Pivotal Period: December 17-22, 2020

dec 20 2020I was working on this year’s Holiday Guide and I came across this chart. Attention getting, don’t you think?

You’re looking at a portion of the sky on December 20th, right before the sun and Mercury ingress into Capricorn and right after Jupiter and Saturn ingress into Aquarius.

It certainly looks like the changing of the guard.  Forget the election!  What could this mean, personally?

I think this stretch of days should be marked on your calendar.  It’s just too profound.  Consider the houses in your chart where the shifts take place.




Pivotal Period: December 17-22, 2020 — 33 Comments

  1. Wow! I have the moon at 29 Sag first house, a bunch of house 2 Cap planets including Mercury 26 Cap, and then……Saturn at 0 Aqua lol. I guess I won’t be bored.

  2. Transiting Pluto will still be within one degree of my natal Moon 9th H. I’m navigating occasional rapids with one oar and taking nothing for granted.

  3. My 50th birthday is Dec 19. My solar return for next year has Mercury conjunct my sun at 26 Sagittarius in the SR 6th house; and Jupiter at 29 Cap& Saturn at 0 Aquarius in the SR 8th. Feels like it will be a big year but hopefully in a more positive way than the last few years were!

  4. Dear Elsa,
    All planets in my 12thH, Jupiter and Saturn oppose natal Saturn 29Cancer, later this duo affects
    My Asc 05 Aqua that trines IC and the Gemini Sun and opposes Mars and Dsc square Uranus at 3 Scorpio. Hot spot!
    20 years ago grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn took place on my Sun and IC and I
    went back to my hometown and miraculously started working at the hospital near home.
    Now the cards will be tossed.
    I am curious, really!
    What do you think how it will affect me when on my Asc?

  5. Depression for me maybe, since Saturn and Jupiter are sitting exact degree of my Moon in Aquarius. Will Jupiter amplify the depression or help? Time ill tell.

  6. Saturn and Jupiter into the 12th house! Hoping it’s not all negative approaching an opposition to Leo Venus/Mars/Uranus in the 6th and square Neptune in the 8th.

  7. The Capricorn stellium has been active in my 4th house and December will mark the (general) shift to my 5th. I am pretty exhausted from the exhumation of my 4th house which I’ve been engaged with since Pluto arrived, but everything ‘more’ since Saturn and Jupiter. Ready to move on and live on new foundations which have taken hard graft and comittment to build. I see my 5th h Aqua as letting my freak flag fly without being weighed down by the guilt, anger, shame, anxiety, resentment, and sadness that my 4th h shadow held. Greater freedom to just be me.

    • I’m similar as I’ve moon conj mars in Aq.
      I’ve been ‘living’ this pluto/sat/jup thing in the 4th like forever.
      I’d like to think this will be ‘better’(?) but I’m afraid I’m going into the fire as Jupe/Sat will
      also sq my Taurus sun (not yet co’nah w/Uranus) in 8.
      I’ve seen enough death bit evidently there’s mo to come

  8. Using whole sign houses, the minute a planet moves in to a new sign it goes into a new house. I have been using this for a year or so and it seems to work for me. This will be a great opportunity to test whole signs again as Jupiter and Saturn will move out of my first and into my second house. This should be palpable!!

    Even though Saturn rules both Cap and Aquarius, they do so in radically different ways. The earth is hard and solid. Air is light and well, airy!! Sounds so good to me!

  9. Jupiter/Saturn was/is called the Great Conjunction. The 2 furthest out planets; very big in ancient/medieval astrology. The ‘Star of Bethlehem’ is thought to be when Mars joined with Jupiter and Saturn. We’ve just had a big 3 way with J/S and Pluto (remind me: any big repercussions of Mars/Jupiter/Saturn)(only teasing.) And on the Winter Solstice this year. Fingers crossed.
    BTW thought everyone knew about Great Conjunctions?

  10. This will be quite a notable time for me, I’m sure. Jupiter/Saturn is exactly opposite my 4th house Mars @0 Leo, Pluto hits my 24 Jupiter in Cancer(4th house) and 25 Aries ASC, and my progressed sun crosses my DC and goes into my 7th on Dec 21.

    I’m trying to figure how to move forward in my life, and a move.. not yet solidified… is first on the agenda. A major one, not a local one. Will have to wait and see what the covid situation is like next year.

  11. Looking at the chart picture
    (and having 10H Saturn ? @29 Capricorn ♑️ and Jupiter @ 1 Aquarius ♒️ )
    I thought wow full house … but then I realized it was 2 pairs “00” “29”
    Divine timing + up leveling with a test ?I pass
    Thx Elsa & Satori ☮️??

  12. The stellium will activate my IC and the Sun/Mercury conjunction opposes my Moon/Mars conjunction. I applied for a position with a much bigger agency reviewing foreign contracts. The position is in Germany. I’m hopeful.

  13. 12th house Sag, 1st house Cap, 2nd house Aquarius, although at these degrees Saturn and Jupiter will still be in my 1st house, just barely. There is a great deal of intense trauma healing work that I’ve been doing for the last few years. A lot of my old self, the mask I wore for the public has fallen away, but now I am into the really tricky stuff. The shit that hides under layer after layer after layer of what your family, religion, and society tell you that you should be. The little child deep down inside who is still the core of you. Uncovering some of the deepest ‘whys’ behind unhealthy behaviors that no longer support me thriving. This looks to me like a final falling away. The Tower card of the tarot. I’m here for it. It’s what I’ve been working toward for years now.

    The pieces will fall where they may. I will carry with me the pieces, that are truly, uniquely me, into a future where I will build again.

  14. ?
    I am seeing:
    Saturn, Moon and Neptune in 11th house (Libra) & Jupiter, Sun and Mercury 5th house (Aries); Empty 10th house.
    Other than it is visually interesting, I don’t get it. Web search seems to indicate lots of friends being taken in as family? Also (5th), romance, enlightenment, deep knowledge. So, does that mean that I should be inviting people over to adopt as family and having a romantic liason with one of my relatives? And, from this, I will get some deep knowledge having soemthing to do with enlightenment? Any hints on what I am looking for here?

    There are two women disrupting my life on a long term basis. One is Libra and repulsive. The other is Aries and attractive.

  15. I’m interested to see how this Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius will be impacting people like myself with our Pluto’s in Leo!
    For me, Pluto is also conjunct my Saturn (within 3 degrees) and is kinda conjunct Mars (8 degrees of separation)! All in Leo!

  16. I have Saturn and Jupiter conjunction natally in my 1st house, v close to the ASC. the conjunction in Dec will trine my ASC and my natal Saturn/Jupiter conjunction. Excited!! New chapter definitely starting. Saturn has finally left the first quadrant of my chart and I’m leaving behind a very introspective Saturn 14-year cycle that began when Saturn began descending from my MC. Finally getting out in the world to speak my true which is heavily coloured by Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Libra. Embracing this new cycle of Saturn in Aquarius who I’m sure will be making go out in the spotlight as it’ll oppose my north node in the 11th house of Leo. I’m so ready for a change.

  17. Not sure why you are hyping this.
    The Sun goes into Capricorn on this date every year and Mercury also changes signs frequently.
    Basically, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction/ingress occurs one day before the Winter Solstice. Interesting, but hardly a Beast.

  18. Yoicks! The Sun/Merc conjunction is smack on my Merc 29 Sag, which is conjunct my Saturn 0 Cap. (All of it very close to Galactic Center at 26 Sag, and all of it 4th House.)

    Pluto is *still* conjunct my Sun 19 Cap (4H), and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is smack on my Moon 0 Aq, which is conjunct my Venus 3 Aq (5H). (Looking forward to Saturn & Pluto transiting those lights … hah.)

    I anticipate MAJOR CHANGE in my Home/Root Ways of living, and the Realization (Saturn) of my Security & Values (Moon/Venus) under an Expansion (Jupiter) of my Creative Powers (5H).

    Thank you, Elsa & Satori!

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