Sagittarius: Born On December 9th

I have two friends who were born on December 9th. These are people who are very close to me. They’re trustworthy  and part of my inner (inner) circle.  Both men have helped me tremendously over the the last few years.

The was a big year for both men.  They don’t know each other, by the way.

Yesterday, I was looking at their solar returns for 2018. It was so compelling, I checked 2019.

Solar return 2017 is pictured.

The three years of Solar Return charts tell quite a story.  Check it out:

December 9th, 2018
December 9th, 2019

We’re all going to experience these transits, but these men seem to be “bell sheep”.

I just heard that term, on a youtube video about Elvis Presley of all things. I had to look it uo.

A “bell sheep” has a bell around his or her neck.  Where it goes the other sheep follow.  It’s a leader.

Both of these men are of strong character, strong enough to set an example for others.

I just thought this was cool and wanted to throw it out here.   If you happen to know someone born on or near, December 9th, I’d keep an eye on them over the next two years. You’re liable to learn something.

If this is your birthday; I’d seriously consider stepping up at this time.  You have something to say and a way to say it.


Sagittarius: Born On December 9th — 10 Comments

  1. Yup born on the next day Dec 10th. It has been a tough summer with this many planets retrograde…sure hoping to make some progress once Mercury & Mars & also Saturn turn direct. Yes I do feel that I have a lot to say but I know it will have to wait until the right time ?

  2. My son’s birthday is on the 9th, two friends are on the 8th, and another three friends are on the 10th. The Sagittarius page of my birthday calendar is pretty crowded, with 20 birthdays on it and some anniversaries too.
    I’ve already done my son’s 2018/19 solar return. He has three natal planets in Sag (Sun, Mercury & Neptune) and two in Capricorn (Moon and Mars).
    The reason I did his solar return quite early, is because mine looked kindof gasp-choke-splutter to me when I did it about two weeks ago.
    Perhaps I need to mention that the baleful star Algol features quite strongly in both of our charts. It is on my son’s Asc and on my Desc, tight orbs of less than a degree. He was born in the southern hemisphere and I was born in Europe. I have been commenting on Algol a lot lately, because various occurrences in my life have featured this star – not all of them bad, but bad enough on the whole.
    Well, on my 2018/19 solar return, Algol is right on my MC. Tight orb again.
    Something compelled me to do my son’s as well.
    He has Algol on his MC too.
    What is more, every single house cusp in the two charts match. I suppose this is not so significant, given that we were both born in the late afternoon and Algol has a fixed placement – or am I being muddle-headed by saying that?
    It looks to me as if we’ll both meet our common fate – good or bad – some time between 9 December 2018 and 4 August 2019.

  3. Elsa, I have a Dec 9 birthday and have been thinking about this post. My sun is at 16 degrees Sag and I’ve heard a bit about The Great Attractor at 14 degrees Sag. Just curious if you see any connection between your Bell Sheep comment and the energy of The Great Attractor over the next year?

    For decades I’ve had seemingly NO choice but “pulled” to clean up my trauma and karma, and develop my healing method but getting traction to get it out into the world has been beyond challenging.

    Also, I have a client who has been experience huge life transformation using my methods and I noticed that her Uranus is also at 16 Sag.

    Made me wonder and to think back on this post of yours. Any chance you would share a bit more on this?

    • I’m sorry but it sounds as if you know more about, “The Great Attractor”, than I do. It’s not something I consider when looking at charts. But I did see one of these men, a few days ago. Ka-bam!

      That meeting had a great affect on me.

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