Questions About Astrology & Life

mercury-retro-nasaThe’re been a lull, but I’m ready to start taking questions again. You can ask whatever your life. Astrology questions, or questions about life in general as these things are intertwined.

If there is some topic you would like to see discussed here (as opposed to a question you want me to address), you can send that as well.

There is no charge for this. I’ll try to respond to everything that is sent to me, in some form.  I enjoy this kind of challenge.

Got a question?  Ask here! Please mention your location (city, state, country, province…whatever). It adds something to these posts!

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Questions About Astrology & Life — 13 Comments

  1. PS with Mercury and Mars in Taurus, I may be a bit slow. But I will try to answer all the questions I can make sense of, that suit the blog. I will respond to the others in some form, privately.

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. I have a question about a natal aspect that I’d love to get your take on. Mars retrograde in the 12th house aries quincunx sun in the 7th scorpio. I have a feeling it is a big player in my life and have a general sense of how the 12th house mars has been working for me (mostly an initiative stifler with self doubt crippling me until some deep internal anger focuses me and then there is a big whoosh of initiative which is usually successful), but would love an opinion.

  3. What an offer – hope things are going better in your world, dear one. I feel like a pinball in a machine without sides. Birthdate 9-18-56 (yes, Virgo), lost both parents, job and family betrayal last year, so that now leaves me with the burning question – how do I define what’s “home?” Job search is going nowhere – where do I find the (planetary) energy to get some attention to build a future around here (or anywhere)? Will we even get a future? Sigh & signed, Fredonia, NY

  4. Note – please email questions using the link. This post will fall off the front page…I need to have a folder with the questions that were sent, to help with my internal disorganization. 🙂 Thanks~

  5. Hi Elsa, hope you are okay.

    I have a question, in my chart Jupiter is 19 degrees Aries and Uranus makes a sesquidquadrate aspect to it in my natal chart.

    Uranus is about to transit conjunct my natal Jupiter for the first time. Since they have this soft, but somewhat negative aspect natally does this mean anything for the transit?

    I was hopefully optimistic, but figured I would ask. In my chart, Uranus is conjunct Mercury and Pluto and opposes my Moon, other than the aspect with Jupiter. Any thoughts? Thank you.

  6. Hi Elsa, my birth date is 26/06/1950 and I am always reading your forecasts about if you have this in this and that in that, but I never know what mine are. Was born London UK at 10.45am that was double daylight saving time. Is this not the right question to ask here. Also I am wondering if to ask this if I am taking advantage of you when you are in a bad spot and I wouldnt want to do that to you. So plz dont answer if things are too awful for you. Christine

  7. Thank you for this gift, Elsa.

    Chiron has moved to 0 degrees of Aries (my 7th house). I have Chiron conjunct Mercury at 2 degrees Capricorn in the 4th house natally. I’ve always found open communication difficult. Honest communication. I grew up in an ultra-conservative home where my liberal views were not appreciated. As this transit begins, I find my home, once again, a place where my views and my voice are challenged. How best to cope with this square?

  8. WoW Elsa, this is fantastic! I learned so much from your posts responding to questions. It really showed how the Astrology applies in real life situations. I’ll be checking back to read more! 🙂

  9. Elsa, my fingers went a little faster than my brain and I just sent you a question without saying Thank you, and that I appreciate you doing this.

    So thank you!

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