Referral To Neurosurgeon

I just got a message, my doctor has officially referred me to a neurosurgeon. I can barely believe it. It makes me think of, Dr. Ben Carson, who is the only neurosurgeon I am familiar with!

If you’ve not heard, I say an orthopedic surgeon this week. He told me that three of the vertebrae in my neck are fused together.  They don’t move at all.

“I can’t believe you don’t have more headaches.”

“I would ignore them,” I said.

He can’t help me as far as his specialty goes.  This is inoperable, but he did spend an hour of his time, outlining the gravity of my situation.  He said I should see a neurosurgeon for a second opinion.

I just got the message, the referral has been made so of course, I put up a chart.  It looks good.

It looks like they will operate on me, actually. I am not afraid of that.

It’s not my brain they are worried about. It’s sudden death when my artery is cut, because I fell or got in a car accident or a dog knocked my feet out from under me.  That sounds scarier to me than being cut.

Also, if they are going to do it, I want them to do it fast.  I actually have a worse problem, if you can believe that. So I need to get in there, get cut, get out, get up and get on with it.  I may certainly be wrong, but this is what I think will happen.  I just have a lot more work to do.

But if something bad does happen, I want to thank every single person who has ever supported me here. It’s been amazing, for seventeen years! I have no regrets at all.

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Referral To Neurosurgeon — 77 Comments

  1. I’ve had you in my prayers since the Lupus thing started…you are a Blessing on so may levels. God is not ready for you yet, just getting you tuned up.


  2. May you meet this challenge as you have many others with an unwavering determination to overcome!! Sending you some added strength!!

  3. I wish you all that’s good and positive, Elsa. May your angels hold you close through the surgery and help with the healing afterward. (I’m curious: How is it that vertebra can fuse together? What happens for that to occur?)

    • From what I can gather this is sometimes congenital, which I don’t think (?) is the case in my case.

      In my case, my father saw fit to kick me in the head (with his steel-toes boot) literally hundreds of times, when I was a kid. Enormous trauma to the neck…degenerates over decades until the discs are gone, at which point it’s bone on bone and the fuse together.

      • Shite, lady–lots of love to you. Reading your blog makes me smile, laugh, learn something and feel connected to the Greater Good. Very grateful to you for serving all of us and for sharing your self. You give me courage.

  4. i hope everything goes smoothly and you finish in a better state than you started.
    you’ve been a blessing, if a distant one 🙂

  5. Good. I like experts and input, and this is too serious not to go deep. Consider all options. You know I wish you the best of luck! I hope the doc helps to assure you it’s being handled properly. Hugs xo

  6. My prayers and best wishes for you, dear Elsa, may God guide the neurosurgeon’s hands and I hope you recover soon. Love, Conny

  7. Sweet Elsa…HUGE healing HUGS and prayers. Having a very similar problem I feel for you…you WILL be fine…there’s no other option. Blessings Dear Elsa with much love ???

  8. Omg Elsa! I’ve so enjoyed your candor and your piercing insight on your blog. I hope you’re around for a long, long time yet.

  9. Oh my God, Elsa! I’m seeing a Neurologist on Monday too, for pretty much the same thing, which is also happening at the base of my spine. I feel for you, deeply. You’ve gone through, and continue to ~ SO MUCH! I’m sending you all the right colors of the Light spectrum, healing guardians and guides, and a huge energy force of Thanks and Love for all you do for all of us!!! Coffee, Elsa, Astrology. I hope people come out of the woodwork, miraculously ~ to bring you food, joy, laughter, help, lawn mowing, house cleaning … whatever you need. I’m so grateful to have your presence in my life. GRATEFUL, THANKFUL, every good thing. I don’t know why I’m crying. I guess it’s like in the movie “Conan the Barbarian”. I cry because she won’t. You really don’t have to be so strong ALL the time. We all love you so much. Hugs and blessings!

    • I appreciate it, but I’m telling you, I have a worse problem.

      Now if they do surgery and I am..who knows what, then this will be primary but as for now, it’s almost irrelevant. This is the horror of the other thing I’m having to deal with.

      If I am going to cry (and I have) it will be for the other thing. There comes a point where a person is willing to take whatever comes…I have been at this point for a number of years…ten or more.

        • No. My lupus is pretty well controlled with plaqenel and naproxen. I’m fortunate on that front, at least for now. Especially summertime. My joints love the humidity.

          • I apologize for prying. Obviously, for whatever reason, you are choosing not to share with us what this other thing is … But I think most of us consider you a “soul friend”, and care very much about whatever you’re going through. I will respect your privacy, but I still wish you’d let us know what it is. I believe that when friends, loved ones, connections, even people on prayer lines, share what is happening there is an energy of Love that goes through the collective, and it can help.

            • In order to send someone healing /pray for them, we do not need specifics -its enough to just send healing/prayers. That said- i will continue to pray for healing and God’s blessings for you Elsa, Always. And hope He keeps you around for a long time….

  10. Prayers for you, Elsa, and a speedy recovery. And thank you for all you do to make the world a better place. You will recover and shine on!

  11. Thank YOU, Elsa, for your thoughtful, informative blog and videos. The world needs you, we’re all pulling for you! (((((((Elsa))))))))

  12. Elsa,
    I’m praying for you. I’m so shocked. Oh what a thing to have to face. I’m really at a loss for words. When you know the date, please let us know so we can pray more fervently for you, and for God to guide your surgeons, nurses & anesthesiologist’s hands.

  13. My love and prayers to you, Elsa. I am thankful for your wisdom, humor, and beautiful spirit. You are a deeply wise woman, and a generous and gifted teacher. You have given much to me personally in consultation, and to all through your blog. For that, you will always have my gratitude.

    May G-d be with you, and may you be blessed with a full and speedy recovery.

  14. Elsa — what a wonderful, beautiful life force you are. I love ❤️ how straight and real you are. I send you love and hugs and will keep you in my prayers. Xxoo

  15. My brother is a neurosurgeon, if you need anything, please message me Elsa.
    He probably knows your surgeon as there are not very many 🙂


  16. I wouldn’t do it! No way! But that’s just me and my fear of bad outcomes from surgical procedures. (I’ve had one that I think about every single day.)

    Maybe you won’t get in a car accident, maybe you won’t fall. But the surgery could be a greater risk than you are taking into the equation.

    Of course, you’ll do what you want. I’m just saying consider all angles.

  17. Sending best wishes to you too!
    Let yourself cry over that other thing, let yoursef be angry, let yourself feel; I have come to the conclusion that all is interconnected and when the psyche heals, the body follows course. Good therapists are invaluable, but it is my belief and hope that one can heal regardless of any outside help.
    Good luck and godspeed!

  18. I won’t be sad about this, I’ll just claim victory for you, you have become a big part of my life, it’s something that I value. I will light a candle and keep it lit praying for you!

  19. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your prayers and good wishes! I’m feeling all right! I have been trying to get someone to look at neck for close to two years. I feel like I’m making progress. At least I know what’s going on, sort of.

    They took xrays…had me bend my head backwards. You can plainly see three vertebrate don’t move at all. I’m actually quite lucky I can turn my head.

    I was not able to turn my head until they killed the nerve in my neck. Now I will (finally) find out for real, what can and can’t be done and what the prognosis is.

    It’s quite strange. That one doc told me he would not work on my neck because the injury was too high. In reality, the injury is not high, it’s low. So weird. But understanding that part of my neck is immovable is a help. You won’t catch me looking down to text, that’s for sure.

    I wonder how people who hang their head like that, to text and check their phone all day are going to fare over time. It’s an unnatural position.

  20. Hi elsa, I am a 27 year old boy from Italy. When I was 11 they discovered a kind of rare scholiosis that is on my neck and I Have limited movement but only looking down, I can still live a completely normal life. But there Are only like 5 people like me in Italy! I used to get lots of headache as a child but now it happens less …since there is no obstacle to a normal life for me nothing was done apart from a lot of exercise…

  21. I know every case is different. It I had a similar experience. I ended up with a titanium cage replacing one vertebrae and Fusions on several others. Spurs removed etc
    My spinal doctor was awesome. Pain,headaches numbness in limbuch relieved. 3 plus years post surgery now.

  22. ((((Elsa)))) Sending Hope, Faith and Strength to you and all God’s Blessings. Mary Immaculate protect you and May the Angels minister unto you and grant you Health and Peace. You are loved!
    Aries Rising

  23. Dear Elsa, I have been on and off your site for a few years now but I always come back to read your blog. Not only do I love your “tell it like it is” style, I love reading the replies here and seeing the friendships and commraderie that’s been created here because of you! Should anything happen (and I also send many prayers you will be watched over) we all love you and hope that you come back stronger than before. Whatever the other issue is, I pray that will resolve and heal just as well as this issue will. I have been down a road these last four years that I didn’t know if I’d come out of the woods with, but I did and continue to transform myself, hopefully for the better!…lol Much love to you and know you are unique and special to us!❤️

  24. Elsa I wish you blessings and prayers for quick healing. Also you may want to check out a 2nd opinion on the spine being fused together with another doctor and one who is open to alternative treatment. I don’t believe that surgery is the ONLY option. There are tons of energy healing modalities that work miracles and also laser treatments now that are non invasive.

  25. Wow, Elsa. Good luck! ?

    (Don’t know if you have ankylosing spondylitis. My birth father had it, and it started while he was a young man. Mom said his lower back was always hurting. Decades later, when he came back in my life, his entire back had fused together from neck to tail, like a stick of bamboo. He could still walk, kneel, hug, do other normal things–but he couldn’t turn his head or waist at all. That wasn’t what killed him, either. A massive stroke did.)

  26. Jesus Elsa, your lack of bitterness is humbling. You inspire me to forgive. Each and every time I read here, you fill me with the grace and blessings of my own existence.

    My prayers and love are with you.


  27. Elsa, wishing all goes well.
    Thank you for all that you have done for so many of us. You have guided me through it all.
    Sending you gratitude, love, respect an heart.

  28. Best of luck with the surgery situation Elsa. Am looking forward to reading your thoughts for (and on!) the foreseeable future!

  29. A huge hug to you Elsa! May you have a fast recovery and come back over here, doing your work and sending us those wonderful astrology articles from all over the planet!

  30. May God guide you with the safest procedure and best possible results. You are an immense blessing to us all!

    • An aside, my BIL has been recently diagnosed with DISH. Of course, I’m not saying that’s what you have; your symptoms remind me of him.
      “Although DISH manifests in a similar manner to ankylosing spondylitis, these two are totally separate diseases. Ankylosing spondylitis is a genetic disease with identifiable marks, and affects organs. DISH has no indication of a genetic link, and does not affect organs other than the lungs, which is only indirect due to the fusion of the rib cage.”

      • I’m pretty sure this is caused by trauma + time (decades) and now aggressive arthritis. The discs are gone. Bone to bone. The bones fuse naturally.

        As I try to recall the conversation, the more normal vertebrate have rounded edges. Mine have sharp edges. It’s C-4 through C-6 that are jacked.

  31. Best of luck. You have years ahead and much more to write!! Its too bad someone didn’t kick the shit out of your Father. Sorry, its just how I feel reading this. My friend just had a ‘fusion’ if its the same thing. He has recovered nicely.

    • Thanks. 🙂

      It’s not the same thing, because the surgical fusion has nice smooth edges. I have craggy edges which creates the danger /potential of sudden death.

  32. Thinking good thoughts for you. I better order my charts now. I have learned so much from you. Wishing you health and happiness.A life well lived!

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