Refranation and Missed Connections -Update!

hands GodI wrote the post below in May of 2020, when Venus in Gemini was attempting to make an exact aspect to Mars in Aquarius and couldn’t quite make it work, always juuuuust missing no matter how hard she tried.

And now we’re in the same position again! This time, Venus in Capricorn is chasing a sextile with Mars in Scorpio. This week, she gets within half a degree, but then falls just a little bit behind. Soon after, she turns retrograde while Mars continues on into Sagittarius, oblivious to her advances. These two won’t make an exact aspect until mid-February, when Mars moves into Capricorn and conjuncts freshly-direct Venus.

Until then, many of us may be chasing things that we can’t quite seem to nail down. And given the signs we’re working with this year, it’s possible that many people may choose to give up the fight entirely and invest their energy in something that gives more back. But others may choose to doggedly keep going, knowing that the view from the top of the mountain is worth the work of the climb.

But regardless, assume you won’t see the summit until February. Knowing this now can help you manage your expectations and choose the most rewarding thing for you to work on. After all, we’re talking Venus in Capricorn here! Work is a given, but that doesn’t mean that all work is equally worthy of our efforts! The lesson in all this is to learn the difference.

Refranation and Missed Connections

Over the next few months, Venus and Mars are involved in an intricate dance. Ever since Venus entered Gemini in April, she has been chasing a trine with Mars in Aquarius. She has followed him through the degrees, gaining ground all the while. However, before she can make her exact trine, Mars enters Pisces, where he has no interest in Gemini. In fact, Pisces has a hostile, tense connection with Gemini.

But still Venus keeps up the chase. She turns retrograde this month and swings back through the degrees of Gemini, and finally, finally she makes her connection in early June. The only problem is that now it’s a square. Not exactly the dream love she hoped for.

This process of missed connections in astrology is called refranation. You can liken this to someone who has an obsessive crush. They chase and chase and chase and when they can’t obtain the object of their affection, they begin to build resentment. But that doesn’t mean they give up! They would still rather have their person, even if they kind of hate them, than accept their sunk costs and give up entirely.

So if in the next month or so there’s something you’re seeking that you just can’t grasp, or are living with an itch you can’t scratch, look to where Venus and Mars are transiting your chart. And rest assured that you will eventually get your hands on what you are seeking. The question is whether you’ll want it when you get it.

Are you chasing something? Tell us about it!

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Refranation and Missed Connections -Update! — 12 Comments

  1. I like the term refranation. The eternal carrot ahead of the nose or the hare at the greyhound track. I don’t know if it’s chasing, I am just making the best use of this time out during the sickness going on to get projects done. I just look at it like keeping at it and getting done whatever I can in the time I have. Is a person ever done when they own a home. No. There are always things to do.

    What I have noticed that may be related to this refranation thing is in the newsfeeds. It’s like everyone knows the future and are pretending like what they say is the way it is and going to be. It could just be the impatience of Uranus being squared my Saturn. But I’m like hey wait a minute that’s not happening and how do you know that. I am starting to see people getting tangled up in two-talk when some event actually happens. But anyway, great new word to learn. I will continue to not get ahead of myself. So good reminder too.7

  2. This crush example is hitting too close to home. I’ll never get it, that’s for sure now. Bleah.

    As for “sunk costs,” well, if you think you’d be happy getting the thing, of course you keep chasing it.

    • Hahaha, I just realized I’m the example: I wanted to get to see him more often and I got him to be in the same show I got into–and now I don’t want to be seeing him at all. I screwed myself just like this example.

  3. Great question?Oh tell me it’s not
    My past. I guess I’m chasing me around the galaxy! where should Me be?Am I the strong me ?the weak me ?the noisy me ?the complainer ?the changer ?the softy ,the grandma ,cook till you drop girl ?the I don’t care ,I’ll wear my sweatshirts to the grocery store girl? Nahh never a good look for me?(, is this when Frank Sinatra sings ?just Gotta be me)? you only need a smile right ,you need your eyes to be sincere ,you may need to allow yourself to see others ,to see their need ?Nahh done way too much of that ?or do you need someone to admire your smarts ?I don’t know ?I don’t know what I’m chasing ??chasing today !!yes I’m chasing today I’m going to pie up!! and watch the planets spin,whoopee!
    Hey you all enjoy your time it’s going way too quickly, I try to proofread this ,and I’m a lousy at typing,I see a whole bunch of the invisible, time, I am chasing time, I want to be eye to eye ,toe to toe, just not one eyelash ahead of it. Or I might miss the little bird is flying right next to me.

    • I think so too. Goals are good, but gotta take time to smell the roses too. More cliche in it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. And I often see out of balance future oriented people who do not pay attention to the present that leads to a failed or troubled destination. And what about the detours that can take a person where they really want to be.

    • Oh my. Natal tantalus is conj natal Venus by two degrees. That explains my gullible naivety. Too funny. Oh the carrot danglers that misled me. ???????? . . .

  4. This got my amused last night. When I was very young I had recurring dreams where I was struggling and couldn’t get to where I wanted to be. Like I would be naked at school and wanted clothes on but it wasn’t possible. I mean no one noticed but it confused me. Or I needed to get to the end of the long driveway to get on the bus but I was so slow in the dream I couldn’t get there. There were other dreams where that happened too, where there was a great resistant force disallowing physical movement.And while being a performer I often had what they call the actor’s nightmare. Having to go on stage and not knowing what show I was performing and what my character and lines were. Always a good time to wake up.

  5. Very helpful, thank you Midara ?

    This is definitely at play in my life, feeling I’m close … and then just missing the mark. As I have Libra Sun and Mercury, Venus has huge influence…

  6. This a great post. Food for thought really, as I like to track repeating transits and see what deviates confronted with what actually happened for or around me.
    In june 2020 the aspect was a square and venus was rx. In my case, she really didn’t “know” what she was attracting until the next square came in Sept 2020 (mars in aries x venus cancer). And, it wasn’t what she wanted.
    This time it will culminate in a conjunction. The conj this year (july) was very contentious due it being caught up in the sat/uranus square. All fixed. Brrr. I saw a lot of shine on top of a lot of shadow with that one Venus just wanted to be free (uranus in taurus) and mars kept pushing for his own agenda/ego (leo) against the “NO” (saturn).
    Hopefully in Feb 2022 they are both matured (cap) and sure in themselves to know and act on what they want. The conjunction will sit on my MC, 9H into 10H. Vesta will also be there! (it will square natal vesta in 6H libra, but being Venus ruled…)
    I have not a clue what’s coming for me but will hit the most visible part of my chart in beautiful trine to my NN in Taurus 1H. I deserve some good things! Is this confirmation that the universe has been watching? I don’t wanna get too excited though. Thanks for this post Midara! A bit of hope is always in handy ?

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