Pluto Square The Full Moon… A Different Angle

The Moon in Aries opposing the Sun in Libra highlights the me/we axis. This full moon hits my chart hard, I think it’s pretty obvious by the writing around here but the situation with the soldier and I today is pretty interesting.

We talk all time, at least 10 times a day maybe more but today we incommunicado at least for us. Our conversations today have been very brief because he needs some down time and I can sense it. It’s pretty cool…

He’s stopped in another state and has checked into a motel. Most of you know he’s got that psychic thing he does and this is something he has to do. He compares it to pissing and/or shitting, he can only go so long before he’s got to do this or things go all kinds of haywire – he’s been doing this for 40 years.

In whatever case he cannot do it very successfully in his truck, I specifically leave the house when he’s home (or work on this blog) so he has opportunity but there are times he’s got to do what he is doing today and that is check out… way out.

He does go into a kind of trance at times and when this happens he had no idea the idea. He is there now or he may be. He may be watching the history channel in between sessions but the point is that he is on his own. He is independent today (and so am I by default). The result is that we are together but separate and I am sure he is grateful for an opportunity to seclude himself.

So he is periscope down but I can tell you for sure that when he comes back up he will share what he’s dredged up from wherever and it will be very rich.

I do the same thing when I disappear from this blog for a day or two and I do it for the same reason. If you want the small bits that exist at the outer rim you’ve got to go out there and to get out there you have to let go your responsibilities in the mundane world at least temporarily.

Who can relate?


Pluto Square The Full Moon… A Different Angle — 25 Comments

  1. Definitely!

    I have moon conj. neptune and I totally have to do this… it’s so encouraging to hear that one can do it methodically and reduce the interference that that sensitivity has on daily life + responsibilities.

  2. Actually, on my ‘recharging’ time, I need lots and lots of ACTION, not a calming atmosphere.

    Too much fire in my chart! People who aren’t as energetic as me won’t understand, but they do respect that I need that type of environment.

  3. yeah, but i usually think of it as indulging in selfishness or irresponsibility. i have a difficult time remembering not everything needs concrete value to be important.

  4. I understand. Haven’t had much time for that lately, so if I don’t have time to process, I sleep. My husband came home for 36 hours to help with my son’s surgery and I slept for almost 14 of it. But now I’ve got enough energy stored up for the next month.

  5. Alot of stuff in me is building up and reaching a crescendo…I can feel it….I woke up totally pissed off. I have not left my house except to walk the dogs and we walked 6.5 miles today. Came home and cleaned and then sat quietly for a long while for most of the afternoon. It feels good though….

  6. My husband and I have completely different work hours for that very reason :). But we do make an effort to enjoy the weekends together…

  7. The separation ignites powerful feelings. It’s quite incredible.

    “I think of you every 5 minutes,” he said.


    “Okay, every other 5 minutes, I think of you.”

    “That I believe…”

    But I like being left alone with my feelings and having the time to explore and experience them. I feel him and our bond in my heart and you can’t do this will chatter going on all the time.

    We do have that magnet thing going so if you stay apart we can feel it pulling us together and it’s stirring.

    Most times when I feel something like that I know he is feeling it too because he is the other pole.

  8. me me, can relate. But it’s obvious that 12th house sun goes batty without down time. Which I struggle to get enough time for me to go down. Responsiblity is a pain somedays.

    And Lupa – your new pic looks really happy. 🙂

  9. Yes. My husband and I both have 12th house stuff – you should see our composite chart LOL – we give each other lots of space.

  10. No 12th house stuff, but I still need plenty of downtime. Two days of socializing in any given week is plenty, any more and I feel crazed.
    The upshot is, I’m also perfectly willing to let others have their space without feeling offended. “Leave the light on” indeed.

  11. I was celebrating my birthday with the Aries stellium boyfriend last night. It all really went perfectly, even with the mild seasonal flu I’m suffering of and the storm raging outside. Today, there really hasn’t been that much of verbal communication. But then again, that’s what we both do for our living. It’s great to just sit on the couch watching a movie or reading a book and saying nothing for a change.

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