Pluto In Capricorn: Structure, Government, Authority Imploding

I started talking about the cracks in the foundation when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. I sounded like a crazy doomsayer at the time but less so at this point, I think.

Mars and Mercury are currently conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, This seems a good to ask what you see imploding or collapsing in on itself in your life, in the lives around you or in the collective in your locality or around the world.

Just to offer a rounded perspective, I think there are a number or people who function well in this kind of environment of climate.  If you know anything about that, please weigh in as well.


Pluto In Capricorn: Structure, Government, Authority Imploding — 10 Comments

  1. Well many things are imploding, especially in Europe, and considered that in the world the first degrees of Aries pass for this continent and that Uranus will re-enter Aries, it is clear that it is not over, not over at all…

    The key is in the system of Great Finance which is collapsing over the Publòic Finance and Balances, as this link says:

    At the moment no one still know how to avoid this fall even if conditions have bettered a bit, but not in order to fully avoid the fall…

    The main problem is to make that the incresing of public debts does not traduce into a sort of para-Nazi movement, for so the thing went in the last passage of Uranus in Aries…

    Perhaps the passage of Neptune in Pisces will allow another prospective – more religious but **not** in terms Christendom against radical forms of Islamism…

    But what is real is that the astrological picture is a complex series of squares and oppositions, and so all will not be regular, this hypothesis very probably will be realized **with** – and not without – teh presence of many other factors…

  2. i think that i can, and will, function well.

    Pluto in 10th, square Capricorn Moon and sextile Saturn in 8th. if that doesn’t make me ready, nothing will.

    i’m a champagne girl on a u-brew budget. i can do without the champagne but will drink my u-brew from a champagne flute. i can also be a teetotaler.

    in therapy today i was asked ‘how long have you trusted your judgement more than your parents.’ never been asked that before! i couldn’t even remember how long…very very young.

    that was for good or ill (thinking of the analogy that something is a gift and curse of equal measure). i will try to be brave. with Mars in Aries in aspect to natal Moon, Pluto, AND Saturn, i will endeavour to be.

  3. A lot of angry young people are trashing London and many people – police, protesters and innocent passers by – are getting hurt; the situation seems to be escalating. It’s very worrying.

    I’m not going to get into the politics of it all here, just to say, violence is always encouraged and used by anti-democratic elements, and many get caught up in it

  4. Authority will have to answer to the people once Uranus is in its orb to square Pluto from 2011 to 2018. Not only that, with Pluto in Aquarius I don’t see things settling down. The people will be ready to rebel during Aquarius Pluto!

    AND not only that, America will be going thru it’s Pluto Return once Pluto in Capricorn reaches 27/28 degrees. So the next 30 years isn’t gonna be a walk in the park.

    I say buckle your seat belts because the next few decades is gonna be a bumpy ride!

  5. i grew up in a disaster-prone area. hurricanes, 8.0 earthquakes. we expected infrastructural decimation at least every few years. as a child, i internalized this and have come to expect devastation, especially if things have been coasting for a while. maybe that’s not healthy. but i’m scorpio rising with 12th house saturn-pluto.

    the simplest advice for anyone going throgh something similar? choose to NOT be a victim. you can choose to sit still, or to speed the destruction, or to reign its forces. but first recognize that you have a choice in the matter, however limited the scope and power of that choice may appear.

  6. Well, my ears perked up when I saw the date “2008” because it was July 2008 when people – white collar, blue collar, all ages/sexes – began walking into my new-age shop, Talisman, describing virtually identical dreams. All revolving around rushing/destructive water, chaos, roaming children searching for parents/adults to care for them, everyone in tattered clothing forming groups and all moving Northward (note: Talisman is in Connecticut).

    When the “financial tsunami” hit, many told me “well, there it is …”. I thought not. Said little, just watched and waited.

    Now, maybe, looking ahead to 2011 — I think we will see the destruction and chaos, which will be a prelude to the rebuilding/recreation of many societies.

    Maybe we won’t f**k it up this time?


  7. i’m seeing some serious denial of the inevitable on the part of governments/corporations/the international monetary system.
    isn’t that the first stage of reacting to loss?

    not good for the rest of us trying to keep up when the people with the big guns are shooting them off erratically against a foe they’re unwilling to see.

  8. things are becoming clear and i’m terrified. on a personal level. the world is getting me deeper into sticky questions that are far more challenging than the teenage dramas i had to wade through back in the day. i keep my head together by keeping my integrity straight and being able to respect myself but the world ahead looks greyer and greyer on those questions and it makes me very nervous.

    i imagine that’s some sort of saturn question? or maybe the saturn transit to my pluto?

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