Sagittarius – Happy-Go-Lucky Love!

Hey, it’s been great, it’s not you it’s me. Moving to Siberia now byeeeeeeee

Oh, Sagittarius. Freedom, exploration, wild horses! New horizons and sunny skies! Sagittarius is much-loved sign. Except for when it comes to relationships. “They can’t be tamed!” people say. “They can’t commit, they always leave, they can say they love you right before they move to another continent.”

I get it! They truly are wild, and some of them do have a knack for seeming single even when they’ve been married for forty years. They’ll probably never be a solid, stay-at-home cuddle buddy, and they’ll never be tame. But anyone who expects that from them is missing the point.

Sagittarian love is free and wild. It is sweet and pure and simple, no strings attached. It sweeps you off your feet and takes you to lands you’ve never dreamed of. Imagine laying in a grassy meadow on a perfect spring day, feeling the breeze in your hair as the sun warms your skin. Imagine talking about your dreams and philosophy and the meaning of life, then holding hands and running into the sunset, laughing the whole way. Imagine being adored for exactly who you are. Imagine someone who doesn’t want to fix you because to them there’s nothing broken.

Yes, Sagittarius demands freedom. But they give you the same thing in return. You are free to be who you are and explore your mind and the world without limitation. You’re free to change and grow and accumulate life experiences and become more beautiful and perfect with each new lesson learned. All they ask is to have to be given the same thing.

And that doesn’t mean they can’t commit! For Sagittarius, love and commitment can BE freedom. The ability to go and explore and know you always have a home to return to. Think of a young child on the playground. They will run wild, touching everything, laughing and having a blast. And every once in a while, they stop what they’re doing, look around, and go running back to their parent as fast as their legs will take them. They’ll smile sweetly and jump into their arms, reveling in the comfort of knowing their person is still there. And then it’s off to the next adventure.

Adventures are more fun when there’s a home to go back to. Even great explorers need a base camp.

My oldest friend is heavily Sagittarian. She is the freest spirit I’ve ever met. I never know what part of the world she’s in, or what new trouble she’s gotten herself into. We’ll go for months with no contact. Then suddenly, she’ll show up at my door, and it will be like she never left. The deep affection between us is a fire that never goes out. And we’ve maintained this for years because I never ask her to stay in one place. She roams, she grows, and she comes back. Always.

Look, if you want someone to cuddle on the couch, eat takeout, and watch old movies with every night, go for Taurus or Cancer. But if you want to run and explore the next great horizon, Sadge has you covered. They’ll show up with wide eyes, and open heart, and stories that will leave you rolling on the floor. They’ll love you forever, exactly as you are. And when they return from their roaming, they’ll come back wiser, stronger, and with eyes only for you.

Tell us your stories about being loved by Sagittarius. Let’s dispel some myths!

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  1. “The deep affection between us is a fire that never goes out. And we’ve maintained this for years because I never ask her to stay in one place. She roams, she grows, and she comes back. Always.”

    Love this – sounds wonderful to me. My husband let’s me roam and explore the world, he understands my need to “experience”. He’s a homebody and I understand his need to “check out”. I’m Aquarius rising and he’s a double Pisces.

  2. this sounds like a dream to me, this is truly what the perfect love is in my dream world… but I also wanna be the Sag.. ? not possible?. The few sags I know were love at first sight. Sag on decendant . My godson is a Sag, I was there when he was born , best person I know. He is 7 now, I hope he truly lives out all he can his sun.

  3. My husband is a Taurus sun (3 other personal planets in that sign) and Sagittarius rising.

    He’s adamant on his freedom, likes to move around, and his ideal holidays must always include sports (ski, golf.)
    He’s very blunt in his closest relationship (me) which although can hurt it always let me know where he stands.

    Foot-in-mouth disease he has with Sag energy – he’s not politically correct at all. Sag energy is really good at observing human behaviour and calling a spade a spade and still make the thing funny. I find them trustworthy in the things that count (yeah, they might change plans last minute forgetting they’d made plans with you yet they are there for the real needs.)

    Very funny people Sag Suns/Moons/Sag rising, and they are really lucky!! With my Gemini planets I know many and they are the luckiest (and most optimistic) people.

    I have Venus in Aquarius and Uranus Rising so I partnered with someone who gave me freedom. The difference is that in the past I dated freedom-loving men too yet my husband has all that Taurus too which means he ‘stays’ a lot too, suiting my Pisces Sun and Scorpio ascendant. So he does movie nights too.

    On date 4 he told me his astro details and when I saw Sag and Taurus I couldn’t believe my luck!

    He’s free as a bird although deep down he’s the rhino/Taurus (thank you, Elsa, for this metaphor given 6 years ago) and I’m the bird (lots of air and mutable) flying around, resting at times on his reliable back.

    • Just one thing – they can’t stay near people who are down/depressed for long. They can’t relate and possibly they fear catching it (or connecting with some low mood somewhere inside.)

      So when I’ve felt down I ask him to give me space to be by myself. As a Pisces I self pity every now and then (something Sag doesn’t like) so that’s something he knows I need to do before pulling myself together.

      Being with his Sag energy has made me protective of my low mood when I have it (i.e. ‘let me feel down, get lost!’) yet it has also helped me manage a bit more constructively those water sign traits.

    • My husband is Sagittarius rising, too but a Cancer sun. He definitely enters a room in a big way. He likes to be Big Man on Campus so to speak, and he can be very blunt, too. You don’t get a pass just because you’re the spouse ?. It’s definitely made me toughen up inside.

  4. My daughter is an Aries Rising with a 9H Sag stellium that includes Saturn, Uranus and Neptune plus a Gemini Moon. “Where in the world is Waldo” is literally applicable to her! Currently, she’s in Japan. She is the life of the party and she’s always optimistic. She, too, doesn’t like to be around negative people.

  5. Wow, thank you so much for the post. I am a scorpio but have My asc moon and Venus in Sag. I can be in a committed relationship but I have to have the freedom to be me. I don’t try to change anyone and accept them for who they are. If I feel the need to change anyone then I really don’t need to be in their company.

    Your description of laying in the grass {preferably surrounded by daisies} on a Sunny day discussing philosophy would be a perfect date. Of course topping it off with sex in that meadow. Perfect.

  6. Ah…yes! I’m a sag, Libra rising and was married for more than 30 years, he passed away a while ago. An Aries sun with his Mars exactly between my sun and Saturn in sag. Life was a huge adventure and we worked and lived together, traveled and raised some kids. I was free to be me and so was he. You get it, it’s possible, I still miss him after 10 years on my own. That Libra on my AC really knows how to partner. Now I’m with a Libra man but not living together but what I can say for sure is: I enjoy being a sag, would not want to be anyone else and somehow I have awesome people falling into my lap all the time. All I need to do is move around with open ears and eyes. And get around my Scorpio planets… they suck sometimes. But only for a day or two… 🙂

  7. How do you awaken your inner Sagittarius? This thought came to me after I made a joke about Secretariat/watched a clip of Secretariat right after.
    I have Saturn in Sag so honestly I’ve worked to maintain my inner Sag.

  8. I should be watching Departures or something (preferrably nothing.)

    Some days back I’d be eating night falafel and watching Miranda (a British tv series helmed by Sag woman Miranda Hart.) I think it’s pretty toxic and trash for any woman wanting to self actualize (Miranda is an awkward bumbling woman with few talents, no job, and basically is only questing for a man/specifically the love of her on again off again overly hot friend Gary.) She has the horrible traits of being comfort seeking and afraid of stepping out far.. it was like a Bridget Jones Diary played out in slow motion, as far as depressing patriarchal values go.

    But.. Miranda highlighted a different aspect of Sagittarius to me. Miranda is very playful and, even though she’s an adult, is constantly making up various games (Where’s Miranda, putting jello in an open blender and trying to catch it in her mouth, galloping to work, dressing up as a popcorn cause it was what she wanted to be when she grew up, making “fruit friends” she watches tv with..) It made me feel so sorry that I as an adult am not creative enough to make up games or see the wonder in life like this. She so naturally creates play out of everything. My busy 6th house just wants to oil pull and do yoga and morning routines and meditate ad nauseum, we’re just clearing our brains and for what?? Constantly self soothing, self parenting, but when do we take the raw material of life and live??

    But, I don’t think it’s possible to live in the world honestly without humor. My guess is that Sagittarian honesty can be buttressed with humor when things are not great. Far be it from them to sugar coat.

  9. eh, i figured that’s what true love is- someone who can be gone for who knows how long and yet when life brings them back to you you’re right fresh there again and the energy’s the same and they’re them and the joy is just as fresh..
    but i have neptune in sag trine venus and saturn, so ymmv

  10. Love your description. I have 6 placements in Sag. Sun, moon, mars, mercury and 2 others. My husband is a virgo sun and Libra moon. He is definitely a home body, and 17 yrs later he’s still learning to curb his worry and let me roam and bumbling about. Our 3 kids no longer surprised why mom comes home with grass all over her coat “Ofc bcs I want to roll over the hill!” Or comes home bringing random rocks “I found them while walking on the bank of a park.” Or cooking while dancing her heart out in the kitchen. Or ofc, roast the kids and make friends with their friends. They are my home I will always return to, and occasionally one of them will join on my crazy adventures. With my husband we talk many topics ranging from politics, religions, finances, etc and even though we occasionally drive each other crazy…I wouldn’t have it any other way. He always lets me be me…even if part of him wishes I would be less of a tomboy. But he knows he wont ever be bored for the rest of his life…an I know there will always be a place called home.

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