Pluto Retrograde: April 20, 2017 – Cruelty

Pluto is currently stationing at 19 degrees Capricorn. The planet will turn retrograde, tomorrow.  Pluto stations are intense.

You’re probably trying to contain yourself. I know I am!  The pressure is out of this world.

One after another, I see a person’s shadow (Pluto) be made public (Capricorn). I’ve seen it be as subtle as an eye-roll, when someone outside a certain cliche, speaks. This action betrays the contempt that lies just below the surface.

I’ve also seen three different people launch babbling attacks against one or more persons; oblivious to their own shadow.  It’s like diarrhea flowing freely from the mouth.  Nobody wants to see this!

Be careful out there today, unless you want to live with the consequences, which are likely to be deep (Pluto) and lasting (Capricorn).

Are you struggling to contain yourself?

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Pluto Retrograde: April 20, 2017 – Cruelty — 85 Comments

  1. Yes, Im really struggling to contain myself. I feel like I will go crazy. But Im trying. Pluto is transiting my first house, so I suppose something about my identity or physical appearance will not go as planned. I must keep calm, but its really hard.

  2. Actually no. I’m struggling to fit everything I want into my daily schedule and not be too upset about the fact that I’m behind with learning for the exam I have on Saturday. Pluto in Capricorn is currently squaring my natal Pluto in Libra in my 7th house – I can only think that more work is piling up (next week especially) and that by the time I want some leisure time with a partner, I am too tired.

  3. its in my first house and then its going over my ACS aka back to 12th 🙁

    Can I go to bed? LOL.

    It’s really hard for me, as I need to talk and NOT contain myself, but I have learnt that I have to have a peace of mind lately, and its about letting it go. I’ve already said my bit during Venus Rx.

    I do have pressure and thats work and homelife and mind space, to be with it?! Thank god I have a therapist to hold me together. Its so hard out there.

    I’ve raised my white flag. I’m not asking to win, lose or quit. I’m just asking to be or release. Is that weird?

  4. Well, that makes sooo much sense. Been scarcely able to restrain myself these last couple of weeks and even then, the bitchiness is steadily leaking out of the corners. In fact, I had a hot mess meltdown yesterday and nearly burned some bridges. In addition, I’m having a Mars return with Saturn rx at an inconjunct which is frustration city ?

  5. does Pluto retrograde bring back old situations that you thought were dead and buried? or is it more like a review, revision, etc?

  6. Yup, Pluto reveals the darkness, the pain, the ego show its ugly side through power projections….ehh ?

    Unless Pluto is transiting any planets strongly for me I don’t really mind its Rx’s & its soul-transforming times. The world needs it ?
    I’m a Scorpio, I can handle it ?
    I’ve had Pluto conj transiting all of my planets (except mars & Uranus) in my life. That part is over now. No more of it.
    Mars it have opposed intensely too. Quadrants will happen….they are still kinder than conj & opposition for self. Maybe intense & testing, that’ll be ok.
    Have it in 7th now, and it seems like I’m an ‘agent’ at times for this lovely planet now ?

    Do your stuff Pluto to transform beings to connect deeper to our beautiful Earth ??✨

  7. Struggling VERY hard to contain myself… Cannot bear the unjust treatment meted out to my daughter by her father anymore!! But going to follow your advice and SHUT UP!!
    THANK YOU for bringing awareness by sharing this knowledge with us!!!!

  8. No, but Pluto is in my 12th. I’m struggling with something no one else can see and that I can’t tell them about.

      • Haha me too. It’s over the worst right now, as the square to my moon is finally over. But my natal saturn-Pluto conjunction in 8H is only 8-9 degrees away…

        And Uranus is opposing these two bodies at the moment too.

        Yesterday (and within the last month or so), I’ve had several blowups. Sigh. Apparently some Uranus stuff coming out too…

      • It’s very isolating. I don’t feel that bad some days but I’m just on a different plane and I know there is no way to share this with others.

  9. I’m feeling it. Pluto is exactly square my Libra Moon. The intensity is taking over the charm at the moment. I can feel bursts of energy coming up through my body, which I never experienced until now.

    • That was me a couple of years before. The intensity is… combustive.

      I couldn’t hold to my bearings even if I had wanted to – I had to let it all go, and in gained me a more emotional mature approach to life. It was like I had to explode and someone had to push ALL my buttons in order for the suppressed ballons to pop. It was a very messy, traumatic and combustive time.

      Hang on! It WILL get better!

      • I’m trying. I was also extremely tempted to say sh*t over the weekend, but I bit and am still biting my tongue!

        It’s hard, being that Pluto is in a control freaky sign and squaring my own super control freaky Moon.

        Thanks for the tip! I don’t remember my last Pluto transit to the Moon – a conjunction when I was just a kid – but the intensity of this tops t. Pluto in Scorpio square Sun and Mars by far…

  10. Agreed. Uranus has been passing through my 12th house and Pluto is on my moon, and yesterday, I might have another mistake exposed because of my blabbery. Honestly I should have left that job earlier instead of work there until the end. And I should have kept my mouth shut. Now they have ammunition to hurt my future career. Sigh. Don’t tell me of the wrath this might unleash with my dad. With Pluto going through my moon, there’s nothing I can do but breathe with the pain… and continue to love and love fiercely.

  11. Yes. There’s been a bloody divorce on my wife’s side of the family where I’d like to give the offender a piece of my mind. Still, I want to get all the facts first as well as finish the harder job of separating truth from fiction. I won’t have to take back anything I don’t say though. Thanks for the heads-up, Elsa.

  12. Spot on again! This Pluto thing is squaring my ASC/DSC, that cliche bit is everywhere. But this shadow thing has me interested as I see myself as being so open to everyone. My MO so to speak. Lately I’ve had this notion to begin being a little more discriminating or at least humorous about people, places and things that rub me the wrong way. P,aging with my inner W.C. Fields. Maybe the goblins in my personal shadowland would settle down a bit. They sure are cranky.

  13. For the past few months since she moved into the apartment above mine, my upstairs neighbour has been preventing me from getting more than 5 hours sleep every night. There is no soundproofing between her floor & my ceiling.

    Lack of sleep affects so many aspects of your life, doesn’t it? I’ve tried speaking with her calmly saying please be quiet between midnight and 6am, but to no avail.

    My Aries sun is square transiting Pluto (with Pluto transiting my 12th house). Thanks Elsa, for reminding me to avoid blowing a gasket by continuing to sleep with headphones and music on all night so I avoid either comitting murder or suicide.

      • I used box fans running constantly for a white noise effect, it helped. It can be so difficult to overcome intrusion from neighbors or modify their habits. Guard your health and sanity. It seems so unfair to have to move because of situations like this but that’s what it finally came to for me.

  14. Its in me to always contain myself. Let the other person speak, hold my emotions in check. Pluto retrograde is in a square to natal Neptune and opposing natal Uranus while transiting my 4th house but on the positive side it is in trine to my moon. I’ve mention the shambles my marriage is in before, my husband’s 7th house natal mars is being conjuncted by Rx Pluto. We’ve been at a stalemate so long, I can’t help but wonder if a bit of fireworks would be a good thing.

    But on an amusing note, I woke this morning to my neighbor replacing their fence and workmen are moving about. My 100 pound dog is blind. He is accustomed people being out in their yards and enjoying his early morning backyard time. He was annoyed that I insisted on sitting outside with him but never noticed the fence was down. So at least, to this point, he has been contained.

  15. YESterday, I kept hearing (in my head) do NOT be the problem do NOT be the problem do NOT be the problem…. but I REALLY WANTED TO BE THE PROBLEM! Short fuse, easy trigger, dark thoughts…. I made it home without counting coup, but it was not without effort. I still have to go out again today.

    Let us pray.


  16. Surprisingly I m calm. Actually in happy zone. Pluto is transiting my 2nd house and is 3 degrees away from my natal mars. I don’t know I find myself calm as compared last few weeks where I almost screamed and killed a few ppl hehe

  17. You’re probably trying to contain yourself. I know I am! The pressure is out of this world.

    Pluto is currently banging across my Mars, yes, but that’s one corner of my grand trine. So it’s trine the moon and natal pluto. (And sextile the sun.)

    I’m with Ann.

    [‘I guess Pluto over Mars acts as a powerup.’]

  18. “…One after another, I see a person’s shadow (Pluto) be made public (Capricorn). …” Hello, the true Bill O’Reilly revealed with the onslaught of workplace sexual harassment legal charges and allegations!

    • Yep! (I used to have a lot of respect for him, too.)

      Today I’ve been reading about Trump and how he’s making more and more gaffes, incoherent answers to questions, repeats himself a lot. Nothing like the composed, articulate person he once was. Weird behavior, like autographing a kid’s hat at Easter. then throwing it into the crowd?? He kept calling Paul Ryan “Ron” at an event recently. His father had Alzheimer’s, and now it’s being rumored he might have it to. This stuff seems to be coming to a head.

  19. I made it today, barely. I had to apologize even though I was only 20% at fault AND I had to write a long email, which I did not send.

  20. I have natal Pluto stationary retrograde at birth so I find this intensity is a part of me. I find these pressure cooker moments very revealing. Today was no exception. I have just returned to a previous situation I had been involved in about a year ago (before my son’s illness and our long stay in hospital)I have changed since then after spending the time in isolation – analyzing my behaviour and relationships and how I had been sharing power. (That was a pressure cooker situation! Being in a isolation unit watching my son suffer from chemotherapy – thank you transiting pluto square moon and conjunct natal merc) SO NOW when today revealed that the situation I had returned too made evident that nothing in that relationship had changed, that the ‘submerged’ bottom-line rule HAS NOT changed. A rule that I can consider requires too much handing over of my power than I am willing to accept. So I acted out of character and did what I had promised myself to do. I shocked! Some were happy others cast thunderous Pluto frowns. I’m immune. I have just risen out of hell. I am free, I will not sell-out my power again. Pluto taught me values, others and mine. I’m going to wait this one out. Thanks to the stationary retrograde intensity of Pluto today I have ‘seen’ more than on other days and saved myself a jump over the precipice. (I have venus square neptune in scorpio natally and am always putting on those rose coloured specs) I thank pluto for melting them to smithereens before I had the chance to do my dumb thing again and trust and believe that things have changed when they most certainly have not!

  21. I’m definitely feeling pressure. But it’s not like the kind of pressure that needs to blow. It’s the kind of pressure that transforms you because it leaves you no other choice but to change. I know that I have GOT to let go of some control. The pressure of managing single parenthood and everyone else’s selfish demands of me (and I’m talking glaringly selfish, like adults throwing fits.) is taking its tole on my well being. I’m planning my escape.

  22. I have Pluto in the 4th house square my n. Mars in the 1st. I feel a lot of pressure to get things done around the house and believe me, there is no shortage of things that need fixing or tending to. I’m happy to have this energy boost, but it won’t let me rest. I have too much to do.

  23. uhm, in the process of deciding to say no to a huge opportunity because it was a great idea a year ago and now it isn’t. also, there’s a ton of hurdles being thrown in it’s way and i keep winning awards for what i’m doing right now, so maybe i should just continue in that direction?

  24. 2 or 3 weeks ago some deeply buried family secrets came to light. Pluto is transiting my Capricorn moon so it may have been that but the conjunction is not yet exact. I am definitely experiencing pluto in the greater world but I am doing well. The revelations left me without anything to say and no need to burst open.

  25. This intense pressure for me, was yesterday. phenomenal pressure to change. Intense as though Venus was on top of Pluto (but it isn’t). But that intense feeling of; “I must do something for me”, feeling. So I did. The relief has been a type of self transformation. But there has been a price, someone I know distantly will feel this indirectly. Yet I have done nothing wrong, but my own action has affected her resolve. Odd I know. But I like the “coming out feeling”. Yes I do.

  26. One of the crazy people at work has decided that he loves me and followed me home from work. I have PTSD from being stalked 13 years ago. I now hate him and am thinking terrible things.

    • Call the cops, Tam. They likely won’t do anything much (he can traverse public spaces) but you’re laying in the information for a complaint.

      [‘I’m sorry.’]

      • The thing is our appointed sheriff is scarier than crazy man. I, of course, went into 12th house Mars avoid tactics but I have my camera ready for evidence. The amount of delusion he is creating is stunning. I might have said hi to him twice in response to him speaking to me first. Pluto square ascendant sucks.

    • Wow. And he doesn’t know about your prior trauma so he takes your rejection as if it’s all about him. Good luck on your crazy train ride. Best to be firm but kind.

      • When you say his name to people 100% of them say “he’s crazy, he has a problem for real”. This isn’t a normal kind of crush where there is a reasonable expectation that the two people could date.

  27. I’m not sure if I’m dealing with what you describe or not. All I’ve noticed is that many of my interactions with people, including my husband, have become a bit AWKWARD. Know what I mean? There’s an underlying irritation or something. ST and I have had more arguments lately and many times I’m stepping in invisible shit. A week or so ago, I was asking myself, what the hell happened?? We can’t communicate for long without someone getting their back up at some point.

    Pluto retrograde can rip things from us–I just don’t know what to expect…Take each day as it comes, I guess.

  28. I read this too late! I made a thoughtless, mean remark to someone who’s been a source of frustration for me. I apologized, though.

    I noticed people were being kinda catty today, too.

  29. I’m jettisoning some people and situations that have been clawing at me for too long. Both in my life and in my head. Felt stuck especially during Venus retro and couldn’t resolve. Now really feel they’re behind me, clearing up congested spaces. Also: feeling zapped, super tired and getting some deep rest to heal up.

  30. I should at times react respond at least make my eyebrows move; I feel I see I desire to express my personal take, but I freeze I float
    I look into the sky, if the clouds are close I cruise on the waves of sea foam I am blanketed in a gauzy invisibility , will it count( sun in Capricorn) to be heard? I still feel
    I am really in here.just can’t make my words out.thank god there’s lots to read?

  31. 2 x blowouts this week.

    Both of them in front of my BF.
    So embarressed he had to witness this side of me.

    But the first time I managed to transform my discomfort into emotionel closeness by admitting my weakness and showing vulnerability. Tell others if you’re feeling scared/helpless/ashamed. That way you can transform your relation.
    I think that’s the key with Pluto. Expose your rawness in a vulnerable way. DARE TO SHOW VULNERABILITY – it can’t go all wrong then.

  32. i’m struggling to get everything done. but this is going down in my fifth house and i want more time with the people i love. especially since i just lost one and will funeraling on this station

  33. Pluto is in my 9th. Thankfully I’m still in vacation otherwise I would have gotten into trouble with some teacher at my university. It has already happened three times, for speaking the truth.

  34. Today I found myself deep cleaning for some of my home care clients. I also bought a new hairbrush.

    Pluto in the 1st house. (Saturn’s in the 1st house, too, which could explain my wrenched back. Ow!)

  35. I would not even know where to begin. Pluto went rx on my ascendant degree. I could have cried. I feel like this transit to my 12th house is never going to end. It is also squaring my natal Pluto at 16 libra and has been opposing my cancer sun for years but was finally out of aspect. Now it’s going to retrograde back into aspect again. Jupiter is also sitting exact on my natal Pluto. I split my foreheadhead open yesterday. Great way to start rx. I seriously can’t take any more of this nightmare. It’s broken me, shattered me into a million pieces in every conceivable way. The last 6 months has been the most traumatic period of my life and I’m far too fragile to traverse back over that ground again…..twice more!!!! Already within 1 day past issues have resurfaced. I just want to run away and start a new life.

  36. Rachel, Don’t run away – Fight! Utilize your Mars energy and use it for good such as strength in survival during this difficult time for you. Many people never really work with sublimating this wonderful and powerful planet’s energy. Mars doesn’t have to be only war, anger and destruction. Remember energy is neutral – it’s how a person uses it that really matters. Use this Pluto retrograde to start a new path – one of channeling your Mars energy. It will take you away from victimhood and onto a path of strength, courage, and with the Plutonian energy, lasting transformation.
    It has worked for me, I wish the same for you.
    Aries Rising

    • I’m just so tired. I’ve been fighting since 2011. 2 court cases which spanned 4 years, losing our home, being homeless, trying to keep a business afloat, 2 deaths, 3 house moves and 3 business moves In the past 18 months non stop drama and then losing my 2 young teenage daughters in October and now a huge lump in my breast. I feel like I’ve had a nervous breakdown and struggling to cope with day to day life. I have channeled mars energy before, so I know how to ignite it and use it for productivity instead of anger and rage but I just feel so incredibly lost. I have no idea of what I even want in life. I have no direction and clue what I want to be when I grow up. I thought by 38 that I would have it all together. I seriously have no clue and don’t know where to begin.

      • (((Rachel)))
        Quoting, forget who, “When you’re travelling through hell, keep going…”
        Somewhere down the road,farther along, you’ll know you’re stronger than you’re feeling right now, because you’ll have survived this. Take care of yourself, there’s no wrong way to do your current passage through hell on earth, you know this, right? <3

        • Hell on earth, that’s such a fitting description. I love it! And if there’s no wrong way to do it then I’m totally killing it!! Thankyou all so much for your kind words of encouragement, I really needed it right now, I feel that there is some hope for me yet, I just need to look for the flowers not not the weeds. If it weren’t for this transit I would still be Reading my sun sign horoscope in the Sunday paper and feeling incredibly hard done by with life, thinking things were happening “to”me like I’d been singled out and the world was against me, I took everything so personally before I fell down the rabbit hole of astrology, it has helped me to depersonalise a lot of the crap that’s been flying every which way, not all of it but a lot more than the old me. I also see the massive transformation of my personality unfolding, the shedding of layers and layers of superficiality and ego and fake friends. Which was all of them. Pluto should stand me in good stead for Saturn opposing my sun next year and then crossing over into my first house a year or so later. Being a cap rising I’m familiar with Saturns tough love approach. I have saturn and moon in Virgo so do it once do it perfectly right and keep working till it’s done is my motto.

  37. Pluto has been opposing my Mars, since I forget when. Most of the time, it’s been energizing, interspersed with random moments of pressure.

    Today, I listened while a friend told me about having been the target of a scattershot “babbling attack”.
    I feel sick at heart for the one hurling her hurt, because she’s hurting herself.

    (It’s obviously emotions, erupting, so if this continues, listen to those, instead – I hoped out loud. You’ll hurt your own brain, if you try to find regular logic in this.)

  38. Today in a City in Italy a woman was discovered hiding her mother’s body in a room of her house for 10 YEARS. And when was this discovered? Of course, when pluto goes retrograde! Very interesting

  39. Pluto stationed exact my IC, I feel like I was hit with a brick and am only just coming out of the fog, this is just the beginning of a very long transit. I feel completely isolated already… Anyone been through this?

  40. Speaking of being hit with a brick, shocking outbursts of rage and verbal attacks yesterday and today, really disturbing my security. What is going on, Pluto station? Setting boundaries everywhere and battening down the hatches.

  41. Mars is squaring my natal Pluto. Some pressure from externals. The creepy crap going on in the daily news. It’s just creepy crap. I’ve had some wacky dreams though where I take some action that has devastating consequences. Stuff I would never do in my waking life. As long as it works its way out in my dreams I’m okay with it.

  42. Life fell completely apart between April 20 and April 23, 2017. I expected Pluto retrograde to hit me…bring things out of the shadows but it hit my daughter as well. Yes the consequences will be lasting and deep but not forever.

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