Pluto in Capricorn – Slow Decay Through 2023

breck popIt’s been awhile since I wrote about Pluto in Capricorn, independent from Uranus in Aries.  Death of business, the black market, shadow side of government, shadow side of parenting, and the like.

I love this topic. I wrote about it consistently, and then Uranus in Aries came along and introduced a new energy.

Aries is Mars-ruled. It’s sexy. It hots things up.  But the aspect between Uranus and Pluto will break up 2015. Uranus will move out of Aries in 2018, but Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2023. Today, it makes sense to look at longer term trends.

Years ago, I wrote that I felt the future of a city like, Las Vegas was bleak.  Since then, I’ve realized that my home state, Colorado, will be in trouble over time. I’m talking about the ski towns.

I don’t think people realize how much the ski industry has flourished over the last twenty years. I’m aware of this, because I know someone who started a business in Breckenridge before the town exploded and property values soared.  He’s quite rich.

Gambling and skiing are expensive habits.  Towns or cities who rely on these industries can only thrive when people have disposable income.  When I moved to Colorado in the early 90’s, people were flush with money. Today, 80% of the kids in Aurora Public schools qualify for free lunch.  I don’t think they have money to go skiing, do you?

Factor in an aging population.  Many older people can’t take the cold, never mind the physical demands of skiing. Who is going to take their place?  Where will the customers come from?

I am from Arizona and guess what? I don’t like skiing.  It’s too cold! I like the hot tub portion of the sport and that’s about it! Some of us are warm-blooded and that’s all there is to it.

The people moving to Colorado are primarily Mexican or from some other warm climate. They’re like me.  We’re not snow-bunnies, that’s for sure.

This was driven home for me, recently, when we were contemplating having a funeral (burial) at sea in December off the Texas coast. With most of us from warm climates, like South America, no one wanted to do it on the chance it be cold.  All you have to tell is there might be freezing rain. We all shiver and shake our heads, no!

When I first moved to Colorado, everyone I met was heavy into skiing. Those people are  aging out of the sport at this point. No one is the least bit interested in taking their place.

Do you wonder about the children of people who love skiing? These people didn’t have children (in significant number). This may be one of the reasons they could afford skiing!

Based on all of these factors, my guess is that these ski towns have peaked, at least in my lifetime.  When I searched for population charts, I was not surprised to see it them leveling out.

The decline will be slow, though. You may not even notice in the near term.

To understand, consider that publishing / broadcasting died with Pluto in Sagittarius, though most are just waking up to this today.

Can you think of a business or city that’s in the decline at this time?

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Pluto in Capricorn – Slow Decay Through 2023 — 20 Comments

  1. Smoke shops. Unless they start selling weed 😉 I worked in a tobacco store for 3 years and there were almost no young people. And when young ones did come in if they were unlucky enough to come in when the boss wasnt around and an older smoker was, the older customer would almost always tell them off for smoking haha. All those years of anti-smoking education worked on most of us. Studies say its at an all time-low for teens. And then there is the heavy taxation in certain states. I know out in NV and a lot of southern states cigarettes are only about $4 a pack, but in CT and NY they’re $9 a pack. A lot of people can’t afford their 3 pack a day habits anymore.

    • love this. should do it with alcohol as well. liver failure, due to alcohol, is an epidemic. 12,000 die every year waiting for a transplant, and those are the ones who make the list. most drinkers (that’s more than 1 drink for a woman and 2 drinks a day for a man) never even make the list. i read somewhere its like the 7th leading cause of death in the US, and even more in countries like UK. its a grizzly, god awful way to die.

  2. I guess its different up here in Canada. I live in Vancouver and the slopes are packed all the time. I suppose its just because its our climate and its what people do here. I myself don’t, but most people around here do. Its great to get you out of the grey dull winter blues here. Whislter Ski Resort is soooo expensive, but its always packed.

    • I’m not surprised, barb. It’s the changing demographics here. I can’t stress this enough – people from warm climates do not generally become avid skiers! There are exceptions of course…I just don’t know any, lol.

      “Coloradans” are now from California, Mexico or places further South. Travel will be to Mexico and CA…Vegas, maybe. Cruises, if you can afford them, but people from warm climates just don’t like the bone-chilling cold, never mind the cost to suit up, the $100 + lift tickets per day, cost of accommodations, etc.

      I am from the West. It’s just how it is. We see little reason to plod through snow.

      This just hit me when 12 people said NO to a funeral in December..though the actual temp turned out to be in the 60’s.

      60’s is too cold to be on the water, if you’re from a warm climate. These people are from South America and have lived in LA, CA for many years.

  3. “Its horses for courses” – what really matters is what pluto through capricorn (and I mean the aspets to other planets) that will be formed. For myself I am not too worried. It trines virgo. Sextiles Pisces. Makes good angles all the way. Whereas when pluto was in saggi bad angles for years. You can be surrounded by others in hell, but for you its different. You see we all live in our own unique country – by ourselves.

  4. My area is pretty diverse. But I do notice there are alot less snowmobilers out. In days of yor, the machines cost hundreds, but now they are in the thousands. It’s become a rich person’s activity. I don’t mind. It’s less noisy. New housing starts have really slowed, but the ones being built are still uber huge with all kinds of peaks. Somehow people figure out a way to survive. But decadence seems to be going out of vogue. Could just be my take, but it seems more and more it is spoken about as if it is grotesque, instead of desirable.

  5. Many cities in my country have flourished after the WW2, because the industry was being rebuilt. But the thing is, they were built on loans our then-leader got from both the Eastern and Western block of countries. After the balkanization of the former “big” Yugoslavia, those cities withered: the only city where one can find any job is the capital city.

  6. people from all over the world keep on coming to Rome, my place, and hold breath just looking around.I understand them quite well, sometimes it also happens to me.
    I wish that so much beauty could save this town, decaying year by year.
    they say money’s the matter.something just does not ring for comes that the average family has difficulty making ends meet, and very expensive restaurants are full?I’m talking of places where people under 25, italian, so 90%still living with parents, can afford a 200€ dinner for 2. many restaurants in the centre are money laundries run by criminality. Tourism is still a great resource but the local administration does not seem to care.many european cities are ages ahead of us in terms of managing and enhancing themselves.
    it’s not unusual to see great musicians who tour around Europe and skip Rome,or perform at their worse here,the outskirts of Europe.
    And we have the Vatican, a constant (and open intrusion,with influential spokesmen within italian government ) watch over politcs and very sensitive issues such as unmarried couples, abortion, contraception, homosexuality and many more.

    a good picture of a certain roman society ( which I never joined, I say it proudly!)can be seen in the movie _La Grande Bellezza,(oscar 2014 nomination), a pleasure for the eyes

  7. How would you think the general condition of the U.S. fares under this influence? Do we degenerate due to failure to address issues of the Pluto Scorpio transit?

    • I am not sure what “general condition” means, but I would not blame Pluto in Scorpio for deterioration of the US.

      I’m sorry – I don’t think I get you.

  8. ‘doomed to suffer’ . . . turned off the fear mongers and deleted that program. I feel much better since I decided not to let those zombies control my brain. Threats are a great way to control people into doing what the boogie man fortune tellers want.

  9. @GTO Oh yeah, I see what you’re getting at. I actually think our downfall goes a lot deeper then Saturn in Scorpio, though everything matters.

    As an example, Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in the 1960s’ – the planets are now squared off. It’s at this point we can see how what started then has turned out. We can make adjustments if we wish.

    Some people (and populations) have made adjustments that will see them survive / thrive. Others have not.

    I spend a lot of time thinking about this these days…I would, with the planets aspecting my natal mercury.

    I think this stuff is out there to be seen, for anyone who wants to look at it.

    For example, families have been decimated. I used to write about this – Government being the parent and such. It’s not turning out well at all.

    Some realize this and they are changing their views due to their expanded knowledge. Others are not.

    This is true, around the world.

    Humility has a lot to do with it. Some can say, “I made a mistake.”
    Others will never say that, and pay for it dearly in the long run.

  10. Retail. I mean individual small businesses spring up and die like daisies in the city where I work and town where I live. Hopes alive and then Pluto says ” Uh uh! Nope”.

  11. Cleveland. It used to be nice; but now downtown almost all the stores have closed. There is not one large anchor store left. Beggars (most on SSDI) panhandle and people walk around mumbling and doing strange signs with their hands.

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