Quincy Jones Gives Shocking Interview

* updated with alternative birth data

Quincy Jones has given an astonishing interview to GQ magazine.  He runs his mouth, to say the least. If you’re not up on this you can read some excerpts here:  The 11 Best Quotes From GQ’s Quincy Jones Interview

Talk about throwing meat for the wolves! He mentions he’s a Pisces. I wanted to see what else he had going on. I also wanted to see what might have prompted this. 

Mr Jones has a Scorpio moon in the first house and a stellium in Virgo opposing his Sun and Venus in Pisces.  But that’s not what’s causing this.  It’s a Jupiter Uranus event.

Mr Jones has Uranus in Aries in an exact square to Pluto in Cancer.  He’s 84 years old. This is his Uranus return.  Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is also involved. Here comes the shocking dirt!

Notice, he’s talking about the shadow side of the other (transiting Pluto opposite natal Pluto). I don’t see him listing any of his sins. It’s funny, huh?

Jupiter rules publishing as well as blurting of the truth.  Currently, Jupiter is in Scorpio (more dirt), in tight aspect to Mr. Jones’ natal Uranus in Aries. Shot heard ’round the world?

I could stop here but because his birthday is near, I decided to peak at his Solar Return chart. I don’t know where Mr. Jones resides but I can tell you he has a Solar Return Aquarius Moon and Mars in Sagittarius squaring Uranus and Venus. That suggests more upset.

To counter this, Venus and Mercury are in Aries, square Saturn in Capricorn. This suggests someone will try to shut him up. I don’t know that they’ll be successful.

Keep an eye out for his age peers. Others with the Uranus Pluto square. It’s going to be interesting.

Click to see Quincy Jones’ astrology chart

UPDATE – A reader emailed me:
“I just saw a GQ interview from January 2018 with Quincy Jones on youtube in which he mentions at the 23:24 mark that his ascendant is Leo. He incorrectly says his descendant is Scorpio, which we know would not be true. However the Leo ascendant matches with a birthtime online of 3:40 pm from astro.com astrodatabank…”

I checked astrodatabank which now as a 3:00 pm time listed. Click to Quincy Jones’ chart with Leo Rising, which should be considered “approximate”.  This does not alter my interpretation.

Did you read the interview?  Do you know anyone from this era with Uranus square Pluto in their chart?

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Quincy Jones Gives Shocking Interview — 42 Comments

  1. He’s probably thinking, “I’m old and gonna die soon! What do I have to care too much for?”

    He said he turned down Marilyn Monroe because her boobs were too sharp, or something along those lines. Don’t quote me, it’s not a precise quote I have.

  2. Very good while more can be said on this great report the uranus is following his bank account and fears as the Bill Cosby theme is in the air…over all he lives a great life of protection and wealth with talent he realized in the 1960s

  3. Thanks so much for this! I read his interview yesterday, and though I’m not really offended by obscenities, I was amazed at how every other word out of his mouth was “motherfucker” (even calling the reporter “motherfucker,” which I think QJ was cool or slang.) Exhausting.

  4. I love to hear people that have lived a long life talk about their journey. Of course there are people that wish they would forget what they saw. And, Michael and Prince are dead so they cant dispute.

    He could say anything and no one will argue. I always like the people that are being talked about to be alive….its only fair they have a say in what is being put out there.

    Listening to my mother sometimes…..whoa! I come here anon and spill tid bits but I got a ‘I don’t see anything, hear anything, know anything’ code. I love to hear the elderly speak…but spilling secrets makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

    My Cap granny was like a vault. She used to say, best to keep your eyes open, your lips closed and keep walking…

    I could have gone the rest of my life not knowing a thing about Ray Charles’ balls. haha He’s probably going to keep talking. Some thing’s should probably just go to the grave and be buried.

    • It could partly be he has dementia, that’s why Quincy Jones is acting so strange.

      Don’t forget, he’s old. It might be his mind is going.

      I couldn’t help but post a comment on Quincy Jones, because it’s so strange watching someone be that blunt and honest, or at least what we believe to be honest!

      • Exactly! And for the press to print such an interview us what’s shocking. How and why sick people are getting airtime is beyond my comprehension. Please may I always not give credence to words that are so obviously not coming from a well mind. For their sake as well as mine. This interview is worthy of a lot of compassion.

  5. I think Mr. Jones has quite an imagination. Talk about tall tales. I’ve seen many older Pisces “reveal” their past and secrets and it’s pretty fantastical stuff. They don’t seem to realize how it is being received (politely, lol).

  6. I think Quincy Jones should stick to music. I saw some excerpts of his interview and think he comes off as a pompous ass know it all that is full of it. I don’t think he has dementia, he has a case of thinking he is better than everyone else.

  7. i thought he would have an aquarius mercury for shock lol but he’s an aries mercury, close to uranus aries in the 6th. whatever it is, that’s firing him up, seem to work great with him lol i notice he’s a 5th house sun, venus.

  8. T-Pain did a MJ song and asked for Mr Jones critique before releasing. He gave it after the release, to the public. That the problem with those outer planets. They can get so missing the point cruel. T-Pain worships him which is kinda sweet considering. But who knows, maybe that’s how the gods operate. Personally I would have liked to see a collaboration and a great redo. It was Pretty Young Thing and it’s missing something. Mr Jones could have helped.

  9. So I’m far from his age, but I do think that as you get older, you can find yourself taking that edit button and flinging into an oncoming snowplow.

  10. He’s got Neptune inconjunct his Mercury. Pretty sure he’s exaggerating a good bit of it. But funny yarn to spin anyways… 🤣

      • No biggie! I actually looked up his chart when I first watched it and, depending on his exact birth time which I do not know, his moon might even be in Libra which I found extremely interesting and fitting given his playboy lifestyle. Any who, hope this was helpful..

  11. I really don’t see where this is so shocking. I think he’s just letting it all hang out, has more than paid his dues, and just doesn’t give a shit. I hope to be that way in my old, old age- in practice for it right now.

  12. Quincy Jones’ (AA birth certificate data) in my computer program database* indicates he was born 3/14/1933 8:40pm Chicago IL. AAdata = Civil Record. The 8:40pm chart gives him a Leo Midheaven (career/public reputation) an apt description for a multi-talented person with a career in show business and a Libra Ascendant, with Pices rulers of Sun and Venus in the 5H (creativity/self expression) both of which oppose Virgo Jupiter in the 11H of friendships/groups. Without posting a lengthy delineation of this 8:40pm birth certificate time, I would use the 8:40pm birth chart which was originally posted here. I’d say the chart’s Placidus house placements with the Leo Midheaven describes this person’s public image moreso than a Taurus Midheaven. It is possible someone somewhere took the 8 for a 3 and got the internet 3:40pm or 3:00pm time. Whatever the houses, the Planets (Moons have a 3° difference) would still have the same aspects and receive the same transits.

    *Clifford Data Compendium, from Birth Certificate (Thelma & Tom Wilson, AA)
    The Wilsons were the Chicago data collectors for Lois Rodden.

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