Pluto Retrograde: April 29, 2022 – Glimpse Of The Future

Pluto god drawingPluto will turn retrograde, midday on the 29th at twenty-eight degrees.  This is worth paying attention to. You may be treated to a glimpse of the future.

I say this because the planet is very well supported by Mercury in Taurus and Venus and Jupiter in Pisces.  I’m not promising the future in fantabulous but the combination of knowledge, wisdom, grace and other good things is quite powerful.

Say what you will about Mercury in Taurus. It doesn’t complicate things. This seems an enormous gift at this time.

If the veil does lift for you (Venus Jupiter), your first impression is likely to be the one that is real and obvious (Taurus). This is supposed to benefit you so capitalize on it.

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How do you feel about Pluto going retrograde?


Pluto Retrograde: April 29, 2022 – Glimpse Of The Future — 7 Comments

  1. Pluto sounds dark if it retrogrades, maybe it’ll just get gray. I can do gray.Now if I can swing some pale yellow cashmere with it
    Might just get to the Fantabulous stuff.
    Ready set, time to try it on, right?

  2. I’m astounded at how these transits of late have been conjuncting and either settling on or retrograding off of exact degrees of my planets.
    My theme song lately is Hey, You Get Offa My Cloud as this Pluto is exactly square my natal Neptune in 1.
    (It’s also opposite natal Uranus simultaneously).
    These slow movers seem to govern the overall vibe one needs navigate in certain parts of their lives.
    These are the things that not only try men’s souls but they grow em up -if they’re not already – as well.

  3. My Natal Pluto is retro. I find that I’m more comfortable when planets that were retro when I was born go retro now.
    I especially prefer Mercury retro. Everyone else is doing the Chicken Little Sky Falling thing and my tense shoulders finally relax a little😂

  4. woo boy… I noticed that Pluto has a lot of direction changes at the end of Capricorn for awhile (12 or 18 months?). This is opposite my Venus (28 cancer) and Sun (2 leo). At first I freaked out at the last full moon after having a grief-inspired meltdown and realizing that full moon was a taste of what to come as Pluto creeps closer, retrogrades, etc etc over the next year or so around this point in my chart… But I did alright during the Pluto Saturn conjunction in 2020 (was trine was my saturn and asc) and I just remembered personal transformation for the collective good. I have the possibility to discover a deeper power in myself and for society. And I remembered if anyone knows Pluto transits, it’s Elsa. So I may be reaching out for a consult sometime in the next few months.

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