Pluto In Capricorn For Dummies

mudlikesubstance wrote regarding my last diatribe This Is An Astrology Blog Not A Bad Mouth Your Ex Lover Blog:

“Elsa – thanks for this post. We don’t hear enough of this in public anymore…”

mud it’s your use of the word “public” that inspired me so thank you. I get the criticism of others regarding outing this woman and take responsibility for what I did. I was conscious of this at the time I wrote that.

So often things I write on this blog cut people (myself included). I also take a lot of chances as one would expect from a daring Mars Mercury conjunction in the “land on it’s feet” 9th house. I don’t think I am going to be able (or want to) stop but I’ll tell you what tipped my decision (besides her incessant day-long posting of 10-12 diatribes of her own).

I see this as Pluto’s shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn on many levels. For one thing the blabbering is going to end. The publishing (blabbing / Sagittarius) about another person’s downfall (Pluto) is O-VER. Taking responsibility is what is now in style or will be and the sooner people get hip to this the better off they’ll be.

The way I see it, Pluto in Capricorn is sitting right on top a natural chart. This means that Pluto is not just changing signs but going over the angles which portends an ENORMOUS shift and if you want to get on top this you will pay (serious, Capricorn) mind to these four things:

The 1st house, how you present yourself
The 4th house, your family
The 7th house, your partner and how you relate to others
The 10th house, your reputation.

Now this gal who is running around trying to destroy her lover’s reputation is obviously living in yesteryear, get it? In today’s world you worry about your own reputation, not Paris Hilton’s! Or at least this is how my money sees it these days.

Boundaries RULE. The ability to control yourself RULES. Integrity RULES. Class RULES. Adults RULE.

Preaching the gospel (while doing the nasty) is out so really I did that woman a favor. Because she was not only publishing his name, she was publishing her own. She will probably never thank me but by God, she should.


Pluto In Capricorn For Dummies — 12 Comments

  1. Gospel is the right word. My son is a living example. As Pluto ends its reign in Sag, it has recently moved into his 2nd house. Refusing to take responsibility and change, he now has a consequence of having to respond directly to the juvenile courts for at least the next year, not to mention the checking up on him they will be doing between court dates. Fully knowing the consequences, he purposefully called their bluff this morning by getting into more trouble at school.

  2. Elsa, thanks so much for these posts about checking out what’s on your plate before you start blaming others – I have learned so much from your blog, and as a result have made some progress in paying my own bills. I see now what a pain in the ass I was when all I wanted to do was blame others for my predicaments.

    I just finished a book by Dr. Brian Weiss who is a pioneer in regression therapy, checked out his website, where he has a page of quotes entitled “Consider This.” Guess what I found?

    “One of the annoying things about believing in free will and individual responsibility is the difficulty of finding somebody to blame your problems on. And when you do find somebody, it’s remarkable how often his picture turns up on your driver’s license.” P.J. O’Rourke, journalist

    Oh and what you said about that lady never thanking you for what you told her, but “By God, she probably should.” Well this lady is thanking you for the wake-up calls I’ve gotten from your refusal to be anyone else but who you are and the courage it takes sometimes to drop the dime on folks – you helped me and I’m thankful. You are a rare gem.

  3. Thank you so much for this post, Elsa. Over the years, you’ve helped me so much in learning to use my unaspected Saturn, which I formerly would run from at any chance. You have helped me to become a strong, responsible person with integrity, and I cannot thank you enough.

  4. For me, this shift feels like coming out of a closet. Really! Stating boundaries, sticking to ’em (that’s a big one for me), being clear when I’ve changed my mind, and talking about what’s real instead of what I wish it would be.

  5. I read a great article on Max Mosley, the Formula One boss who was set up and then videotaped in an S&M scenario.
    He’s now taking the British Government to a High European court (sorry don’t remember which one) to fight against so-called “investigative reporting.” A key to the proposal is that before publishing exposes on people, they have to ASK the person to do it first.
    So basically the rags have to prove it is in the public’s interest to know that someone likes their ass shaved before they get spanked before they have sex.

    Hello, Pluto in Capricorn! I hope he wins. The article is well worth the read, especially in view of Pluto’s shift.
    Here’s the link:

  6. i don’t understand the point of doing something like that…
    i really liked what you said… about trying to figure out how to live _well_.

    i realized that that is a large reason for why i keep coming to visit here 😉

  7. To be honest, that kind of scares me. Not the taking responsibility and having boundaries being exalted part, the angles part.
    Pluto will be affecting my angles in a few years (passing over my descendant in mid-Cap), and I don’t know what that bodes for me personally. And to think of this personal transit being similar to the public’s transit… yikes!
    Makes me want to squirm, it does.

  8. This post really hit me where I live this morning.

    I’ve been absent for a few days, working on getting a new source of income established for myself before my hearing is so far gone I can no longer work in service. I found the *perfect* opportunity for me, but it’s all independent contractor work which means I work my ass off and get paid in a month. But it’s got great potential for me, and the work is out there.

    What am I relying on to make this happen? How I present myself to the world. My reason for doing it for my daughter who is alone way more than she should be given all the upheaval of the past two months. (This new work could be done mainly while she is at school – hence, she’s got her mama in the evenings and early mornings.) My strong service ethic relates incredibly well to this opportunity. And my reputation (in terms of work ethic) is stellar.

    Then you post this, and my soul cries “thank Goddess I’m on the right track!”

    Also, on the same topic as your post but not related to my work…I’ve been completely off center the past several days after seeing how so many women treat the men in their lives. No wonder the good single men are commitment phobic! This also comes down to owning your own responsibility – I mean, one of them has been sending some woman in Florida that he slept with ONE TIME over a grand a month for the past year because he believed her sob story. It just smells! I’ve been kinda dating this man, and it makes me insane. He’s not the only one either – another friend has been used and abused by his girlfriend of four years…he keeps making excuses for her and I want to slap the snot out of him.

    I don’t understand the mentality of “take care of me” or “fix this for me” attached to a relationship. It takes two to tango; if the good is a joint effort, the fall off the mountain is as well.

    A long time ago, a friend of mine said to me “You gotta own what’s yours.” That’s a mantra.

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