Psychological Projection

psycholigcal projectionExpect people to project on to others this week, to the extreme. 

Q: Who will project?

A: Most everyone.

Q: What will they project?

A: Various things.

People will project their shadow, of course. They will also project their luck, their vision, their anger and their good judgement.

They will project their dependency, their weakness, and in many cases they will claim (and believe) that they are the victim of a person they are victimizing.

Astrologically, we can thank Mars, etc. opposing Pluto, and Venus opposing Neptune.

This is a week where whores and virgins can and will be confused.

Have fun, ya’ll.

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Psychological Projection — 31 Comments

  1. Uh…yeah…already happening. Can I wear a sign that says I’m not who you think I am and neither are you? No way to lay low, so I’ll just check my response to others and try not to add to the chaos.

  2. Thank you for the warning regarding the upcoming Mars opposite Pluto and Venus opposite Neptune transits. My Virgo Sun is in the 7th house, so I do have to be careful with projecting my ego in general…

  3. Yes, Heather, sounds good to me. Lately – when peeps have been having a go at me – been wishing I could flash a mirror in their face.

  4. how long will this last? with mercury just going direct, I was beginning to feel a weight lifted even though im still waiting to hear from a Gemini. pluto hits his mars, venus, and my sun, in early cancer, in my 7th. Neptune/Venus doesn’t aspect any of my planets but its in my 2nd and 8th houses, respectively, so for me, values and sex. interesting. transiting venus is quincunx his north node, right now too.

  5. Crap, and I’m just gettin grounded, really grounded again. I feel like a kid at the circus. Do you mean it’s really me that is the clown? That’s the magic of illusion I suppose.

  6. my mars is getting quite a workout…currently mars is opp mars..jupiter op mars…uranus sq mars..saturn sextile mars and pluto conj mars…you would think I would have tons of energy..but I dont.The only wars going on right now is in my many upsetting thoughts that I will just let go..practicing my zen..and also reading everything I can get my hands on.

  7. Crap, too late, I projected my vomit all over the place yesterday. Well on one particular post anyway. Why am I so irrationally irritated at everything that touches my shadows? I need to practice deep breathing at this particular point in time. Not a dominant feeling, but enough for me to wake up and regret and have anger over the communications that took place. Ah, well, this too shall pass.

  8. “Any advice of how to make the best out of this :/ ? Or how to snap yourself out of possible projections?”

    Excellent question. I’ll address it, first chance I get.

  9. “Lately –when peeps have been having a go at me –been wishing I could flash a mirror in their face”<– that's what I'm thinking too. I am very pissy… I feel like people are judging me and vice versa in return…. Ugh, laying low…

  10. The next couple of weeks precedes Preisident Obama’s August 4th birthday. Hmmm…any thoughts on that, anyone? And I wonder how much of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman situation will play out in the coming weeks.

  11. for some reason… i still have that sort of ‘lonely’ or feeling ‘left out’ feeling… that doesn’t ‘seem’ to be changing…anyone else this way? Does this have to do with Saturn….

  12. Hhmmm I’m quite unsure whether I should stay in this relationship at the moment….is it possible that a good chunk of your body can be closed off from making the choice of staying in it?
    I mean feel more balanced telling her the truth…then she seems to feel she’s getting drained in some way…err… I don’t want to feel I have to prepare myself before I talk to her….
    I thought it could work…but not if it compromises my goals…and such…and my purpose….
    any thoughts??

  13. Don’t be persuaded! Breathe mindfully, sharpen your listening skills with compassion-Oneness, breath consciously, how’s your posture while standing, sitting, etc.? Observe just over their shoulder instead of directingly observing their facial features or body language. Float as your laying upon an ocean and the waves are caressing your skin! 😉

  14. I see that I touched on what to do about this in an upcoming newsletter, but I still want to post about it, first chance I get!

  15. @mermaid44
    yeah im coping the same thing atm. Judges at every turn for me to. Just want to hide out right now. Sick of all the contradictory haters opposing me.

  16. Elsa, you ARE fabulous! You ‘feed’ me awareness and protection from those matters of energy that creep up into the scenes! Thank you as I can tell you that you have always been ‘right-on’. You are one of the Greatest friends I have. Lucky me!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!

  17. Elsa,

    Thank you for guiding those of us who get caught
    up in the emotions of heartless, mindless people
    who’s egos are like physic vampires who will suck
    the life and soul from anyone in their path….
    My daughter a Pisces with Cancer rising Uranus in
    Scorpio ‘God Bless her’is 33 disable’ from this
    very reason that you posted …she had a total
    mental breakdown from Pluto/Scorpio person 11 yrs.
    ago….my daughter lives with me and has to take
    mega medications daily…yesterday when I woke up
    I saw her in a saddened mental state sitting on the side of her bed…she said her cell phone
    began ringing at 3 am..from old boyfriend’s cell
    but there was a female voice she did not know harassing her not to call that number anymore and
    that the old boyfriend said bad things about my daughter…now I know this energy very well as I
    have Venus in Scorpio …but I learned my lesson
    many years ago. When I look at my daughter I see the cruel destruction that left my child mentally disable for the rest of her life….
    I want so bad to pick up the phone and BLAST that
    Bast..ard!.. these people need to be put in
    their place immediately if not sooner!…

    I can not allow any back slide where my daughter
    is put back into a Psychiatric hospital…

    This is serious stuff..much more than a ego game..

    I’m sorry for the length of this but feel other’s
    need to be aware of how powerful Pluto can be.

  18. good insight,elsa. tense is such a mild term but staying neutral will require more attention starting with the stupid comment,”my pluto is bigger than yours” is/was hilarious …. the rest of the week will require extra strategy to keep away from psychos just difficult when one of them lives right next door, and everyone in town including the police sanction this violent behaviour.

  19. @Char..

    I am sorry to hear your daughter went through this. Have you considered she may need someone to talk to like a professional??

    I have Pluto in Scorpio..Im so tired of being judged for it everywhere i go on the web for it. If i tell anyone i am part of that generation they just completely ignore me..

    I wonder what the future holds for my fellow Pluto Scorpio generation. The judging needs to stop before permanent damage is done. Pluto in any sign has its downfalls. Pluto in Scorpio is in its own home sign! Some of us can be very healing people to be around.

    Im tired of people judging by skin, race, star sign or planet placements etc tired of it.

  20. In fact @char…i am deeply insulted by your comment if you are insinuating that the reason your daughters life was crushed came purely down to someone that had a Pluto in Scorpio placement..


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