Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Timing In Astrology And A Visit To The Cemetery In Italy

Italian graveyard cemeteryFederico, the archivist in Italy who has been digging up my family tree actually visited the cemetery in the town my grandfather immigrated from. (Thanks, Federico!)

You realize I did not become interested in genealogy go looking for Federico. He just arrived and I am stunned while simultaneously being not surprised at the very literal manifestation of the Pluto (dig up / dead) transit to my Moon (roots).

It always goes this way for me. Astrology is never, ever vague. The timing is always precise as well and this has made it very easy for me to shrug off skeptics and detractors over the years. What about you?

Do you ever have transits where you cannot identify a result? Or are you more like me, with astrology in your face?



Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Timing In Astrology And A Visit To The Cemetery In Italy — 8 Comments

  1. It rarely works for me, for transits. There were a few exceptions, like my Saturn return and when Uranus trampled all over my Sun in 7, but aside from that, I just don’t see it. šŸ™

  2. whenever i read you i’m stunned by how precise astrology works in your life. maybe it does in mine, but i just don’t process it that way?

    the only time i recall an in your face situation was when progressed juno crossed my ascendant–that’s when i got married. at the same time uranus was conjuncting my venus, not the typical interpretation of marriage, but for me–someone who didn’t have conventional relationships until then–it was a form of chaos and upheaval, completely different from my past.

    now uranus is hovering my midheaven and i’m expecting my first child.

    hm, so maybe yeah, i can see some of that in-your-face-ness. šŸ™‚

  3. It depends on the transit, I think, for me, for the level of awareness I have.
    I find my Mars transits (especially oppositions) are so bloody obvious, but I have Mars in Aries. Saturn transits are especially dead on…and Neptune. Actually, now that I type this I realize that these three are in a grand trine in my chart…perhaps this ‘dominates’ my awareness, this trine?
    Saturn in Virgo has me amused. I literally woke up over night an organizing machine (it’s now transiting my 9th House, helpful as I am back at college).

  4. It’s possible that there may be a couple of different variables working here, if not more: 1) generally, when one ‘works with’ the stars (i.e., is an astrologer or an astrophile) one may be more likely to recognize events as being the product of a transit where others might not, and/or 2) depending on one’s natal chart, transits (although they obviously affect us all) might affect certain of us in more noticable ways due to the aspects within our individual charts.

    In other words, let’s say a person’s natal chart contains (as mine does) several planets in the 12th House. Yesterday the transiting Moon in Leo conjuncted my 12th House planets (5, including the Moon) nearly sending me into a tailspin. I wasn’t aware of the specific transits, however, until I realized that I really didn’t have anything ‘specific’ to feel depressed about. So I checked my transits (which I don’t do more often than not), and sure enough, the transiting Moon was stomping all over (as one reader put it) my 12th House planets.

    The transiting Moon aspecting any planet or house is usually only a ‘minor’ transit however, at least comparatively. Each of us processes the same transits in different ways. Depending on our Sun Sign (and obviously other signs within our chart) we might acknowledge the transits or ignore them. Geminis (especially) and the other Air signs generally don’t like emotional ‘schtuff’ so they might ignore what’s going on. Pisceans are more likely to feel everything that crosses their path.

    Experiencing a Pluto transit can be hell on anyone, however. Currently, my ex is going through his Pluto transit, but he’s not acknowledging it because he’s a Gemini with an 8th House Sun and three other planets in Gemini (all in the 9th House), one of which is the Moon. He’s really hurting, but I doubt he’d ever acknowlege that pain, either to anyone else or to himself.

    So, bottom line, in my opinion, it’s most likely that we each choose to emotionally and intellectually process transits in our own personal ways, which determine whether or not we recognize them when they slam us in the face.

    Regardless, everyone has transits.

  5. Uranus transits always get my attention (natal Uranus trine Sun & Moon), Mars transits by conjunction, opposition or square (Mars in chart ruler) and I noticed this past couple of years that whenever the Moon hit my natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction along with Saturn in Leo by transit, I’d feel down.

    Not looking forward to the upcoming Mars Rx either. Will most likely be working very hard and not seeing a whole lot of return. That may start to kick in after Mars goes Direct and gets back to the point he went Rx. Fun! šŸ™‚

  6. both. some transits are super obvious, some i don’t really notice. it seems to depend a lot on the planet that’s transiting. outer planets to outer planet transits aren’t very strong, for example.

  7. As I am only new to all of this, I thought I would look back to times in my life of change and have a look at the transits then.

    Oct 2002, I had an accident resulting in two deep vein blockages in my leg. I was totally unsupported by everyone close to me at the time ( I am always the “capable” one…don’t need help….Cappy Sun)that included husband, children, friends, one wanted to help me. My husband went to an interstate meeting, my parents who live 4hours away where too busy (they are retired) to come and help etc. Eventually when the situation became life threatening they all had a shock and raced to come and help. My parents where at my house a day when we got news that my dad’s brother (very dear to the whole family) was killed tragically whilst on holidays…the other side of the country. he was riding a bike and a car didn’t see him and ran straight into him.

    Justifiably the focus shifted to trying to get over to help my Aunty left stranded and all the arrangements associated with this tragedy. I was forced to “cope” regardless and my home became the epicentre for this family tragedy/reunion.

    My transists at this time…
    transiting Pluto conjunct my natal moon (I have Pluto square my I suppose this also made transiting Pluto square my natal Pluto),transiting Chiron conjunct my natal Sun (issues of abandonment and not having my needs met since I was a child),transiting Neptune conjunct my Natal Saturn (people were deceived into believing I could always cope),transisting Uranus (eigth house)opposite my natal mars,transiting Saturn (in my 12th House)opposite my natal sun and transiting chiron, my progressed sun was within 4 degrees of my natal Saturn and my progressed Mercury was 1 degree off my natal mercury.

    So yeah…transits…I am a believer!!!

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