Pluto In Capricorn Stations- Retrograde Dates & Degrees 2021-2024

capricorn mountain goatPluto is currently at 25 degrees Capricorn.  That’s my ascendant. I’ve certainly noticed!

Do you have planets in the late degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn)?  I put together this list of the dates and degrees when Pluto changes direction. When you’re dealing with Pluto, these small shifts matter.

April 27, 2021: Pluto retrograde @ 26 degrees Capricorn
October 6, 2021: Pluto direct @ 24 degrees Capricorn
April 29, 2022: Pluto retrograde @ 28 degrees Capricorn
October 8, 2022: Pluto direct @ 26 degrees Capricorn
May 1, 2023: Pluto retrograde @ 0 degrees Aquarius
October 11, 2023: Pluto direct @ 27 degrees Capricorn
May 2, 2024: Pluto retrograde @ 2 degrees Aquarius
October 12, 2024: Pluto direct @ 29 degrees Capricorn

Pluto enters Aquarius November 20, 2024. See tag.

Do you have planets in the late degrees of the Cardinal signs?

*Note confusionconfusion shared these dates: Pluto @26, 27, 28 degree dates. Thanks!


Pluto In Capricorn Stations- Retrograde Dates & Degrees 2021-2024 — 22 Comments

  1. So what will it mean if you have say, 3 planets (or more) in late degree cardinal signs (libra)? And how will things change when Pluto moves into Aquarius?

  2. I do. Venus at 26d Aries in my 10th house. I just went through Pluto transiting my Cap descendant, so I am used to the Venus-Saturn-Pluto energy at this point. In fact I am married to it! Husband has Saturn-Pluto in his 7th, with Pluto in late degrees Libra. I wonder what our marriage will be like after all these transits pass.

  3. I have 23 degree Libra sun and 23 degree Jupiter Capricorn. I’m hoping I’m almost over with Pluto and it’s effects. It has worn me out since 2008.

  4. Saturn at 25 degrees Capricorn. I surprised there aren’t many post regarding Pluto conjunct natal Saturn. It is quite the grind.

  5. this year’ll be the worst, but it’ll be squaring my sun for awhile.
    “worst” == “most triggering”

    i finally figured out i was in abusive relationship when my husband got arrested. now it’s all climbing out of the hole?

  6. Just Neptune late libra. I don’t think I can do much about the collective destruction. Cept not get any on me if I can help it.

  7. My son. He is either a latest degree Capricorn rising,
    or the earliest Aquarius. He is now 26, so I imagine
    he will get a double whammy of Saturn return and Pluto
    crossing his Ascendant. Oh, and Uranus will cross
    his IC. I have been telling him all about it and
    keeping track.

  8. 27 degrees Cap is the natal degree of US Pluto. We are sure to see the critical features of transforming our nation within the next 3 years.

  9. Just a few more years I whisper to myself … tPluto doing this dance on my 27 degree mars and tNeptune opposing my moon and Saturn Uranus giving a big ol’t-square with nUranus this is just a lot going on forever.

  10. 23 degree Cancer 1st house moon here– Pluto has been opposing my moon and I’ve been through it! It all began mid-2018 with a skin cancer diagnosis under my eye and a terrible allergic reaction causing scarring post surgery, a power-hungry boss making shady power moves which disrupted my sleep for over 6 months (Pluto first conjuncted my 17 degree Saturn, plus I had my Saturn return as well), two different disrespectful common-wall neighbors who finally moved out last fall (thank goodness peace resumed again after 3 years of noisy chaos); my best friend since 7th grade faded out of my life; my sister betrayed me by refusing access to my mom’s financials even though I was executor of her estate (natal Pluto in the 3rd): my mom passed in Feb. 2020; severing my relationships with my sisters for good; extreme isolation during 2020 with friends refusing to hug, even knowing my mom had passed and my girls were in another state); severe hip and sciatic nerve pain after Pluto retrograded back to 24 degrees in April 2021; my social life had started to get a little better early 2021 and then took a dive again in summer, and most recently I bit down on a popcorn kernel and broke a crown and the tooth and had to have implant surgery costing $5000; and finally, going in and out of emotional closeness and distancing with my two grown daughters. Also, I’ve not dated at all during this time of Pluto transiting my 7th, and I’ve been single for a very lonely 15 years (As a Cancer moon/rising, I thrive with partnership.) But I’m still here! And I refuse to settle. I have to believe I’ve been through the hardest part. I’ve had ten harsh Pluto transits in my life (conjunctions/squares) and this Pluto/moon opposition was by far the hardest. I can’t wait for Pluto to go to 25 degrees again — things were starting to get better before the retrograde!

    My heart goes out to anyone facing a challenging Pluto transit. Thanks for this post, dear Elsa. Much love to all! ?

  11. That would be me, been feeling it a long while, and this little chart posted above is helpful as well as depressing and somewhat scary for me.

    Capricorn rising 1 degree 1st house, but here is the best part…
    Sun in Capricorn 25 degrees 1st house!

    Pluto’s been messing with me a long time, coming and going!
    And to think I stuck up for it as a planet lmao!
    (have to laugh or go crazy 😉

  12. What sort of orbs do you guys think you can feel Pluto for e.g with the 26 deg if was bang on 2021 and 2022, but do you think it could be felt at 25 and 27 (1 deg orb) or even wider? Because Pluto is so slow moving I’ve heard sone people say only bang on, but can take you the following 3 years to make sense of it!!🤯 any advice on ‘pluto orbs felt’ welcome!

  13. Interesting. I have heard people give Pluto the widest orb which makes sense to me. Never heard the bang on idea. That seems ridiculous to me (sorry).

    I’d give it 5 degrees anyway. If you’ve any sensitivity to rumblings, below, you will sense this coming in, if it is to aspect a personal planet or an angle in your chart.

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