Reflecting On 2020 Trauma Or Transformation

My lumbar spine scolosisI am insanely happy with the moon in Sagittarius. I mentioned my progressed moon recently left Scorpio for Sagittarius. I was immediately optimistic and realized a P moon in Sadge would make a terrific Christmas gift!  It’s like WOOOO HOOOO all day long!

This does not mean I don’t know that Pluto is in Capricorn.  I’m surrounded by people who are gravely ill. I’m talking about physical illness but I also see people who have been devastated by the lockdowns that have gone on long enough that some may be fundamentally transformed. It’s a traumatic event we’ve all been through.

I had the two spine surgeries that brought relief of all pain after twelve years of suffering.  You may not have been as lucky. But the point is, we’re in a new story now.

I’m not sure people realize the impact of that 2020  conjunction on their life. I have a physical deal to point to. But for many, the trauma is psychological and it’s acute.han solo

  • I see people who are profoundly depressed.
  • I see people who have lost all trust of most everyone around them.
  • I see people who are defended by walls built so high, I wonder if anyone will be able to scale them.
  • I see people who are being eaten alive by their own anger.

I want to put this out here for people to consider. We’re in a new story but I think a good number of people are stuck like Han Solo in Carbonite.

I fear, if a person doesn’t bust a move pretty soon, it’s going to become impossible for them.

Can you relate to this at all?

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Reflecting On 2020 Trauma Or Transformation — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you for this Elsa ??
    ✅ Lost trust of most everyone around me
    ✅ Walls are high
    ❌Not eaten by my own anger thank goodness, but depressed yes ✅

    Depressed brain has been saying, What’s the use of doing good in this world? What if nothing changes? Has anything changed? Maybe I have changed. Become more of a weirdo haha

    Can I as a tiny weird person with do something positive, that makes a good impact? Someone seems to lose & get upset no matter what good things you try to do ? But maybe in the heartbreak, I’m more real… Maybe I can move with the heartbreak a bit better

  2. Elsa

    So True!

    Do you or others have any concrete suggestions for people of how to break or get out of such holding patterns?

    The picture is very apt for the energy

  3. I see this. My walls are as high as an elephant’s eye and I trust nothing and nobody. And I’m not sure what move to bust :(.

    • Welcome, BSK2. You’re not alone! During this conjunction, I compared the situation to being a goat stuck on a ledge. Like this:

      It was time to move, early 2021. But a lot of people are still stuck. There is a lot of energy put forth trying to keep people stuck. Having Libra in my chart, I’ve no choice but to try to counter it.

      The link I posted for Fruity was in that vein.

      Are you getting my newsletter? I am going to try to support people who recognize the situation and want to step off the ledge.

      Just a sec. I am going to post today’s newsletter. I will be back with a link. 🙂

      I’m back. Here you go. 🙂

  4. My progressed Sag moon is making me edgy sometimes. I know staying in the home that provides me with so much joy is what I need to do. But there is always that temptation to throw it all away and roam.

    I am pretty reclusive so if I don’t turn on the TV or talk to my political friends, it is all okay. I don’t know that I was ever big on trusting people. Probably I should not be commenting because my sphere is not real big. And I think I have seen alot of hardship in my life so this pandemic is just another thing. However, I would like to make it through this. And I do feel like the human race is doomed, but I don’t find that depressing, just change. The planet will be fine, but quite likely not able to be inhabited by people. And so the cleansing cycle starts over. Nobody said the apocalypse would be fun. Live like it’s forever, care if you can. I don’t want to die all afraid or depressed or angry.

  5. I think the stuckness is a symptom of not wanting to/ resisting grieving. We all went through something last year – a whole way of life, a reality, was lost. For me, I’m starting to see it more and more as a collective death, a death which has released something that was kept hidden in each of, and that is our awareness of death in life. This means we move into a new paradigm. I have noticed that I am in a grieving process and I am starting to see how by acknowledging this I can make things better. When you try to bust a move and break out of the blanket of grief it forces an acknowledgement that you are now living a new life without ‘x’ in it (we’re more used to this experience when people die or we lose a lover). It changes how you see yourself, you’ve lost the old external markers and there is resistance to letting go. Busting a move should be done gently, with constant self reminders of, this is hard, this is new, I’m practicing at this. I think a better life is ahead for us with more integrity and freedom and what we’re growing into, which is unknown, takes a lot of trust, well to be frank, it’s pure faith. In the meantime, I’m letting myself be down or lethargic when it happens and making the most of the times when I feel energised by the possibilities. They are certainly there.

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