Pluto In Capricorn: Scientists Reveal Dangers Of Older Fathers

larry_king17.jpgScientists reveal dangers of older fathers

“Children are almost twice as likely to die before adulthood if they have a father over 45, research has shown…


“Scientists believe that children of older fathers are more likely to suffer particular congenital defects as well as autism, schizophrenia and epilepsy. ..”

Read the whole article – Telegraph

I was shocked when I read this. Not at the fact that a man’s sperm would degrade as he ages (the same way a women’s eggs do) but that we are going to hear about it.

The shadow side (Pluto) of the older father (Saturn)?

This is textbook astrology…


Pluto In Capricorn: Scientists Reveal Dangers Of Older Fathers — 15 Comments

  1. I agree with you, Elsa. Finally, some truth about the downside pertaining to older men fathering children. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Elsa, I tried to hit the link to Telegraph, and it does not seem to bring up the article. Is it just me, or is the link wrong? Thanks.

  3. OMG Larry King is so creepy– can you imagine him weakly pounding away on top of you eeking out his aged sperm?
    EWWWW…Elsa what a visual for this story, I am now physically ill.

  4. god, I’m so glad I’m only using the sperm for leisure these days. whew.

    P.D…eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! yet, I have to say: thank you for expressing what really needed to be said. 😀 Larry is creepy. Hef is creepy. Marc Anthony’s a little creepy too.

  5. Whoa, what an extremely interesting article, Elsa. I am in agreement with you when you say that it is even more shocking that they have finally studied the contribution of the older male into birth defects and so forth. Big progress in the ongoing sexism in scientific study. Interesting the study was published in Europe.

    Most died in infancy it says; makes sense.

    My ex-husband had a father who got married at the age of 51 to a 20 year old woman and they had nine kids (he is in the middle). If there were any more, the story was never told (which is possible). One child died tragically as an adult, age 42, in a car crash.

    She was preparing to turn left, and she had the wheel of the vehicle twisted into the left turn (in advance of making the turn). A vehicle hit her from behind, and because the wheel was twisted left, it caused her vehicle turned left into oncoming traffic. The left side of her vehicle was hit by a huge truck which was going in the other direction.

    She had two of her three children in the vehicle, one a female baby and one a 6 year old son. They both survived. Her daughter, aged four, was not in the vehicle for some reason. She was married to a professor who had to change his whole life because she was a full time mother.

    Really I am only sharing this so people watch their wheel. It’s a hard habit to break (turning the wheel left prior to actually turning).

    But statistically, the article is very nteresting, thanks!

  6. Pixie Dust- Larry is definitely a creeper! I am amazed that you asked us to imagine that! I thought you were quite meek and mild! I have never been much of a fan but will never be able to watch Larry again without thinking about your comment!

  7. Here is something from a “chronic astrologer” re: Pluto. I just saw a major newspaper headline which appeared like this:

    “Massive blaze at Universal Studios; Pluto shows entire blocks destroyed.”

    On second viewing what it actually said was this:

    “Massive blaze at Universal Studios: Photo shows entire blocks destroyed.”

    New glasses AGAIN? Dammit! Either that, or stop reading so much Elsa. But she is so addictive!

  8. My father was 52years old when I was born. I was lucky enough to have him for 40 years and a month more than that. Other than being born with teeth and a tail, I was fine.

  9. I lied about the teeth and tail because. Because the other truth is that I am getting too old for anyone to say that I died young if it happened now. Ack!

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