Prepare to Be Stunned by Rudeness

I had someone today say something to me that was stunningly rude. I mean, so rude that all I could do is flap my gums, helplessly. If you knew me, you’d say “now THAT’S funny!” I’m not usually one that puts up with such overt crazy. But in this case, I had the presence of mind to know that if I fired back, there would be severe repercussions. I kept my mouth shut. And remembered a few minutes later that Mars is approaching Uranus. The next few days are going to be lessons in diplomacy for me. Then, as I drove into my driveway, my landlord was standing there. He and I chatted for a minute, then I walked into my apartment and had the strong suspicion that my landlord had entered without my permission when I was at work… my son’s bedroom door was open, and my son does not live here anymore. Again, I was left speechless. I knew I could confront him, but he could easily deny it.

Maybe the Uranus/Mars conjunction, opposite Jupiter, does not impact anything in your chart at 19-22 of the cardinal signs. Maybe the worst you’ll suffer is the frustration of your computer shutting down to install updates, without your permission, as mine just did as I began this post. If so, lucky you.

Maybe, however, you’ll be offered the “opportunity” to weigh the options of firing back when you are gobsmacked by someone’s rudeness, incivility, or a downright violation of your rights. If you do fire back, I think you best be armed with a lot of facts that can be proven. With Jupiter in Libra opposing this Uranus/Mars conjunction, and Pluto –t-squaring it, we are being asked to look at all the sides of a situation before taking action. This is especially hard because Pluto/Mars/Uranus is HEAVY ego action. Go ahead…. Kick the dirt. Just don’t throw it at anyone.

While I get really sick of the phrase “take the high road”, there is ample reason to think not once, but thrice, in the next few days. Don’t let them get your goat to the point you feel you have to attack back. I really get the feeling that the ones that are going to be left standing are the ones who drew their gun last.

Mars/Uranus is exact on the 26th. Lay low this weekend, and stay safe. The transits are always more potent as they are building, especially so with Mars involved.


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Prepare to Be Stunned by Rudeness — 46 Comments

  1. My Mars is at 20° and ASC at 22° Libra. I will try to not speak at all, and not carry a big stick. Not my usual mode anyway. (I mean, the stick)
    I’d hate to get caught up in planetary incivility!
    Arrrgh, Uranus such a long transit.
    Plenty of goats out there, maybe nobody will want to get mine. A fairly tame animal anyway, not conspicuous, doesn’t bleat much anyway.

  2. Omg at your landlord going into your home without permission. I’d go crazy. Kudos on keeping cool. I would have blown.

    My husbands Mars is 22 Cancer. It’ll impact my younger son the most. His Libra Saturn at 22 degrees. He has Cancer Sun & Moon 19 & 23 degrees.

    Will try to lay low. The conjunction is in my 1st and I’ve been feeling the rage. Ugh

    • I would have gone ape, too. We once had a land lady who snooped. Like, go through our drawers and things. So a Piscean flatmate and I stitched her up nicely, with the old trick using strands of hair and matches balanced on door frames and drawer handles. Wriggle out of that, lady.
      Now, I’m a home owner, and can enjoy reading these kinds of stories like an old memory.
      Yes, interesting energies abroad. Thanks for the heads up, Diane and Elsa.

  3. Wow Diane, I would set up a camera if I were you. Especially because he is a man and you live alone. Very nefarious! If you aren’t planning to confront him, you should definitely take precautions…perhaps start be changing the locks.

    • Camera – good move!
      Yes, I’ve done that, too. Changed all the locks in a cottage I once rented. Had a poky landlord in the house while I was away in London. Landlord never said a word. Needless to say, when I moved out, all the old locks went back. I laugh about it now.

  4. That landlord going in your home (which is illegal without your permission) triggers my Scorpio planets. Good on you for being able to hold it in. I would have taken him to a new place of crazy! I hate my personal spaces being invaded. I don’t even like uninvited company to stop by. I wont answer the door! To me its one of the rudest things a person can do!

    Get cameras….set them up and nail him.

    Also…thanks for the heads up. I plan on staying put. I am on lock down Sat/Sun/Mon!!! Good food, movies and rest!

  5. Wow.I don’t know what to say. And I am personally still shocked by the fact that I was trying to recall the passwords for the additional user names I had to go undercover when I was aching to chime on..but this ONE? If I am really reunited with my original user name from 11 and a half years ago though I have lurked as anonymous guest…I’m not gonna dig too deep. Just….weird. 8th house plutonian sin eater with Uranus scored. And I am always hanging out with Soup praying for her health and wishing my mother in law had been able to be so…how you just ARE. But I am not dirty. However, I have become so messy clutter wise..I’m wishing soup could kick this Scorpio butt in place. As for rudeness..I’m wondering if you noticed the trend as early as 3 weeks ago?

    • Buy a lottery ticket. In the best of circumstances, Jupiter/Uranus can bring good fortune. But I certainly wouldn’t go crazy with it, because then Pluto gets involved and it becomes obsession. Just lighthearted “maybe it’s my lucky day” kind of thing, seeing as though you have Uranus/Mars/Jupiter opposite Jupiter going on. Maybe it will change your 6th house from having to clean your own home to having someone clean it for you. Ha ha!!

  6. Fine line. Don’t be a masochist or accept abuse however, don’t get enmeshed & react caught in their web.
    But anyone entering your home like some kind of stalker is cause for alarm. Any neighbors you can enlist to help keep an eye out?
    I’d go to the landlord & say something about your place appearing as though someone had been in there, without directly accusing him. He’ll get the hint.

  7. Thanks for worrying about me, everyone! I did leave a note on my door today: “Bob (not his real name) if you need to enter my apartment please give me the 24 hours notice as required by law”. Like I said, he’s an old man, I am not threatened by him, I just think he does this periodically and the other tenants say he has done it. So hopefully this will keep him on the up and up.

  8. Oh Diane–that sounds awful! 🙁

    Good advice… I’ve got my Mercury at 22 Cancer, which already squares natal Pluto. Solar eclipse is opposing my Saturn. Like you said, it’s wise to lay low for the next few days… Meditation and patchouli help. Hope your weekend is better!

    • That kind of reminds me of Don Knotts, the landlord on the TV show, “Three’s Company.” But what your landlord did was against the law, and maybe you should confront him. It also sounds he’s lacking in relationships among other things. Some 80-year-olds obviously have way too much time on their hands.

  9. Oh good lord… natal Neptune and Saturn are conjunct in Libra at 23, in the 8th house.I have venus at 13 Capricorn, Uranus at 20 Cancer. My sweet lap kitty, Dot went missing Wednesday, the 15th of February. Floundering with emotions from that. My laptop went black on this Wednesday evening while I was messaging with someone who was helping intuitively in the search for her….Today is my 45th wedding anniversary, the 37th anniversary of my youngest sister’s murder. My last 3 dogs all passed in the month of February a year apart. I am so ready for it to be NOT FEBRUARY. I have been biting my tongue for weeks about crap that needs resolution. I am not in a place to deal with it and not cause havoc. BTW the wedding anniversary is a good thing….it is also my husbands birthday. I continue to be the gift he asks for every year. So there is a silver lining.

  10. Thank you, Diane. I am feeling apprehensive, to say the least. This is happening in my 8th house and I have Libra planets in opposition – Neptune and Saturn (like Linda) and also a natal Uranus on the 23rd degree of Cancer. Pluto squaring my Sun isn’t helping much. I feel I have no control over things, but I will lay low and keep my mouth shut.

  11. ok, so a couple of you have transiting Jupiter sitting on your natal Neptune/Saturn conjunction. And being opposed by Uranus/Mars. I’m at my day job right now, so forgive me if I’ve gotten it twisted. And then, sounds like this generation also has Uranus in Cancer, so y’all must be in your early 60’s… ish?

    I think this is a BIG transit for you guys. Look for a blog post about this tomorrow. I think this is a *fascinating* transit. Can’t wait to address it!!

  12. I used to rent an apt. years ago in a smallish city (hometown then). I lived on the 2nd floor of a big ‘ol house. The elderly woman that lived on the 1st floor owned the whole house, but her daughter and SIL managed the property.
    The year I lived there, I noticed cans of soup disappearing, 2 sweaters, etc. I talked to the daughter. She changed my locks. I knew it was her elderly eccentric mother who lived downstairs, only one who had a key.

  13. It’s my birthday tomorrow, all my horoscopes were dire! “Lay low, don’t go out, don’t move or speak or do anything”. Hard for me, I was so keyed up all day I felt I was firing on all cylinders which is so rare for me, I felt, errr, AGGRESSIVE. Did not like, hope tomorrow brings some relaxation.

    • I was thinking of moving but after seeing issues with renting I will remain in my home of 40 years. Men are stalkers regardless of their age:/ I would get an easy to install surveillance set up such as you can see everythign from your phone.

  14. Natal mars @ 22 Capri here..

    So this uranus opp Jupiter is squaring my natal mars in 2nd house.

    Also the mars conjunct uranus happening at dot square to my natal mars.

    There is definitely build up of frustration just hope I don’t break anyone’s head.

    • Ann, that is a very interesting configuration. Natal Mars in Cappy is usually so well-contained, plus it’s even more slow-to-anger in the 2nd house. With the saturn influence (capricorn) I would think that *vigorous* exercise would be, at least, a temporary outlet for you… something that involves the CLANKING of metal-on-metal, like strength training on a machine at the gym.

      • Yes everyone says I have a cold anger.. I disconnect .. And yes you are right about the exercise part. I do find workout especially useful in such times. Helps me with the negative out let.

        So fingers crossed let’s see how the config work out for me.

  15. Great article, Diane — you write beautifully!
    I agree that you should set up a camera to record any unlawful entries, not necessarily to use now, but to have in case you need them in future if something goes missing, etc.
    This transit lights up my cardinal grand cross — 23 Aries Sun, 24 Libra Neptune, 19 Cap/Can Nodes, 19 Can Uranus. Lots of small aggravations — car repairs, new dentist was a corporate assembly-line-style mistake, etc. Will try to lay low and avoid conflict if possible.

  16. My mother has Mars/Uranus natal conjunction in the 1st house. I have written about her many times. She’s definitely not the most polite person in my world.

  17. Ohhh, but mine is just another page in the story of my life :)) Mars-Pluto-Venus conjunction in Libra 4th – if you take the mutual reception too, there you get some Arian features to my Mars, then add also the square of Pluto in Capricorn, and you’ll have some Mars-Pluto from both sides: natal and transits creating an atomic bomb. Add to the mix also AC/DC in Cancer/Capricorn. I’m not ashamed to say it however, once I’m crossed I am not cool neither do I back down. I love however people that are polite, warm and mind their business. To infuse some positivism in all of this: these transits are the cherry on top of the cake for working out at the gym especially since Saturn now sits in my 6th house!

  18. I have mars conjunct Uranus natally so I have a lifetime of lessons about the wrong way to vent my anger. It’s been ok for me right now. I got super irritated with my son a couple days ago. Then i realized that all my irritation and anger was based in fear (I’m pretty sure all anger is fear, at least mine is ) and I was able to work through it. I apologized. Explained to him that I’m just afraid that his blase attitude about some things (it’s a specific issue but he asked me not to tell anyone so I won’t) will get him into trouble or hurt or killed. It was that serious in my mind. I’m glad I was able to pinpoint my exact fear and let it go.

    • I absolutely agree that most anger is based in fear. Even righteous anger has, at it’s core, a fear based bottom-line. But, we’re human, and can’t always see the fear because the anger is so loud. What a great lesson for your son; it’s rare that a parent apologizes and keeps their side of the street clean. Hopefully this serves our children as an example– a lot of the time I look at my teenage son and just wonder “OMG, what are you thinking??????” but keep my lip zipped because hey, he didn’t ask for my advice, which means it will go in the proverbial “one ear and out the other”.

      • Thanks Diane. I always feel like it’s in one ear out the other with him. But then I’ll hear him talking to someone and repeating some wisdom I’ve told him. I’m gonna give him all of the wisdom that I have……wether he likes it or not!:) But I have to remind myself that he has a right to take it or leave it. Oh ya, my mars Uranus is on his moon. I might have a different approach with a different child though.

    • My wife has this in her 4th house along with pluto, and her moon. Exposure anger. This is the kind of anger that doesnt stop if it encounters resistance. It would keep upping the ante until one of us is dead.

  19. Healing the projection adjusts the reflection. Ignorance is where one say or does something ill mannered or hurtful without realising, rudeness is when it is done deliberately. I think we have all been learning to discern and become more understanding of how we have all become caught up in this the last several years, worth though, everyone deserves to be informed for themselves what is occult to themselves. I hope its not too challenging a learning curve though.

  20. LOL, I live in Seattle and was pissy and frustrated today because I had to work on a project BEFORE work, so I ended up being so late for work that I decided to just can it and work from home (I can remote in). Then, snow started falling here in Seattle, and it has kept falling… it’s like Snowmageddon! My boss just emailed me to tell me that he has traveled 1/3 of a block in 20 minutes, trying to get home with all the other stressed Seattleites. Ha, I dodged a bullet today!!!

    • Diane, just read your excellent column about the ’52-’53 aspects that you posted today, and I was gobsmacked to see you sand-blasted in the comment section by 67Joe. About paragraph length, of all things. Guess Mars is still active.

      Short paragraphs in an article are the sign of a rabbitty thinker who jumps all over the place. Complex thinking requires paragraphs of length as one thought flows into another.

      Keep your style–it fits the depth of the information you are sharing.

  21. “the ones that are going to be left standing are the ones who drew their gun last.”

    I sure wish I had read this before reacting to gaslighting behavior set up by a female acquaintance recently. Unfortunately, I played right into her hands/plans and reacted, standing my ground and pointing out her need to create perpetual drama within the collective of women I was once the leader of. The outcome was that people in the group felt I was being “harsh” and “rude” to this woman, while being utterly blind to the behind the scenes manipulations she had been concocting for weeks, including sending out the group email to which I responded.

    In the end, all my responding did was make them believe I was the horrible/mean person she had been saying I was. But if speaking up and standing your ground with someone hell-bent on creating drama and division leads to you looking like the divisive one, I don’t regret it. I realized this group of women were totally at odds with my own basic values e.g. that a woman standing her ground is not “rude”, among other things. I made no personal attack on this woman but simply questioned her need to create such division and drama and said it was unwelcome. I couldn’t deal with the people-pleasers anymore. The group broke apart and people sided with her and they’ve gone on to create a new collective. She got what she wanted but at what cost? Underhanded tactics and manipulation of naive women? I see now that they all deserve one another.

    No regrets about standing my ground and firing back. Only regrets about having wasted so much time on women who never truly had my back or shared my values.

    I have Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th house of secret enemies, along with Moon in Cancer in the 11th house of groups and friendships. The main instigator was a very insecure and jealous Cancer sun. I have Uranus in Scorpio in the 4th house. The woman who turned most viciously on me in the aftermath is a Scorpio Sun with Cancer Rising. I noticed an overabundance of Cancer energy in that particular group. It was really more than I could handle.

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