Progressed Moon in Libra – Party Planning and Partnering

I was 25. My progressed moon was in Libra. I planned the biggest blowout party of my whole party planning life. Chinese New Year at the infamous House on Fry Street. I also fell in love.

About 6 months earlier, TK and I parted ways. He stayed in the apartment and I moved out to go back to school. I answered an ad on Craigslist. “Big house looking for a roommate who doesn’t suck.” Everyone there was younger than me, but they only wanted $200 for a huge upstairs room. I took it.

I threw myself back into university living. Hours and hours of sitting at the coffee shop, reading and smoking. Late nights drinking jug wine on the porch having conversations with anyone passing by on the way home from the bars. I worked on my go game. I raised my rank from a novice 20 kyu to a relatively respectable 10 kyu. For those of you unfamiliar with the game of go, it is a strategy game of balance and boundaries. My progressed moon was conjunct my Sun/Saturn at the time, so there you go.

Being a Libra, with a Libra stellium, plus the progressed moon I’m surprised I managed to fend of potential suitors as long as I did. I wanted it to be my time. I hadn’t been properly single in 3 years. I was going to live it up, not fall into any commitments, and revel in my freedom.

Then I met Albert.

I was sitting at the Kharma Cafe, working diligently practicing Chinese characters. The semester had not yet begun. It was a week away but I had already purchased my text books and I wanted to get a a head start. Remember, my Sun/Saturn was activated.

Ryan, an old friend of mine came in laughing it up with a guy I had noticed in there two days before. Who was that guy? I thought I knew everyone in here.

They asked me if I would watch their stuff while they went outside to play Hacky Sack on the lawn across the street. No, I was not willing to be responsible for their shit. I was too engrossed in my studies, could they not see that?!

Then Albert said “Come play with us.”

Later that day he asked me out on a “Date.” As in a literal date. I thought that was a real stand up thing to do, to actually use the word date. “Would you like to go on a date with me?” His intentions were on the table. I tried not to shriek, but I did anyway. “YES! I WOULD LOVE TO GO ON A DATE WITH YOU!”

Where were you when your progressed moon went into Libra? Did you partner with anyone?

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Progressed Moon in Libra – Party Planning and Partnering — 16 Comments

  1. I love it, haha!! “Would you like to go on a date with me?” Gosh, I love your storytelling! I’m excited for you when I read it!

  2. Are you using

    The progressed moon changes sign apprx. every 2 and a half years. One easy way to see is look up your progressed chart now, figure the difference (example, if its in Aries now, that 6 signs different from Libra… 6 x 2 1/2 = 15 years ago) Then look it up for the estimated date to check.

    You may have to toggle that date around until you find the exact date.

  3. progressed moon was in Libra about 5 or 6 years ago. THAT my friends, was a messy messy time. yuck.
    Cool story Nota, and thanks h for asking the question cuz I’m just now learning about progressed planets and stuff

  4. Thanks nota.
    Progressed Moon in Libra for me was in 1998. I was living in my father’s country. I had just begun living in large communal squats, which allowed me to save money for future travels. I was living with my first boyfriend, who was a nice guy but a total drunk. Those were really wild times ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  5. I just checked… I met a nice, dependable Virgo when my moon progressed into Virgo and I started living with him when my progressed moon was in Libra. That only lasted a short time though. My moon progressed into Scorpio and I met a couple of fabulous Scorpios… haven’t been out with a anyone else since apart from a Leo when my progressed moon was in Sadge. It’s in Capricorn now and all I seem to do is work!

  6. ๐Ÿ™‚ Got married. This was the definitive marriage that gave me my kid and my identity, which I can’t say I really cared for ( the identity) — but I was truly married with children, with that person.

    Progressed moon was conjunct my sun when we met. I remember saying things along the lines of, I can’t DO this right now…

    It was on the midpoint between my sun and MC on our wedding day.

    Oh boy I wish I had known astrology then.

  7. My Progressed Moon is in Libra right now.,, I live in hope!

    But it’s conjunct Neptoon both natal and transiting, so I dread to think what I might come up with this time, esp with my Neptoon square to Venus (and being my great age, and so ‘desperate’ hahaha)

  8. 1997-8 for me. (Handy tip, Nota, since my p. moon is right now in Aries. *lol*) Would’ve conjuncted my natal Mars-Venus-Pluto some of that time, since that conjunction takes up most of the middle of the sign.

    First serious relationship and let-down followed by my first foray in non-monogamous living. I was also attracting partners left n’ right, which made the second part easier. ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Progressed Moon changed from Libra to Scorpio last year. I was extremely wishy washy and very fair minded almost to a point of detriment to myself. I’m enjoying Scorpio so much more, even though it’s very intense emotionally.

  10. My progressed moon is currently in Virgo and will move into Libra later this year. Virgo has been good to me 2 years ago I felt like my life was a wreck, now I’ve put it in order and I’m comfortable, and it’s lately really been helping me get really focused in school something I desperately needed.
    But with my Libra ascendant I have been feeling lately that I’m lacking a lot of Libran elements in life (besides my style and inability to make a decision without playing eenie-meenie-minie-mo)I’m really excited for some more Libra in my life, also it might help/ be really interesting when Saturn creeps up to and crosses my ascendant.

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