Pluto In Capricorn – Socialist Slippers

Mercury God Close upIt seems these Mercury-themed problems will never end. I’m still in the process of trying to restore data after my computer crashed. My wrecked car is supposed to be fixed next week. It was promised on October 4-5th so I’m not holding my breath!

I know that people can’t post in the forum…I don’t know how to fix this at the moment. I’ve hired someone to rebuild the site. It was targeted to be done, end of October. I know he was working on this last night. I guess he must have nicked a wire? In whatever case, I hope he can fix it soon. Worse cast scenario, the new site should be ready soon.

I used to get real upset about this stuff but I no longer do. With the constant changes and “updates”, I think I’d be best off to just commit to rebuild every couple of years. In my yesterday’s mind, I thought that the internet was a cooperative place.  I know think that was naive. It’s brutally competitive out there.

I’m not talking about astrology – my niche. I’m talking about the back end of the site. Everyone is trying to make a living, I guess. While some things are designed to play well together, you can imagine that motives exist, to allow one plugin to come out on top, causing the other one to die.  If you initially chose the plugin destined to die – too bad, so sad!

I use woo commerce on the site. Truly, I’ve had nothing but problems with it. But WordPress bought woo commerce this year…I’m thinking this has got to be good. They’ll want their two products to work well together, right?  No benefit has manifested to date. I don’t know why.

I do feel confident the new site will work the way it’s supposed to. I will probably get my car fixed and I might even get all my data restored. However, I expect this to be slow like a snail.

This may seem like a tangent but I think it’s related. Recently I bought some warm slippers. I wear a size 9.  They offer size 7-8 or size 9-10. What the hell is this? One slipper is clearly too small…I bought the other and my feet swim in them. I’m so pissed.  How come we can no longer buy slippers made in our size?

My husband said it’s because these are the people’s slippers. They’re socialist slippers. Make some crap for the common people – you get what you get, the fit good enough!

I think he’s right. Pluto in Capricorn.

In whatever case, a person has to live in the world they live in; in the society they are part of. So that’s what I’m doing. I really don’t see this turning around, do you?

But I do think I can keep this site alive for another ten years. This is my intention.

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Pluto In Capricorn – Socialist Slippers — 24 Comments

  1. Felt insoles, as many pairs as it takes – not any of the drugstore insoles, just plain, gray felty footprint things. (Thick woolen socks, I’m convinced you already use.)
    Physical comfort – especially warm feet, and footwear that lets us get on with what we need to do – matters a lot. I often think about other women, who I never met, who faced similar difficulties, in other times, and other places. Those who successfully overcame… whatever. They made use of what was available to them. (The astrology: might not even be my 9th house, nor my 10th, Mars in Cancer. Might be, Mercury in Aries in 7th, opposite Neptune in Scorpio, and Neptune squaring Vesta, and Uranus).

  2. I can so relate to this posting I too wear size 9W finding slippers or any other shoes for that matter that fit is a very challenging. Do you have an Academy Sports store where you are now living? They usually have a good selection of shoes at a reasonable price. Kohl’s and Target might be other good places to look for shoes. That is the only suggestions I have because those are the stores I look for shoes at. If those stores fail then I start looking at other options like I first look online sometimes you can find where out where the sales are.

  3. Not sure it’s a Socialist thing — “crap for the common people” has been the norm for at least the past fifty years. The tacky furniture, poorly made clothing, cheap fake-leather shoes being the only selections at affordable prices always seemed to me like a concerted effort to dumb down the masses. Thank heaven for thrift shops with fine quality available for less than the junk! Not many nice warm slippers there, but you might find a pair of Uggs that fit — nothing warmer!

  4. I understand what your husband meant by socialist slippers.
    But, I come from a former socialist country (one that died 20 years ago) and I assure you that the clothing was very high quality. Synthetic shoes and bags were looked down on. It was not uncommon for a woman friend to look at your bag, praise it, and then, on second thought, grab and smell it: ‘Hmm, this isn’t real leather!’ she would say, not concealing her disgust. Bad manners, I agree.
    The clothes were also very expensive – I remember spending my entire monthly salary on a winter coat. This was an average priced coat, just as my salary was average for the country.

    When it came to sizes I also had a problem. I’m small and in my younger days I was a European 36 – which was nearly impossible to come by.

    Then the Chinese and all the other invasions (German, Swedish, Italian) started and everything changed.

    My conclusion is that the slippers aren’t Socialist at all.

    • What up Marina? My family couldn’t afford the black market clothing, had to get stuff sewn custom. Name brand fashions weren’t easy to come by. But, some of those dowdy blazers are stuff we still have. Did you experience that thing where deodorant took forever to get to your country so people used powdered??

    • Hmm.. I really get the sense though that what people experienced is that the non-rich were different gradations of poor. And the rich were rich. I guess. Like, very few people (including doctors, lawyers, etc.) could afford clothes or ever tried soda.

  5. Yeah, I wouldn’t say this is the result of socialism. More like the effects of globalization and free trade and the crappy pay/child labor that accompany those phenomena.

  6. I’m amazed web sites even work because they’re such a mish-mash of plugins and disparate software. WordPress is good, but because so many different people create the various plugins there isn’t much coordination.

    I use Woo Commerce on my site too. I’ve been mostly happy with it, but I find when they update it, not every component of it is compatible with WordPress at the time they offer the update. I always hold back for a little while before I do any of their updates and wait to see what other people experience. So far I haven’t gotten burned.

    It is a good thing that WordPress bought Woo Commerce because there will be better coordination between both softwares. What will likely happen is they will come out with a better version of Woo that will work more reliably with WordPress. I’m sure it will take some time for them to rework all the code.

    I’ve run into the slipper problem and none of them ever fit me either when they’re sized like that. Ha ha, socialist slippers. Thats funny. If we ever bought manufacturing back to the US, that would change. I don’t know if it will ever happen, but I’d like to see it.

  7. I love what your husband said. I started laughing, but I think he’s right. One size “fits” all. I had some house slippers last winter, slides, “mules”, you just slide your foot in. Then I noticed that I was having to walk weird just to keep them on my feet, and I thought “this is sick” and threw them away. And I agree, I really don’t see things turning around either. I guess the answer is stiff upper lip, walk on … if you can find a pair of shoes that fit.

  8. Also a capitalist thing… Create demand, cut costs on manufacturing, lower expectations, create endless niches, sell more, make profitz repeat! That’s why so many of our crap slippers come from socialist countries. Such a profitable capitalist production line.. In a socialist society. (Talkin bout China)

  9. I’m still tromping around out there. There is a good local shoe store and my shoes are an investment. It’s one thing I will spend a week’s paycheck on. And 5-7 years later, I am wearing the same pair. And I where them alot.

  10. i used to do websites and there were some things that i liked about wordpress, but every time i added a new plugin i had to alter the code of my theme and the plugin to make it work. i’m really not great at coding so it took forever and never worked right. and then there was the design/layout of the thing which i also always wanted to change and took forever. i thought the whole point of wordpress was that things are already coded and supposed to be compatible, but when i realized that i was wrong about this, i walked away. a former roommate of mine wrote his own web design platform and could build any website with any functionality in a couple of hours. he sneered at any mention of wordpress, and i now understand why. if i had time to learn and do, i’d build a platform from scratch.

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