus transits bring impulse to experiment. The 8th house in a birth chart represents sex among other things and Uranus is currently going into your 8th house. On top of that it will conjunct your Mars (more sex) in Pisces so you’re going to try some new things!

But I don’t want you (or anyone else with an impulse) to worry one bit. So I am going to tell you a story about how this works. Because I have Uranus tied up with the 8th house in my natal chart, and I would know.

When I was 17, I was already a very sexual person. This is my nature. And one day the No-Tel Motel opened in my town. It was a motel where you could rent a room by the hour and it had these porn movies piped in. And this was unheard of back then! This was a pure scandal and the motel was on the news, morning, noon and night. People organized and began to picket the place and when they threatened to burn it down, well that was it! I had to go there. I just haaaaaaad to.

See, I was curious. I was from the desert and I had never seen porn or movies or anything. I grew up without a tv! But also I just wanted to cross a picket line! Uranus wants to defy! Uranus wants to do what Uranus wants to do so after three days of watching this on the news, I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I called up the soldier.

Briiinnnnng! Briiiiiiiiing!

“Hey, man. You know that No-tel Motel?” I asked. “Have you heard of it?’


“Well I’m going. Wanna come?”

“Do I want to come? Did you just ask me if I want to…”

We roared laughing and a few hours later we met outside the motel and crossed the picket line together, me with the biggest grin you could possibly imagine. And we rented this room. And you know what?

We turned on the porn and it took me all of two minutes to decide it wasn’t for me. Borrrrrrrrrring! Why would I watch other people have sex when I could have sex myself? That made no sense.

But anyway, here’s the point and it’s a good one. I was 17 when I did that. It was an experiment and anything could have happened. I could have gotten addicted to porn. I might have learned I was a lesbian. I could have turned into a porn star, starting having sex with animals, etc. etc. etc.

Instead I found out via this experiment that while porn is uninteresting to me, taboo is. I also learned that I preferred to focus on an actual flesh man and would be having sex with anyone, anywhere and any time I wanted… picket lines or otherwise, and I remain this way today.

And this is the purpose of Uranus transits. You are supposed to try everything so you can find out what you like. So please. By all means get out there. The only thing that’s going to happen is you’ll find out who you are and this is the best thing in the world. So I say, go out and play! No sense wasting another day.

Good luck.

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  1. dear scanning;
    as feel about u i think i cant feel u very well but i want to share yourself as a human kind. would you like to say your age and time of birth place.

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